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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Very complete roll [from the Richmond, A., Dispatch, September 16th, 1900.] (search)
tock. Holtzman, Beverly S.—Transferred to cavalry, and lives in West Virginia. Helfenstein, John—Re-enlisted from Company G, 10th Virginia Infantry, and killed at Winchester, May 25, 1862. Hutchinson, J. Amos—Transferred from Company C, 10th Virginia Infantry. Resides near Edinburg, Va. Hopewell, A. J.—Same. Harris, Thomas H.—Transferred from Company C, 10th Virginia Infantry. Surrendered at Fort Steadman, March 25, 1865. Prisoner at Point Lookout three months. Resides at Troy, Mo. Hollenback, Samuel—Teamster, from Romney. Hoffman, Andrew J.—Transferred from Company C, 10th Virginia Infantry, and subsequently to 7th Virginia Cavalry. Died at Edinburg since the war. Henson, Thomas J.—Transferred from Company C, 10th Virginia Infantry. Resides near Edinburg, Va. Kneisley, Luther B.—Surrendered near Woodstock, October, 1863. Prisoner at Camp Chase and Fort Delaware twenty-two months. Died in Kansas City, Mo., March, 1890. Kibler, James A.—
s of disloyalty. She is also said to have aided in the escape of the rebel spy, Absalom Grimes, and to have been actively engaged in the rebel mail enterprise, and the escape of prisoners of war. She is also held to have corresponded in cypher with the enemy. Miss Cleveland was arrested for corresponding with the enemy. On examination she was to the last degree insulting to the officials, who sought to treat her only with the politeness due to a lady. She was first arrested in Troy, Lincoln county, by order of Gen. Bartholomew. The Misses Susan and Selma Lemon are step-daughters of Mrs. Rose, and participated in hospitalities to bush whackers. The ladies are allowed to take with them an abundant wardrobe and an unstinted supply of other necessaries, to prove which we append a list of articles taken by two of the party. Mrs.--,6 pair shoes, 9 dresses, I silk sack, 8 pair drawers, 10 chemises, 8 skirts, 2 flannel sacks, 11 pair hose, 1 doz. handkerchiefs, 6 paper p
Additional from the North. From our Northern files of the 1st instant we copy some additional items of intelligence, which will be interesting to our readers. Political disturbance in Missouri--a Yankee soldier assaulted at a political meeting. A correspondent of the Missouri Democrat writes from Troy, Missouri, September 20: The quiet of this place was considerably disturbed by an unfortunate occurrence which took place here yesterday. Senator Henderson and several others were advertised to address the citizens of this county on that day, and the Lincoln men had also appointed a county meeting for the same time. Afterwards, the Democrats appointed a meeting for the same time and place. At about two o'clock yesterday, it was announced that Henderson was about to commence speaking at the court-house, and everybody was invited up to hear him. The Democrats were invited to go, and told that, notwithstanding other speakers were advertised, they would give way so soon