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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 1. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The treatment of prisoners during the war between the States. (search)
sacks were robbed of clothing, and hospital stewards and sanitary commissions ate the provisions sent to prisoners and soldiers, or extorted exorbitant prices from the person to whom they had been sent. The negroes offered every manner of indignity to the prisoners. Among other crimes they shot a dying man on his attempt to relieve nature. The conduct of the negroes at Point Lookout was incited by their white officers until it was frightful. Henry H. Knight writes from Cary, Wake county, North Carolina, that he was captured at Gettysburg, taken to Fort Delaware, and suffered all that cold and mud could inflict upon their comfort and convenience. He was driven from poorly warmed stoves by Federal officers. The soldiers were beaten, starved and frozen to death. Seven were frozen one morning; others of them went to the hospital and died. At other times they were driven through the water, and were alternately robbed, frozen, tortured and starved. The great amount sent them b
or shall be associated with them and their successors shall be a corporation by the name of The Medford Turnpike Corporation; and shall by that name sue and be sued, and enjoy all the privileges and powers which are by law incident to corporations, for the purpose of laying out and making a turnpike road from the easterly side of the road nearly opposite to Dr. Luther Stearns' house in Medford, and running easterly of Winter hill and Ploughed Hill to the east side of the road opposite to Page's Tavern, near the Neck in Charlestown, and for keeping the same in repair. Provided, that if the said corporation shall neglect to complete the said turnpike road for the space of three years after the passing of this act the same shall be void. Provided, however, that if the said road should be laid out across any grounds, the privileges of which have been heretofore granted to the proprietors of the Middlesex Canal for the purpose of cutting a canal, the proprietors of the said Medford Tur
letcher, IV.—29. New Battalion, 1st Mass. Cavalry,. II.—37. Newbern, N. C., IV.—26. Newbury, Mass., IV.—13. New York Artillery, 5th, I.—35. Noddle's Island, IV.—9, 15. Norfolk County, England, I.—21. Normandy, IV.—13. North Anna, I.—38. North Street, III.—14. Noyes, Captain, I.—38. Oakman, Samuel, IV.—20. O'Brien, Lieutenant Edward F., I.—39. Odd Fellows' Building, Somerville, III.—21. Old South Church, Boston, IV.—9. Page, Captain, I.—38. Page's Tavern, II.—10. Parker, Benjamin, II.—19. Parker, Captain Benjamin F., II.—19. Parson Estate, IV.—20. Patapsco River, III.—24. Patterson, Colonel, I.—23. Patterson Park, Baltimore, I.—34. Pearl Street, III.—18. Pepper, Edward, IV.—31. Pepper, Edward K., IV.—31. Perkins, Colonel, Thomas Handyside, IV.—16. Perkins Family, The, II.—14. Perkins House, Medford Turnpike, II.—14. Perkins-street Church, III.—17.
Servants for hire. --A good plain Cook, Washer and Ironer, without encumbrance; and also a sprightly, active Boy, 13 or 14 years of age. I would prefer to hire them to go to the country, but would not object to a good situation in the city. Apply to Wilson Peters, (Firm of Peters, Martin & Co.,) 12th street, near Cary. fe 5--3t
Good swimmer. --On Saturday evening, a lad named Richard Cock fell or jumped into Shockoe creek above the arch crossing Union street, and before he was rescued passed under the arch named, as also the Main and Cary street arches, emerging on the south side of the last-named unharmed but "considerably wet all over." Master Cock is a good swimmer.
Percussion caps. --A new machine, by which it is thought that percussion caps of the best quality can be fabricated in any quantity desired, was put in operation yesterday in this city at the Cary street Sewing Machine Man factory. The trial of the machine, though experimental only, was sufficient to demonstrate its great usefulness at this juncture of affairs.
Servants for Hire. --A good plain Cook, Washer and Ironer, without encumbrance; and also a sprightly, active Boy, 13 or 14 years of age. I would prefer to hire them to go to the country, but would not object to a good situation in the city. Apply to Wilson Peters. (Firm of Peters, Martin & Co.,) 12th street, near Cary. fe 5--3t
Mayor's Court. --The extraordinary demand upon our space compels us to dispose of the proceedings before this Court in the briefest manner possible: Mary and Elias Vanderlip, who keep an oyster saloon on Broad street, appeared to answer a charge of making a violent demonstration upon several of their customers, and were required to give $150 bail for their good behavior.--Nat Mayo was fined $5 for employing a coal cart without having his initials and the number of the vehicle painted thereon.--James M. Taylor was fined $5 for permitting a pile of rubbish, bricks, &c., to remain in the street between the Dock and Cary street.--Dr. Newton was summoned up because his servant had been caught tying a horse to a city gas lamp, on the 6th inst. The case was continued. --John, slave of Dr. McCaw, was ordered 25 on a conviction for stealing a lot of candles, soap, and sugar, from the Chimborazo Hospital.
For Sale. --To remain in or near the city, a handsome brown woman, of average size and good character, about 25 years old — a first rate washerwoman and good general house servant, with three likely children, 4 years, and 4 months. Apply at Cary ja 15--eod3t*
For hire --An excellent Cook, Washer and Ironer. She has one child, about 10 months old. Also for hire, a Boy, 11 or 12 years old, and is a very good Dining-room Boy; and a Girl, suitable for a Nurse. She is about eight years old and very sprightly. Any one wishing to hire one or more of the above can get them on very reasonable terms by applying to G P Hill, at the store of C A Baldwin & Co, 10th street, near Cary. ap 28--3t*
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