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., Gen. Richardson's brigade, with Company G of the Lincoln Cavalry, and Capt. Thompson's and Capt. Randolph's batteries of artillery, advanced upon Pohick Church by the telegraph road, followed, an hour later, by Gen. Jameson's brigade, and Company G, Lincoln Cavalry. Their instructions were for Gen. Richardson to divide his brigade at Potter's house, just beyond Piney Run, he to follow the telegraph road, and the other two regiments, with a battery and a company of cavalry, to cross to Accotink and reach Pohick Church by the Accotink and Pohick continuation of the Alexandria turnpike, so to time his march as to have both his columns reach the church at the same time. Gen. Johnson's brigade followed an hour later on the telegraph road as a reserve. Gen. Heintzelman himself left Headquarters at daylight, and overtook the advance where they were halted, a short distance on the north side of the church. It was soon ascertained that the rebel cavalry had left, having encamped at t
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Virginia, 1861 (search)
"B," "E," "G," "I") Cavalry; 2d Dragoons (Co. "K"); Batteries "G" and "I" 1st Arty., "A," "D," "E," "G" and "M" 2d Arty., and "E" 3d Arty.; 2d (Cos. "C," "G"), 3d (Cos. "B," "D," "G," "H," "K") and 8th (Co. "G") Infantry. Union loss, 470 killed, 1,071 wounded, 1,792 captured and missing. Total, 3,334. July 24: Operations, Back RiverConfederate Reports. Aug. 7: Skirmish, HamptonNEW YORK--20th Infantry. Aug. 8: Skirmish, LovettsvilleNEW YORK--19th Infantry (Detachment). Aug. 18: Scout to AccotinkNEW YORK--1st Cavalry (Co. "C"). Aug. 18: Skirmish, Pohick ChurchNEW YORK--1st Cavalry (Co. "C"). Union loss, 1 killed, 2 wounded. Total, 3. Aug. 23: Engagement, Mouth Potomac CreekU. S. Navy--"Yankee" and "Resolute." Aug. 27-28: Skirmishes, Ball's Cross RoadsNEW YORK--23d Infantry (Cos. "I," "K"). Union loss, 1 killed, 2 wounded. Total, 3. Aug. 28: Skirmish, Bailey's CornersMICHIGAN--3d Infantry. Aug. 30: Skirmish, Bailey's CornersMICHIGAN--3d Infantry. Aug. 31: Skirmish, Munson's Hil
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Virginia, 1863 (search)
. PENNSYLVANIA--115th Infantry. UNITED STATES--Battery "K," 4th Arty. Union loss, 2 killed, 25 wounded. Total, 27. Oct. 16: Skirmish, Oak HillNEW YORK--9th Cavalry. Oct. 16: Skirmish, Madison Court HouseILLINOIS--8th Cavalry. Oct. 17: Skirmish, BerryvilleNEW YORK--1st Cavalry. Oct. 17: Skirmish, Manassas JunctionNEW YORK--19th (1st Dragoons) Cavalry. PENNSYLVANIA--6th Cavalry. UNITED STATES--1st, 2d and 5th Cavalry. Union loss, 3 killed, 5 wounded, 1 missing. Total, 9. Oct. 17: Affair, Accotink(No Reports.) Oct. 17: Skirmish, Hazel RiverILLINOIS--8th Cavalry. Oct. 17: Affair, Stuart's, near Chantilly(No Reports.) Oct. 17: Skirmish, Frying Pan Church, near Pohick ChurchAttack on pickets. Oct. 17-18: Action, GrovetonMICHIGAN--1st, 5th, 6th and 7th Cavalry. NEW YORK--2d and 5th Cavalry. PENNSYLVANIA--18th Cavalry. VERMONT--1st Cavalry. WEST VIRGINIA--1st Cavalry. UNITED STATES--Batteries "M," 2d Arty., and "E," 4th Arty. Oct. 18: Action, BerryvilleCONNECTICUT--1st Cavalry (Detac
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Virginia, 1864 (search)
nt). Union loss, 1 killed, 8 wounded, 30 missing. Total, 39. Jan. 10: Skirmish, Loudon HeightsMARYLAND--1st P. H. B. Cavalry. Union loss, 9 killed, 20 wounded, 41 missing. Total, 70. Jan. 10: Scout to Sperryville(No Reports.) Jan. 12: Affair, AccotinkDetachment Provost Guard. Jan. 12: Affair, Ellis FordPickets. Jan. 12-14: Raid on Northern Neck(No Reports.) Jan. 13: Affair, Ely's FordPENNSYLVANIA--18th Cavalry. Jan. 14: Skirmish, BealetonMASSACHUSETTS--9th Infantry (1 Co.). Union loss, 2 irmishes near HillsboroughMARYLAND--1st P. H. B. Cavalry. NEW YORK--1st Veteran, 15th and 21st Cavalry. PENNSYLVANIA--12th Cavalry. WEST VIRGINIA--Battery "B," Light Arty. Union loss, 3 killed, 6 wounded, 11 missing. Total, 20. July 15: Affair, AccotinkAttack on Home Guards by Mosby. July 15-16: Skirmishes, Charles City Cross RoadsPENNSYLVANIA--8th Cavalry. July 16: Skirmishes near Wood Grove and PurcellvilleNEW YORK--21st Cavalry. July 16: Actions, Four Mile Creek and Malvern HillU. S. Navy
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, New York Volunteers. (search)
a, to June, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Army of West Virginia, to July, 1864. 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Army of West Virginia, to August, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, Army of West Virginia, to December, 1864. 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, Cavalry Corps, Middle Military Division and Army of the Potomac, to March, 1865. 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, to June, 1865. Service. Duty in the Defenses of Washington, D. C., till March, 1862. Scout to Accotink August 18, 1861. Skirmish at Pohick Church August 18 (Co. C ). Reconnoissance to Pohick Church and Accotink River November 12 (Cos. B, C and G ). Occoquan November 12 (Co. G ). Fairfax Court House November 27. Annandale Church December 2. Sangster's Station March 9, 1862. Burke Station March 10. Moved to the Virginia Peninsula. (Co. E detached as escort to wagon trains on the Peninsula) Siege of Yorktown April 5-May 4. West Point May 7. Mechanicsville May 2
thdrew to the position, near Halltown, which the Federal pickets had occupied in the morning, and which he called Camp Evans. That night the Federals recrossed the Potomac and encamped on the first terrace of Maryland heights. Ashby reported his loss as 1 killed and 9 wounded, and that he had captured 10 prisoners, besides a large number of blankets, overcoats and a dozen muskets. In concluding, he reported: I cannot compliment my officers and men too highly for their gallant bearing during the whole fight, considering the bad arms with which they were supplied and their inexperience. On the 18th of October, Brig.-Gen. I. B. Richardson, reconnoitered to Pohick church and Accotink village, drove in the Confederate pickets, and on his return advanced his own pickets to Windsor's hill, some 5 miles southeast of Alexandria. On the 20th, Major Whipple made a reconnoissance from Dranesville; near Hunter's mill had a skirmish with Confederate pickets, also one near Thornton Station.
Capt. Calvin D. Cowles , 23d U. S. Infantry, Major George B. Davis , U. S. Army, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph W. Kirkley, The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, Index. (search)
departments, stands for Union, and the letter C for Confederate. Abbeville, Miss. 135-A; 154, D11 Fort Abercrombie, Dak. Ter. 171 Aberdeen, Miss. 76, 1; 117, 1; 118, 1; 149, H1; 154, F14; 171 Aberdeen, Ohio 140, G2; 141, B3 Abingdon, Va. 118, 1; 142, B8; 171 Abraham's Creek, Va. 27, 1; 39, 4; 43, 3; 69, 1; 74, 1; 81, 4; 84, 32, 84, 33; 85, 2; 99, 1 Accakeek Creek, Va., [R. R. Bridge] 8, 1; 100, 1; 137, C8 Accomac County, Va. 135-A Accotink, Va. 8, 1 Acton, Minn. 33, 2 Acworth, Ga. 43, 4; 48, 5; 57, 1, 57, 3; 58, 2; 59, 3; 62, 1, 62, 13, 62, 14; 88, 2; 101, 14; 117, 1; 118, 1; 135-A; 149, G12 Adairsville, Ga. 48, 1; 57, 1, 57, 3; 58, 1, 58, 2; 62, 1; 76, 2; 88, 2; 101, 11; 117, 1; 118, 1; 135-A; 149, F12 Fort Adams, R. I. 171 Adamstown, Md. 27, 1; 116, 2 Adamsville, Tenn. 24, 3; 78, 3; 118, 1; 135-A; 149, C1 Aenon Church, Va. 55, 5; 81, 3; 92, 1; 93, 1; 96, 6; 100, 2 Aiken, S. C.
R. E. Rodes, was sent to Virginia. Though not actively engaged in the first battle of Manassas, Captain Shelley's company was on picket duty at Parr's cross-roads, July 17th, where it was assailed by a strong force of the enemy. After a spirited combat of several hours the company was withdrawn, with the loss of two wounded. The enemy's loss was much greater. While in Virginia he was present at First Manassas, was engaged in a night skirmish in the Peninsula, and a cavalry skirmish near Accotink. In January, 1862, he was authorized to recruit a regiment, and of this command, known as the Thirtieth Alabama infantry, he was elected colonel, and commissioned in February, 1862. The regiment was assigned to Rains' and then to Barton's brigade, serving in the latter through the East Tennessee and Kentucky campaigns. He was in Stevenson's division, Bragg's army near Murfreesboro, and from there was sent to Pemberton's army, his regiment forming part of Tracy's brigade. Ordered to meet
These goods were put ashore on the Maryland side, near the mouth of the Chicomoxen, on Saturday night, from a small boat, which was chased by a Federal gun-boat. Arrest of a Suspicious person. The Washington correspondent of the New York Herald, dated the 6th inst., says: Yesterday a Virginia farmer named Richard Lacy, who is suspected of having given aid and comfort to the enemy, came inside the lines of Gen. Heintzelman's division near the Quaker Church, in the vicinity of Accotink, with the ostsible purpose of hauling wood to ship from Dage creek. Both he and a river captain, who accompanied him, were sent to the Provost Marshal, at Alexandria. A Startling order from Gen. Hunter. The St. Louis Democrat, (Rep.,) publishes the following order from Gen. Hunter, and remarks: If the following, which has been handed to us, is correct, Gen. Hunter should at once be drummed out of the United States service.--It is a shocking and horrible order, nearly as wic
ionists by Gen. Halleck, for the benefit of the Union refugees, and will be sold at auction on Monday, February 3. The skirmish at Occoquan heroic courage of the Texans. Washington, Jan. 29. --Gen. Heintzleman's dispatch gives the following particulars of this severe skirmish near the Occoquan river: Late last night Lieut. Col. Burke, with 50 men from the 37th regiment, which was then on outpost duty in front of the division, and a few mounted men, left the picket post at Accotink, and in obedience to orders, proceeded to the houses of Mrs. Lee and Potter, just beyond the village of Colchester. The two houses in question were located on each side of the Colchester road, and within 150 yards of the Occoquan. The detachment of our men reached the vicinity about midnight Lieut. Col. Burke divided his men into four sections. As Massy's men approached Mrs. Lee's house, the sentry at the door fired his gun and gave the alarm. He was immediately shot down. --The rebe
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