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ber 20, 1864 At a slight distance, this might seem a picture of a caravan in the Sahara Desert, but as a matter of fact the men in the far-stretching line are Confederate prisoners escorted by cavalry on their way from the Federal lines to Cox's Landing. The moral courage to surrender is held by all true soldiers to be greater than the physical courage that it requires to die. Sometimes the words are spoken for the soldier by one in authority whose sense of responsibility for the lives of tand military utility—a pawn for a pawn, a knight for a knight, a king for a king, sick men for sick men, and well men for well. Still the prisons of both North and South were filled with the unfortunate. There were specified places, such as Cox's Landing and City Point, where these transfers took place. Grant's later policy was to allow as few as possible. A glance at this hardy band of captured Confederate veterans here tells the reason why. There are a hundred fights in these men yet. Why
VI., 230. Cowan, A., and his men, V., 29, 31, 47; X., 2. Cowan, J. B., VII., 242, 244. Cowan's battery: V., 31, 36, 47; at Gettysburg, Pa., IX., 217. Cox, J. D.: I., 364; II., 27, 74; III., 104, 254; IX., 167; X., 87, 208. Cox, W. R., X., 281. Coxe, J. R.: quarters at Brandy Station, Va., IX., 351. Coxey's Landing, Va., III., 27. Cracker line, from Kelley's Ferry, Tenn., II., 297; the opening of, II., 297, 299; Hooker's famous, VIII., 34. Cox's Landing, Va., VII., 97, 99. Crain's Art., Confederate, I., 356. Crampton's Gap, Md., II., 66. Crane, C. H., VII., 224. Crane, J., II., 141. Crane, L. H. D., II., 25. Craney Island, Va., VI., 314. Crater, the mine before Petersburg, Va., III., 193. Craven, T. A. M., VI., 131, 252. Craven, T. T.: I., 227; VI., 199, 266, 295, 297, 298, 309. Crawfish Spring, Ga., II., 283. Crawford, S. W.: with staff of, II, 25; III., 284, 324. C
war, VII., 46, 48; of the North and South, their lives, accommodations, etc., compared, VII, 48, 50; Confederate, captured in Civil War, VII, 50; Union, captured in Civil War, VII., 50; dilapidated Union, VII., 51; of the war, VII., 54; number of, confined in Libby Prison during the war, VII., 57; commissary-general of, his duties and orders, VII., 83; exchange of, VII., 97-122; exchange of, what is meant by this term, VII.,; 98 first formal exchange of, VII., 98; Confederate, on way to Cox's Landing, Va., VII., 99; Confederate agent for the exchange of, VII., 101; exchange equivalent of determined by rank, VII., 109; in Georgia, VII., 122; in South Carolina, VII., 122; meaning of term wealth in connection with, VII., 126, 1219; the life of, and the distribution of rations an exciting event, VII., 131; of the war, passion for gambling among, VII., 131, 132, 134; of the war who escaped by eluding the sentry, VII., 149; treatment of, VII., 153-186; cost of caring for, a drain upon the