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January 24. A cavalry detachment from Fort Smith made successful scout into Polk County, Arkansas. They passed through Caddo Gap and found the notorious Captain Williamson, with forty men, posted within log houses. The advance, under Lieutenant Williams, charged into the village and attacked the rebels, killing Williamson and five of his men, wounding two, and taking two lieutenants and twenty-five men prisoners. The Union loss was one killed; Lieutenant Williams and a private were slightly wounded. All the arms in the place were destroyed. The distance travelled was one hundred and seventy-two miles.
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Arkansas, 1863 (search)
r KingstonARKANSAS--1st Cavalry. Nov. 10-18: Expedition from Benton to Mt. IdaIOWA--3d Cavalry; 32d Infantry. MISSOURI--1st and 7th Cavalry. Nov. 11: Skirmish, Caddo GapMISSOURI--1st Cavalry. Union loss, 3 wounded. Nov. 11: Skirmish, Fourche le Aix MtsKANSAS--2d Cavalry. Nov. 12: Skirmish, RosevilleKANSAS--2d Cavalry (2 Cos.). ent). Union loss, 3 killed, 2 wounded. Total, 5. Dec. 1: Skirmish, Devall's BluffMISSOURI--8th Cavalry (Detachment). Dec. 2-7: Scout from Waldron to Mount Ida, Caddo Gap and DallasARKANSAS--1st Infantry (Co. "C"). INDIANA--2d Indpt. Battery Light Arty. (Section). KANSAS--2d Cavalry. Dec. 4: Skirmish, Caddo GapKANSAS--2d Cavalry.Caddo GapKANSAS--2d Cavalry. Dec. 5-13: Reconn, from Little RockIOWA--1st and 3d Cavalry. MISSOURI--1st, 3d (1st Battalion) and 7th Cavalry. OHIO--25th Indpt. Battery Light Arty. Dec. 8: Skirmish, PrincetonIOWA--1st Cavalry. MISSOURI--7th Cavalry. Dec. 9-14: Scout from Waldron down Dutch Creek(No Reports.) Dec. 11-13: Scout from Waldron to Dallas(No Repor
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Arkansas, 1864 (search)
Cavalry (Detachment). NEBRASKA--1st Cavalry (Detachment). Jan. 24: Skirmish, Baker's Springs, Caddo GapKANSAS--2d and 6th Cavalry. Union loss, 1 killed, 2 wounded, 1 missing. Total, 4. Jan. 25: Ski--2d Cavalry. Jan. 25: Skirmish, Little Missouri RiverKANSAS--2d Cavalry. Jan. 26: Skirmish, Caddo GapKANSAS--2d Cavalry. Jan. 28: Skirmish, DallasKANSAS--2d Cavalry. Jan. 30-Feb. 3: Exp. from Bae. Feb. 10: Skirmish, PocahontasNEBRASKA--1st Cavalry. Feb. 12-14: Skirmishes, Scott's Farm, Caddo Gap, Caddo MountainsKANSAS--2d Cavalry. Union loss, 3 wounded. Feb. 12-20: Expedition from Batesvwounded. Total, 20. Feb. 15: Skirmish, Saline RiverARKANSAS--4th Cavalry. Feb. 16: Skirmish, Caddo GapKANSAS--2d Cavalry. Feb. 16: Skirmish, Indian BayMISSOURI--8th Cavalry. Feb. 17: Skirmish, Hovalry (1 Co.). July 10: Skirmish, Montgomery CountyARKANSAS--4th Cavalry. July 11: Skirmish, Caddo GapARKANSAS--4th Cavalry. July 12: Skirmish near BrownsvilleOHIO--22d Infantry. July 13: Reconn.
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Arkansas Volunteers. (search)
Glade March 1. Scout to Benton March 27-31. Mount Elba March 30. Jenkins' Ferry, Camden, April 15. Dardanelle May 15-17. Operations in Arkansas against Guerrillas July 1-31. Near Benton July 6. Montgomery County July 11. Caddo Gap July 12. Fair's Mills and Bayou des Arc July 14. Saline River July 16. Scout to Benton September 6-7. Reconnoissance toward Monticello and Mount Elba October 4-11. Reconnoissance to Princeton October 19-23. Skirmish, Hurricanek Bone, Back Bone Mountain, Fort Smith, September 1. Capture of Fort Smith September 1, and duty there till March, 1864. Moffatt's Station, Franklin County, September 27, 1863. Mount Ida November 13. Scout from Waldron to Mount Ida, Caddo Gap and Dallas December 2-7. Steele's Expedition to Camden March 23-May 3. Prairie D'Ann April 9-13. Moscow April 13. Camden April 15-18. Jenkins' Ferry, Saline River, April 30. March to Fort Smith May 1-16. Garrison duty at Fo
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Indiana Volunteers. (search)
of Fort Davis Dec. Battle of Prairie Grove December 7. Moved to Springfield, Mo., January, 1863, and duty there till June, 1863. Operations in Indian Territory and Arkansas July to September. Action at Perryville, C. N., August 26. Cotton Gap, Devil's Backbone, Fort Smith September 1. Dardanelle September 9. Creek Agency, I. T., October 15 and 25. Duty at Waldron and Fort Smith and operations in Western Arkansas till March, 1864. Scout from Waldron to Mount Ida, Caddo Gap and Dallas December 2-7, 1863. Niobrara December 4, 1863. Steele's Expedition to Camden March 23-May 3, 1864. Prairie D'Ann April 9-12. Moscow April 13. Camden April 16-18. Poison Springs April 18. Jenkins' Ferry, Saline River, April 30. Duty at Fort Smith till September. Mazzard's Prairie; near Fort Smith, July 27. Defence of Fort Smith July 29-31. Ordered to Indiana September, and Non-Veterans mustered out September 14, 1864. Battery reorganized at Ind
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Kansas Volunteers. (search)
ty there till March 22, 1864. Scout from Waldron to Mount Ida, Caddo Gap and Dallas December 2-7, 1863 (Cos. B and M ). Caddo Gap DeceCaddo Gap December 4 (Cos. B and M ). Caddo Mill December 14 (Cos. G and K ). Waldron December 29 (Detachment). Scout from Waldron to Baker Springs and Caddo Gap January 21-25, 1864. Baker's Springs January 24-25. Sulphur Springs January 25 (Cos. G and M ). Little Missouri River January 25 (Cos. A, D and M ). Caddo Gap January 26. Dallas January 28. Waldron February 1. Mountain Fork February 4. Scott's Farm, Caddo Gap, February 12-14. Caddo Gap February 16. Steele's Expedition to Camden March 22-May 3. Danville March 28. RoCaddo Gap February 16. Steele's Expedition to Camden March 22-May 3. Danville March 28. Roseville March 29 (Cos. B, E and M ). Prairie D'Ann April 9-13. Roseville April 15 (Cos. A and M ). Camden April 16-18. Poison 4. Scout to Baker's Springs January 21-25. Baker's Springs, Caddo Gap, January 24. Steele's Expedition to Camden March 31-May 3 (Cos
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Missouri Volunteers. (search)
Sear's House and Big Creek Bluffs, near Pleasant Hill, August 8 (Cos. A, C and D ). Joined Herron's Division September--. At Rolla, Mo., till June, 1863. Moved to Pilot Knob and join Davidson's Cavalry Division. Expedition against Little Rock, Ark., July 1-September 10. Pocohontas August 24. Shallow Ford, Bayou Metoe, August 30. Near Shallow Ford September 2. Bayou Fourche and capture of Little Rock September 10. Expedition from Benton to Mount Ida November 10-18, Caddo Gap November 11. Near Benton December 1. Reconnoissance from Little Rock December 5-13. At Little Rock till March, 1864. Carter's Creek January 23, 1864. Steele's Expedition to Camden March 23-May 3. Rockport March 25. Arkadelphia March 29. Spoonville April 2. Little Missouri River April 6. Prairie D'Ann April 9-12. Camden April 15. Jenkins' Ferry, Saline River, April 30. Operations against Shelby north of Arkansas River May 18-31. Osceola August 2.
y service; was an experienced scout and fighter, familiar with the country in which Shelby proposed to operate, and promptly accepted the proposal to return with the latter to Missouri. The Caddo mountains south of the Arkansas river, like the Boston mountains north of it, were infested with numerous bands of marauders, made up of robbers and deserters from both armies, who tortured and plundered the people indiscriminately. These bands received scant mercy at Shelby's hands. One beyond Caddo Gap, which was the terror of the country, was surprised by Major Elliott and annihilated. Before he reached the Arkansas river Shelby met, unexpectedly to each, an Arkansas cavalry regiment, composed principally of Confederate conscript deserters, charged it on sight and killed, captured or scattered it. Near Ozark he forded the river and took the town, Major Shanks killing and dispersing a band of plunderers who had possession of it. The command was halted and rested one day near Huntsville.
the same place with 1,000 men or more, and on the south side encountered a force of Federal cavalry under Captain Gardner, which Harrell's battalion charged without orders, taking 20 prisoners and capturing twice as many horses. Moving through Caddo gap, Colonel Brooks crossed the Little Missouri and went into camp at Temperanceville, early in December, with about 1,000 men and horses. Plenty of subsistence for men and forage for horses was found in the neighborhood, but the weather became sep the enemy upon their flank. General Thayer, in command of the Federal frontier division, moved from Fort Smith March 21st, to make a junction with Steele at Arkadelphia. He moved by way of Booneville, Ark., through Danville and Mt. Ida to Caddo gap, thence down the Caddo and Antoine creeks to the river, and joined Steele, April 9th, at the crossing of the Little Missouri. Thayer, with his force of a little over 5,000, composed of negro regiments and mountain Federals, with his immense tr