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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 3., Chapter 7: the siege of Charleston to the close of 1863.--operations in Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas. (search)
rters were at Lebanon, was in St. Louis, when he heard of Shelby's raid. He hastened back to camp, gathered what men he could, and hurried in a direction to intercept the fugitives. He reached Humansville, in Polk County, just as they had passed through it, closely pursued by others. There the guerrillas lost their remaining gun. McNeil joined in the chase, which led into Arkansas, the Confederates flying through Huntsville, in Madison County, and over the Buffalo mountains to Clarksville, in Johnson County. There McNeil halted, for the more nimble-footed guerrillas had crossed the Arkansas River, and disappeared. McNeil then marched leisurely up the river to Fort Smith, and, in obedience to authority, assumed the command of the Army of the Frontier, in place of General Blunt, who had been relieved. There was now general quiet throughout Missouri and Arkansas. One or two guerrilla bands showed some vitality, and late in October Marmaduke made an effort to capture Pine Bluff, th
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, United States Colored Troops. (search)
t not completed. New. Organized from 1st Kansas Colored Infantry December 13, 1864. Attached to 2nd Brigade, District of the Frontier, 7th Corps, Dept. of Arkansas, to January, 1865. Colored Brigade, 7th Corps, to February, 1865. 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 7th Corps, to August, 1865. Dept. of Arkansas to October, 1865. Service. Duty at Fort Smith, Ark., till January, 1865. Skirmish at Ivey's Ford January 8. Ordered to Little Rock January 16. Skirmish at Clarksville, Ark., January 18. Duty at Little Rock, Ark., till July, and at Pine Bluff till October. Mustered out at Pine Bluff, Ark., October 1, 1865, and discharged at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, October 30, 1865. Regiment lost during service 5 Officers and 183 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 165 Enlisted men by disease. Total 354. 80th United States Colored Regiment Infantry. Organized April 4, 1864, from 8th Corps de Afrique Infantry. Attached to garrison
rgeon Little Rock hospital. Thomas W. Abington, Natchitoches, La., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. Thomas J. Johnson, DeKalb, Tex., Little Rock hospital. Junius N. Bragg, Camden, Ark., Grinsted's Arkansas infantry. William H. Tobin, Clarksville, Ark., assistant surgeon Carroll's Arkansas infantry. David R. Cole, Pt. Sullivan, Tex., Johnson's Texas spy company. Wiley B. Green, Little Rock, Ark., Johnson's Arkansas infantry. John D. Collins, Eagle Creek, Ark., surgeon, Pine Bluff hospitastant surgeon. Henry Dye, Plano, Tex., assistant surgeon Little Rock hospital. Robert Duncan, St. Louis, Mo., assistant surgeon Shaler's Arkansas infantry. W. B. Welch, Boonsboro, Ark., surgeon Brooks' Arkansas infantry. John R. Lowther, Clarksville, Ark., assistant surgeon hospital at Clarksville. C. Dorsey Bain, Dover, Ark., surgeon Parsons' Missouri infantry (died in service). James A. Purdom, Washington, Ark., surgeon Monroe's Arkansas cavalry. John I. Grinsted, Keattsville, Mo., surgeo
Capt. Calvin D. Cowles , 23d U. S. Infantry, Major George B. Davis , U. S. Army, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph W. Kirkley, The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, Index. (search)
cleville, Va. 7, 1 Citronelle, Ala. 135-A; 147, C3 City Point, Va. 16, 1; 17, 1; 19, 1; 20, 1; 22, 1; 56, 1; 65, 1; 74, 1; 76, 5; 77, 3; 92, 1; 93, 1; 100, 1, 100, 2; 117, 1; 135-A; 137, F8 View of post hospital 126, 4 Claiborne, Ala. 135-A; 147, A5; 148, H4; 171 Clarendon, Ark. 47, 1; 135-A; 154, C6 Clarke's Bayou, La. 158, C13 Clarksburg, Tenn. 149, A1; 150, H1; 153, G14 Clark's Mountain, Va. 22, 5; 44, 3; 45, 1; 81, 1; 87, 4 Clarksville, Ark. 47, 1; 119, 1; 135-A; 159, A12; 171 Clarksville, Tenn. 24, 3; 30, 2; 135-A; 150, F4, 171 Vicinity of 115, 2 Claysville, Ala. 118, 1 Clay Village, Ky. 151, F11 Clear Creek, Ark. 159, D13 Clear Creek, Ga. 57, 3; 60, 1, 60, 2; 88, 1; 101, 6 Clear Creek, Miss. 36, 1; 37, 6; 51, 1 Clear Lake, Ark. 154, C4 Clear Spring, Md. 25, 6; 27, 1; 82, 3; 116, 2 Cleveland, Tenn. 135-A Defenses 111, 4 Clifton, Tenn. 24, 3; 117, 1;