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George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), Chapter 9: (search)
Chapter 9: Abbotsford. Edinburgh. Maxwells of Terregles. Wordsworth and Southey. Manchester. Mr. And Mrs. Greg. Oxford. Althorp. London. return to America. Journal. April 22.—We drove to Melrose, fair Melrose, . . . . took horses and went on to Abbotsford. My feelings were hardly more changed on approaching it, from what they were when I approached it nineteen years ago, than was the place itself. We had been reading on our journey the last sad volume of Locksort of talk, and recollections of our meetings, . . . . and then took a cheerful leave of him and Mrs. Wordsworth, feeling that we left true friends behind us, even if we never see them again. After passing a day or two at the Dales', near Manchester, where they were most kindly invited by Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Greg, whose acquaintance they had made in Rome, Mr. and Mrs. Ticknor went on to Oxford. May 15.—We walked about in a beautiful morning among the exquisite gardens and the grand old
George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), Chapter 11: (search)
ly is growing up, my second daughter promised to the Duke of Genoa, son of the King of Sardinia, but the political circumstances have retarded the marriage. . . . . The notices you gave me about the question of prison reform are very interesting. I am sorry that Gray's book is so little known in Europe. I will endeavor to render it more public. The Paradiso is finished, and I hope the impression will soon begin. Your sincere friend, John, Duke of Saxony. To Charles S. Daveis. Manchester, September 10, 1848. This and the two following summers were passed by Mr. Ticknor on the northern shore of Massachusetts Bay, where he had hired a pleasant house, standing on the edge of a cliff directly by the sea, and having a hundred acres of wood and field around it. My dear Charles,—you have not kept your tryst. . . . . However, I dare say we shall find a room for you, if you will find a locus poenitentioe for us, though, as we have no safety-valve in our territory, like the Tr
George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), Chapter 19: (search)
rincess Mary, his sister,—ni maigre, ni mince, —the young Duke of Manchester and his very pretty wife, . . . . and I suppose a dozen more. . .oduced me to the Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge, and the Duke of Manchester. . . . . The Queen, with whom I had only a few words of ceremony,well, etc. For half an hour I talked with the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, who invited me to visit them at Kimbolton. But the most agreeab blank spaces indicating that some of the better had been sent to Manchester, and at last, through crowds of people,—amounting, I should thinkthrough Liverpool went on to Ellerbeck, Mr. Cardwell's seat, near Manchester. Nobody was at home to receive me except Mrs. Cardwell, a striy did not know who I was,—adding, that the party would be in from Manchester very soon, where they were at the exhibition. . . . . In abouter breakfast all seven of the party set off for the exhibition in Manchester. In the vestibule of the immense and well-proportioned building
George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), chapter 30 (search)
visits, I. 185, 186-220; described, 190-214. Mahon, Viscount, I. 258 and note, 292. See Stanhope, Earl. Mai, Monsignor, II. 81 and note, 82, 83. Maidstone, Viscount. II. 80. Maison, Marshal, II. 130, 136. Malaga, I. 233, 234. Malaga, Bishop, I. 234, 235. Malchus, Baron, II. 100. Malibran, Madame, I. 407, 413. Mallett, J. L., II. 274. Maltby, Bishop of Durham, II. 178 Maltby, Mr., I. 58, 413. Malthus, T. R., I. 290. Manchester, Mass., 11. 239 and note, 268. Manchester, (Seventh) Duke and Duchess of, II. 381. Manning, Mr., I. 61. Manzoni, Alessandro, II. 44, 45, 95, 96, 97. Manzoni, Madame, II. 44. Marchetti, Count and Countess, I. 166. Mareuil, Baron de, I. 350. Marialva, Marques de, I 180, 246, 263. Marie Amelie, Queen of the French, II. 121, 135. Marie Louise, Empress, II. 6. Marina, Fr. M., I. 197. Mariotti, Luigi, pseud. Antonio Gallenga, II. 339. Marron, P. H., I. 130. Marryat, II. 168. Mars, Mile., I. 126. Marshal