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There is a volunteer company forming in Decatur county, Ga., every member of which is to be over fifty years of age, and, as a condition of membership, to contribute, as a present, one thousand dollars to the Confederate States. It is stated that the linen trade of the North of Ireland is ruinously prostrated, owing to the absence of orders from America, and that great distress exists amongst the weavers in and around Belfast, in consequence. Wright & Rice, Iron and Brass Founders, at Florence, Alabama, have invented a cannon which is loaded at the breech, and can be fired ten times in a minute. Professor Grant is about to leave New York for Fortress Monroe, for the purpose of placing one of his largest calcium lights upon that work. The reflector of the lamp will have a diameter of three feet. In London there were 1,056 fires during the year 1860 While 232 of these are known to have been caused by the use of candles, only 98 were attributed to gas. An
A Miss Julia Farrell has obtained a verdict of $10,000 against a Dr. Caldwell, in Chicago, for a case of malpractice. The young girl had an operation performed on her eye by the doctor, by means of which her sight in that organ was entirely destroyed. The Etna Fire Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conn, has subscribed for $300,000 of the United States Loan, and Col. Sam. Colt has not only invested $150,000 in the same way, but advises his contractors to do like wise. The gin house of Mr. W. Donelson, of Decatur county, Ga., together with 15,000 pounds of cotton, was consumed by fire on the night of the 20th ult. The letters from America to the Opinion-Nationale, were written by a young Frenchman, named Sand, son of George Sand, and not by Prince Napoleon.
Richard Yeadon, a wealthy citizen of Charleston, S. C., has offered a reward of $10,000 to the man who captures Beast Butler under the President's proclamation. Texas has 70,000 men over and under conscript age. Rev. Wm. Matthews, a Presbyterian minister, of Decatur county, Ga., died in Macon a few days ago.