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Va. 1 Gettysburg, Pa. 49 Siege of Petersburg, Va. 4 Auburn Va. 4 Deep Bottom, Va. 1 Mine Run, Va. 4 Poplar Spring Church, Oct. 2, 1864 2 Wilderness, Va. 16 Boydton Road, Va. 3 Spotsylvania, Va. 9 Hatcher's Run, Va. 1 North Anna, Va. 3 Petersburg, Va., March 25 1 Present, also, at Kelly's Ford; Totopotomoy; Cold Harbor; Strawberry Plains; Sailor's Creek; Farmville; Appomattox. notes.--Seven companies were recruited in Bradford County, two in Susquehanna, and one in Wayne. It left Harrisburg, August 30, 1862, and active service commenced at once. It was assigned to Robinson's (1st) Brigade, Birney's (1st) Division, Third Corps, in which it fought at Fredericksburg, where it was engaged mostly as a battery support. At Chancellorsville it charged the advancing lines of the enemy, holding them in check until nearly surrounded, when it retired slowly and in good order; its losses were 23 killed, 152 wounded, and 60 missing; total, 235 out of 419 in action. It
sacre, fired from their houses upon our men, seems to be well attested — at least from J. W. Hite's, (now prisoner at Columbus;) and our men say that the Scott women fired upon them! E. A. Smith (prisoner) is reported seen in the streets with a revolver, firing on our men. John S. Everett, who lives below the Guyandotte River, on that side, with his guns in his hand, was active in shooting men as they came to the shore in swimming across. Capt. Wm. Turner, an old and respectable citizen of Wayne County, a very candid man apparently, was in the fight, and escaped by mounting his horse and dashing through their lines, but was obliged to abandon his horse at the bank of the river; was for a long time lying in the mud at the water's edge and in the water, with a part of his face out in the shade of a tree, while they were searching for him. He heard them shout across: John, O John Everett, shoot them d-----d devils coming out of the water there, and two guns went off. There's another ju
cattle, hogs, and bedclothes. In some instances they have compelled Union men to pull off their coats and boots, that they might appropriate them. They have taken fourteen citizens of Russell County away as prisoners; they robbed the store of John A. Leveredge, at Rowenas, of all his goods, and destroyed his books and notes to the value of eighteen thousand dollars; they plundered the store of George W. Ludwil, in Jamestown, of all the clothing it contained, and also took his horse. In Wayne, near the line of Russell County, they violated the person of a Mrs. Dean in the presence of her father-in-law, an infirm old man aged ninety, and left her nearly dead, and committed a like fiendish act upon two sisters named Harris, and treated them so barbarously that they have since died, or rather Mr. Green has heard a report of their death. In several of our border counties half of the male inhabitants are in the Union armies. Russell, with a voting population of nine hundred and fift