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Flavius Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews (ed. William Whiston, A.M.), Book 2, section 176 (search)
llu, Assaron, Charmi. Simeon had six - Jamuel, Jamin, Avod, Jachin, Soar, Saul. Levi had three sons - Gersom, Caath, Merari. Judas had three sons - Sala, Phares, Zerah; and by Phares two grandchildren, Esrom and Amar. Issachar had four sons - Thola, Phua, Jasob, Samaron. Zabulon had with him three sons - Sarad, Helon, Jalel. So far is the posterity of Lea; with whom went her daughter Dinah. These are thirty-three. Rachel had two sons, the one of whom, Joseph, had two sons also, Manasses and Ephraim. The other, Benjamin, had ten sons - Bolau, Bacchar, Asabel, Geras, Naaman, Jes, Ros, Momphis, Opphis, Arad. These fourteen added to the thirty-three before enumerated, amount to the number forty-seven. And this was the legitimate posterity of Jacob. He had besides by Bilhah, the handmaid of Rachel, Dan and Nephtliali; which last had four sons that followed him - Jesel, Guni, Issari, and Sellim. Dan had an only begotten son, Usi. If these be added to those before mentioned, they complete th
James Parton, The life of Horace Greeley, Chapter 21: editorial repartees. (search)
only perpetrated two new calumnies upon me of any consequence since Friday evening. Ephraim, said a grave divine, taking his text from one of the prophets, is a cake not turned. (Hosea, VII. 8.) Let us proceed, therefore, brethren, to turn Ephraim—first, inside out; next, back-side before; and, thirdly, 'tother end up. We are under the imperative necessity of performing on Samuel of this day a searching operation like unto that of the parson on Ephraim of old. That will suffice foEphraim of old. That will suffice for the vituperative. We proceed to those of another description: Provocation. A Sermon by Dr. Potts, denouncing the Tribune as agrarian, &c., reported in the Courier and Enquirer. Reply. It is quite probable that we have some readers among the pew-holders of a church so wealthy and fashionable as the Dr.'s, though few, we presume, among divines as well salaried as he is. We will only ask those of our patrons who may obey his command to read for their next Scripture lesson the xxv
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 7. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), Zzz Missing head (search)
re within Two Giants toil, that even from their birth With travail-pangs have torn their mother Earth, And wearied out her children with their keen Upbraidings of the other, till between Thou camest, saying, Wherefore do ye wrong Each other—ye are Brethren. Then these twain Will own their kindred, and in Thee retain Their claims in peace, because Thy land is wide As it is goodly here they pasture free, This lion and this leopard, side by side, A little child doth lead them with a song; Now, Ephraim's envy ceaseth, and no more Doth Judah anger Ephraim chiding sore, For one did ask a Brother, one a King, So dost Thou gather them in one, and bring— Thou, King forevermore, forever Priest, Thou, Brother of our own from bonds released- A Law of Liberty, A Service making free, A Commonweal where each has all in Thee. And not alone these wide, Deep-planted yearnings, seeking with a cry Their meat from God, in Thee are satisfied; But all our instincts waking suddenly Within the soul, like in
Cutting. --Cornelius, slave to William Tally, of New Kent, was arraigned before the Mayor last Saturday morning, to answer the charge of feloniously cutting, stabbing and wounding Ephraim, slave of Nicholas Lipscomb, of Hanover. The two negroes are market men, and while in the wagon yard of Mr. Richards got into a dispute, when Cornelius drew a pocket-knife and plunged it into the right arm of Ephraim, inflicting an ugly, though not dangerous flesh wound. The Mayor, on hearing the facts, remanded the accused to be tried for felony at the December term of the Husting Court.
on the 14th November, was examined and remanded for final trial before Judge Lyons. Peter Scott, a free negro, charged with stealing a gold watch from Dr. John R. Brooks, on the 18th of October, was tried and acquitted. Samuel H. Jefford, charged with feloniously stealing $30 from Martin L. Covington, on the 15th of May, having waived an examination, is to be tried before Judge Lyons on Monday next. Cornelius, slave to Wm. Tally, charged with feloniously cutting and stabbing Ephraim, slave to Nicholas Lipscomb, on the 29th of November, was found guilty and ordered thirty-nine stripes. P. J. Wright, for permitting his slave, Edward, to go at large, was fined $10 and cost. Charles Reininger, charged with stealing $166 from Frederick Hauster and Max Stadelhofer, on the 5th of December, was examined and remanded for final trial before Judge Lyons. Griffin, the property of Jno. L. Cox, charged with feloniously stabbing Adam Miller, slave to David Baker, on th
Arrests. --A young man named James Elmore was arrested by officers Bibb and Blankinship, on Saturday night, as the abettor of Tazewell Corr in stealing a watch and $70 from Wm. B. Lane. James Tyler has been brought to the city by Constable Talley, of Hanover, and delivered over to the police, on a charge of stealing a cow from Jeremiah M. Smith, and selling her to John Miller.--Ephraim, slave of J. F. H. Mayo, and Sam, slave of Samuel Hastings, were arrested on Saturday night for petty larcenies.
wder and leaden balls." were arraigned for examination, Messrs. W. W. Crump and Edward Y. Cannon appearing as counsel. The Court, after hearing the evidence, discharged Sheridan from further prosecution, and remanded Slater for final trial. Joseph Keller, charged with breaking into the drug more of Dove & Co. and stealing $5.56 and $3.40 worth of postage stamps, on the 15th day of December, was examined and remanded for final trial. Henry, a slave, the property of Bernard Peyton; Ephraim, the property of Harriet Kellum; and Jack, the property of J. H. F. Mayo, were tried for stealing a trunk containing money and clothing belonging to Peter H. Anderson. Jack was convicted and sentenced to receive nine and thirty lashes, and the others were discharged. Beverly Randolph, a free negro, charged with the murder of a fellow-apprentice named John Henry Ashby, was tried and acquitted. No other business of importance was transacted. The Court meets again to-day at 11 o'cl
Police Affairs. --Besides three drunken men, the only prisoner in the cage, yesterday evening, was Ephraim, slave of Harriet Kellum, arrested for stealing an eight dollar shawl belonging to G. Donnellan.
Stealing a shawl. --The Major, yesterday ordered Ephraim, slave of Mrs. Harriet Kellum, to be punished for stealing a shawl from George Donnellan. Two other negro boys had been arrested for perpetrating the theft, but they proved they bought the shawl from Ephraim, thus establishing him as the thief.
The Northern despotism and Kentucky. The following proceedings took place in the Federal U. S. Senate on the 14th instant. --Lazarus Powell is the Senator from Kentucky, that "Ephraim" of the States. He ventures to inquire about his fellow citizens taken from their homes in Kentucky, and imprisoned in Northern bastilles, and it will be seen what sort of satisfaction he gets: Arrests in Kentucky. The resolution of Mr. Powell, (opp.,) of Ky., asking the Secretary of State for the number and names of prisoners arrested in the State of Kentucky, how long imprisoned, where they are, &c., was taken up. The question was on the amendment of Mr. Sumner that the President be requested to inform the Senate, if compatible with the public interest, concerning the arrests in Kentucky; which was adopted — yeas 30, nays 7. Mr. Powell offered an amendment to Mr. Sumner's amendment, which the Chair said was substantially the same as the original resolution; therefore it was no
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