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extent, and the whole arrangement of roads is entirely different.) Again, the farmer said, I am feeding his niggers. They steal my chickens and eggs and vegetables. I complained to the overseer about it: D — n it, he said, shoot them — we won't complain. But then, if he shot them, he would have to pay their market value; and, besides, he had been hungry himself often, and had not the heart to interfere with the poor starving slaves. He was soon obliged to sell out. I met him in Doniphan county, Kansas. He is a Republican now, and thanks God for the opportunity of belonging to an open anti-slavery party. The accounts often published of the condition of the poor whites of the South are not exaggerated, and could not well be. There is more pauperism at the South than at the North : in spite of the philosophy of the Southern socialists, who claim that slavery prevents that unfortunate condition of free society. So, also, although Stringfellow claims that black prostitution prevent
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Documents and Narratives, Volume 3. (ed. Frank Moore), Doc. 151. battle of little Blue, Mo. (search)
horse, but as it jumped he was fired at, and a ball passed through the neck of the animal — not the man, unfortunately, though he fell. Col. Anthony was not wounded, though two balls struck his sabre, one passing through the handle, the other striking the sheath. It is certain, from a comparison of the different reports, that no less than thirty of the rebels were killed and many wounded. A large number of their horses were also killed. The following are the dead and wounded on our side: Company A--Killed, Robert Henderson, Corporal Eye, supposed to be killed; wounded and missing, Steve Stilwell,----Anderson, both of Doniphan County. Company B--Killed, Isaac Merrick, William Popjes; wounded, Fred. Kimball, William Bowman, Robert Barry, W. T. Johns, James A. Hunter, H. P. Swan, severely, all of Illinois. Company H--Killed, Wallace Holmes, of Linn County,----Johnson, of Leavenworth,----Dillon, Leavenworth,----Reese, orderly sergeant, and since reported wounded and a prisoner.
t by hanging. It would be well to leave their bodies hanging in the vacinity of the burned bridges." All the asseasments on the Secessionists in St. Louis have been paid in, or satisfied by the seizure of property. The last case was that of a sec lady named Mrs. Tullia C. Beckwith, who had persistently refused to pay, but when the police went to seize on some of her property, she concluded to hand over the amount, and begged hard to be let off. Seventy negroes ran away from Doniphan county, Missouri, last week, and took refuge in Kansas. We presume they are to form a portion of Jim Lane's body guard. The Cincinnati Gazette gives currency to the rumor that Gen. Lander will probably resign. A bill has passed the Union Virginia Legislature at Wheeling requiring all lawyers, , surgeons, ministers of the Gospel, bank directors, bank officers, notaries public, clerks of courts and corporations, keepers of toll-gates, bridges, and ferries, and all others every profess