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Pausanias, Description of Greece 24 0 Browse Search
Isocrates, Speeches (ed. George Norlin) 12 0 Browse Search
Andocides, Speeches 8 0 Browse Search
Andocides, Speeches 6 0 Browse Search
Isocrates, Speeches (ed. George Norlin) 6 0 Browse Search
Lysias, Speeches 4 0 Browse Search
Isocrates, Speeches (ed. George Norlin) 4 0 Browse Search
Isaeus, Speeches 4 0 Browse Search
Lysias, Speeches 4 0 Browse Search
Dinarchus, Speeches 2 0 Browse Search
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Lysias, Funeral Oration, section 55 (search)
By means of countless toils, conspicuous struggles, and glorious perils they made Greece free, while proving the supremacy of their native land: they commanded the sea for seventy yearsFrom 476 B.C., when Athens became the head of the Delian League, to 405 B.C., when she was defeated at Aegospotami. and saved their allies from faction,
Lysias, Funeral Oration, section 58 (search)
And in misfortunes also they displayed their accustomed valor. For when the ships were destroyed in the HellespontAt Aegospotami, 405 B.C.—whether it was through the fault of the commander or by the design of Heaven—and that supreme disaster overtook not only us, who suffered that misfortune, but all the rest of the Greeks, it became evident shortly after that the power of our city was the salvation of Gree
Lysias, Against Andocides, section 46 (search)
Pray now, on what consideration ought you to absolve Andocides? As a good soldier? But he has never gone on any expedition from the city, either in the cavalry or in the infantry, either as a ship's captain or as a marine, either before our disasterThe victory of the Peloponnesians over the Athenians at Aegospotami in the Hellespont, 405 B.C. or after our disaster, though he is more than forty years old.
Lysias, Against Eratosthenes, section 36 (search)
And how monstrous it would be, when you have punished with death the commanders who won the victory at seaAt Arginusae, 406 B.C.—they said that a storm prevented them from picking up the men in the water, but you felt that you must make them give satisfaction to the I valor of the dead—if these men, who as ordinary persons used their utmost endeavors towards your defeat in the sea-fights,It was suspected that both at Arginusae and at Aegospotami members of the oligarchic party had been working for the defeat of Athens by Sparta. and then, once established in power, admit that of their own free will they put to death many of the citizens without a trial,—if these men, I say, and their children are not to be visited by you with the extreme penalty of the
Lysias, Against Eratosthenes, section 43 (search)
Now his life in the interval I will here pass over: but when the sea-fightThe battle of Aegospotami, in 405 B.C. took place, with the disaster that befell the city, and while we still had a democracy (at this point they started the sedition), five men were set up as overseersIn imitation of the “Ephors,” who were the five chief magistrates of Sparta. by the so-called “club men,” to be organizers of the citizens as well as chiefs of the conspirators and opponents of your common wealth; and among these were Eratosthenes a
Lysias, Against Agoratus, section 5 (search)
When your ships had been destroyedAt Aegospotami, 405 B.C. and the resources of the city had been enfeebled, the ships of the Lacedaemonians arrived soon after at the Peiraeus, and negotiations for peace were made at once with the Lacedaemonians.
Lysias, Against Alcibiades 1, section 38 (search)
So sensible was he of his numerous offences against you that, for all his power of speech, his friends, and his acquisition of wealth, he never once ventured to come under an inquiry, but condemned himself to exile, and preferred to become a citizen of Thrace and any sort of city rather than belong to his own native land. Finally, gentlemen, he outdid his former villainy by daring, with Adeimantus, to surrender the ships to Lysander.The fact rather is that Alcibiades tried to warn the Athenian commanders of the danger of their being surprised at Aegospotami (405 b.c.
Lysias, For Mantitheus, section 4 (search)
Our father, before the disaster at the Hellespont,At Aegospotami, 405 B.C. had sent us abroad to live at the court of Satyrus, on the Pontus.At Panticapaeum in the east corner of the Tauric Chersonese (Crimea), capital of the Kingdom of Bosphorus, which exported corn to Athens. We were not residing in Athens either when the walls were being demolished or when the constitution was being changed.In the spring of 404 B.C. We came here five days before the people at Phyle returned to the Peiraeus.In May, 403 B
Now Eucrates, his brother, who was my father, just after the last sea-fightAt Aegospotami, 405 B.C. had taken place, gave signal evidence of his loyal devotion to your democracy. For after our defeat in the sea-fight he was elected general by you and, although invited to take part in the oligarchy by those who were plotting against the people, he refused to listen to them.
Lysias, On the Property of Aristophanes, section 16 (search)
Besides doing this, when I could have obtained a great fortune he advised me to take a lesser one, so long as I felt sure of allying myself with people of an orderly and self-respecting character. So now I am married to the daughter of Critodemus of Alopece,A township of Attica. who was killed by the Lacedaemonians after the sea-fight at the Hellespont.At Aegospotami, 405 B.C. After surprising the Athenian fleet (there was practically no “sea-fight”) Lysander executed 3000 Athenians who were ca
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