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The Annals of the Civil War Written by Leading Participants North and South (ed. Alexander Kelly McClure), Lee and Grant in the Wilderness. (search)
ody of cavalry. They disappeared at once in a dense thicket; but a regiment (Thirty-eighth North Carolina, Colonel Ashford) of Scales' Brigade, Wilcox's Division, remained at this point until the wagons had passed. Warren, to guard Sedgwick's right flank, and at the same time for his own protection as he moved from Germanna ford, ordered Griffin's Division forward on the old pike, while the remainder of the corps, with Crawford's Division leading, moved on a neighborhood road toward Parkers store. It was not long before Griffin met the Confederates; and as Crawford approached the plank road, he met the cavalry coming to the rear, reporting them advancing on that road also. Reports of General Lee's troops being on each of these two roads having been made, Crawford was ordered to halt, and informed that Griffin and Wadsworth would attack on the old pike. Getty's Division, of the Sixth Corps, took position on the plank road. The historian Swinton states this to have been at 8.2
Fitzhugh Lee, General Lee, Chapter 13: campaign in Virginia.-Bristol Station.-mine Run.-Wilderness. (search)
e old turnpike, called Wilderness Tavern. So on the 5th Grant gave orders for his army to move in two columns-Fifth and Sixth Corps from Wilderness Tavern to Parker's Store, where their route intersected the plank road, and Hancock from Chancellorsville to Shady Grove Church. Warren, as a military precaution, threw Griffin's diving down the pike about this time, met and engaged Griffin, and the battle of the Wilderness began, for shortly thereafter Hill became engaged with a force at Parker's Store. Hancock, whose troops formed Grant's left advance, was stopped, and the heads of his columns turned toward Parker's Store to meet Hill. Grant discoveredParker's Store to meet Hill. Grant discovered that he had Lee's army on his right marching flank and would have to fight in the Wilderness. As Ewell and Warren became more engaged, lines of battle were formed-Warren in the center and Sedgwick on his right, and afterward Hancock on his left. On the plank road Hill's left did not connect with Ewell's right. Getty's divis
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 38: battle of the Wilderness. (search)
csville. We were ordered forward by the Plank road to Parker's Store; the order was received after one o'clock, and sent ouTodd's Tavern road, the Fifth by the dirt road towards Parker's Store on the Plank road, the Sixth on the right, to follow turnpike. Presently, after taking up his march towards Parker's Store, the Confederates were discovered on the Plank road, aed by the Second Corps, was to drive Hill back, occupy Parker's Store, and connect with Warren's line. He afterwards learneions of the Ninth Corps, at the same time marching for Parker's Store, were encountered between the Plank and Turnpike roadfour hours behind time. Now, from Mechanicsville to Parker's Store by our line of march was thirty-four miles,--by the Plank road, thirty-five; from Parker's Store to the battle, three miles. From the time of our march to going into battle was tr, and turned to the left and struck the Plank road at Parker's Store, and pushed rapidly down it to where the battle had al
o Germania ford, and when it reached the river he made the crossing and moved rapidly by Wilderness Tavern, as far as Parker's Store, from which point he sent a heavy reconnoissance toward Mine Run, the rest of his division bivouacking in a strong pothat point he was in direct communication with Wilson, whose original instructions from me carried him only as far as Parker's Store, but it being found, during the night of the 4th, that the enemy was apparently unacquainted with the occurrences of the day, Meade directed Wilson to advance in the direction of Craig's Meeting House, leaving one regiment to hold Parker's Store. Wilson with the second brigade encountered Rosser's brigade of cavalry Just beyond the Meeting House, and drove it bachad he done so when he learned that at an early hour in the forenoon the enemy's infantry had appeared in his rear at Parker's Store and cut off his communication with General Meade. Surprised at this, he determined to withdraw to Todd's Tavern, but
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., From the Wilderness to Cold Harbor. (search)
little if at all impaired by the terrible strain that had been put upon them. Had General Lee so ordered, they would have attacked the Federal army, after the battle of Cold Harbor, with the same courage, though perhaps more quiet, that they had displayed on entering the campaign thirty days before. The Army of Northern Virginia was so well seasoned and tempered that, like the famous Toledo blade, it could be bent back and doubled upon itself, and then spring again into perfect shape. It may justly be said of both armies that in this terrible thirty days struggle their courage and endurance was superb. Both met foemen worthy of their steel, and battles were fought such as could only have occurred between men of kindred race, and nowhere else than in America. A Rabbit in a Confederate camp. Second day of the battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1864--view toward Parker's Store, from the Lacy House, the headquarters of Grant, Meade, and Warren. From a sketch made at the time.
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., General Lee in the Wilderness campaign. (search)
ed his pleasure that the Federal general had not profited by General Hooker's Wilderness experiences, and that he seemed inclined to throw away to some extent the immense advantage which his great superiority in numbers in every arm of the service gave him. On the 5th Ewell marched on the old turnpike, and Hill on the Plank road, and the cavalry on a road still farther to the right into the Wilderness. Lee rode with Hill at the head of his column. He was at the front in the skirmish at Parker's Store and moved with the advance to the field on the edge of the forest which became the scene of the great conflict on the Plank road. Riding on in advance of the troops, the party, consisting of Generals Lee, Hill, and Stuart and their staff-officers, dismounted and sat under the shade of the trees, when a party of the enemy's skirmishers deployed from a grove of old-field pines on the left, thus revealing the close proximity of Grant's forces, and the ease of concealing movements in the Wi
Fair Oaks. Cavalry Corps. (Army of the Potomac.) Stoneman's Raid Chancellorsville Greenwich Beverly Ford Aldie Middleburg Upperville Hanover Gettysrurg Monterey Fairfield Hagerstown Williamsport Boonsboro falling Waters Shepherdstown Manassas Gap Kelly's Ford Brandy Station Culpeper Raccoon Ford White's Ford Rapidan James City Whith Sulphur Springs Buckland's Mills Stevensburg Mine Run Averell's Raid Barnett's Ford Kilpatrick's Raid Kautz‘ Raid Parker's Store Todd's Tavern North Anna Yellow Tavern Meadow Bridge Milford Station Hawes' Shop Hanover Court House Ashland old Church Cold Harbor Trevilian Station St. Mary's Church White House Landing Nottoway Court House Stony Creek Wilson's Raid Ream's Station Staunton Bridge Moorefield Luray White Post Smithfield Berryville Opequon Woodstock Waynesboro New Market Tom's Brook Cedar Creek Hatcher's Run Newtown Rood's Hill Darbytown Road Bellefield Sheridan's Raid
h 21 106 71 198 20th Massachusetts Gibbon's Second 23 108 9 140 11th Pennsylvania Robinson's Fifth 16 126 13 155 122d Ohio Ricketts's Sixth 18 110 48 176 1st New Jersey Wright's Sixth 17 106 39 162 45th Pennsylvania Potter's Ninth 17 119 7 143 5th Wisconsin Wright's Sixth 14 121 10 145 93d Pennsylvania Getty's Sixth 15 114 -- 129 110th Ohio Ricketts's Sixth 17 106 25 148 At Todd's Tavern, May 7th.1st New York Dragoons Merritt's Cavalry 20 36 35 91 At Parker's Store, May 5th; opening fight.5th New York Cavalry Wilson's Cavalry 16 21 13 50 1st New Jersey Cavalry Gregg's Cavalry 7 41 10 58 1st U. S. Cavalry Merritt's Cavalry 8 34 3 45 1st Vermont Cavalry Wilson's Cavalry 5 30 11 46 Chester Station, Va.             May 6-7, 1864.             67th Ohio Terry's Tenth 12 66 -- 78 13th Indiana Ames's Tenth 7 35 40 82 Port Walthall, Va.             May 7, 1864.             8th Connecticut Brooks's Eighteenth 3
Colonel Theodore Lyman, With Grant and Meade from the Wilderness to Appomattox (ed. George R. Agassiz), chapter 4 (search)
), reported the enemy in his front; while the cavalry, thrown out on the plank road, towards Parker's Store, sent to say that the Rebel infantry were marching down in force, driving them in. General Wylight and to go in on Hill's left flank, where you see a dotted line nearly parallel to the Parker's Store road. We were all up right early on that Friday the 6th of May, you may depend. Lyman, saificers were killed and wounded, and it was hard. At 2 P. M. Burnside, after going almost to Parker's Store and again back, made a short attack with loud musketry. Ventured to urge Hancock (who was vd had scouts besides. As night fell, his troops left their works and were crowding down the Parker's Store road, towards Spotsylvania — each moment worth untold gold to them! Grant had no longer a Pred the right flank; for you will remember that the Rebel columns were still moving down the Parker's Store road to Spotsylvania, and we could not be sure they would not come in on our right flank and
the Third corps, was directed to proceed with his corps to Jacob's Mill, cross the Rapidan at that point, and continue his march by a road known to exist from Jacob's Mill to Robertson's Tavern, where he would effect a junction with the Second corps. Major-General Warren was ordered to cross at Germania Ford and take the turnpike to Robertson's Tavern. The Fifth corps, Major-General Sykes, was directed to cross at Culpeper Ford, and taking the plank-road, to continue his march as far as Parker's Store, and if practicable, to the crossing of the road from Robertson's Tavern. A division of cavalry, under Brigadier-General Gregg, was ordered to cross at Ely's Ford, and proceed on the Catharpin road as far as Corbin's bridge, to cover the left flank of the army. A division of cavalry, under General Custer, held the upper fords of the Rapidan; and the Third division, under General Merritt, was ordered to guard the trains assembled at Richardsville. Anticipating an attempt on the part of