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encer. Removed to Hartford. Edward Stebbins. Removed to Hartford. George Steele. Removed to Hartford. John Steele. Removed to Hartford. Rev. Samuel Stone. Removed to Hartford. John Talcott. Removed to Hartford. Wm. Wadsworth. Removed to Hartford. Andrew Warner. Remained here. Richard Webb. Removed to Hartford. William Westwood. Removed to Hartford. John White. Removed to Hartford. 1634. Daniel Abbott. Removed to Providence. William Andrews. Removed to Hartford. John Arnold. Removed to Hartford. Guy Banbridge. Remained here. John Barnard. Removed to Hartford. Thomas Beale, Remained here. Christopher Cane. Remained here. Mrs. Chester. Removed to Hartford. Nicholas Clark. Removed to Hartford. Dolor Davis. Removed to Concord. Robert Day. Removed to Hartford. Joseph Easton. Removed to Hartford. Nathaniel Ely. Removed to Hartford.
fidence find good success, I miss of my mark. Since then he hath sent to Mr. Prydden to come to them, being invited by some of the Brethren by private letters: I gave warning to Mr. Prydden to bethink himself what he did; and I know he is sensible and watchful. I profess, how it is possible to keep peace with a man so adventurous and so pertinacious, who will vent what he list and maintain what he vents, its beyond all the skill I have to conceive. Mr. Umphrey, I hear, invites him to Providence, and that coast is most meet for his opinion and practice. The Lord says he will teach the humble his way; but where are those men? The Lord make us such, that he may shew us such mercy. Totus tuus, T. Hooker. Nov. 2th. 1640. I writ another letter, because happily Haply. some of the brethren would be ready to desire the sight of what is writ; that you may shew; this you ∧ shew or conceal, as you see meet. Sunt mutua preces in perpetuum. All here salute you and yours.
d of the old wooden fence, or pales. The corporation of Harvard College contributed one sixth part of the expense, as appears by their Records under date of Oct. 20, 1735: Whereas there is a good stone wall erected and erecting round the burying-place in Cambridge, which will come to about £ 150, and whereas there has been a considerable regard had to the College in building so good and handsome a wall in the front; and the College has used, and expects to make use of the burying-place as Providence gives occasion for it; therefore, Voted, that as soon as the said stone wall shall be completed, the Treasurer pay the sum of twenty-five pounds to Samuel Danforth, William Brattle and Andrew Bordman, Esq., a committee for the town to take care of the said fence. After another hundred years, in his Preface to Epitaphs from the old burying-ground in Cambridge, 1845, Mr. William Thaddeus Harris says, It is rather surprising, that, in this age of improvement, Cambridge should fall behind her
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 15: ecclesiastical History. (search)
Barnstable, and was installed at Cambridge as colleague with Dr. Appleton, Oct. 27, 1783. His ministry here did not continue quite seven years, yet it was productive of good fruits. His immediate successor, Dr. Holmes, says of him: Placed by Providence in this conspicuous station, his sphere of usefulness became much enlarged, his labors being now extended to the University. For this new sphere he was peculiarly qualified. His pulpit talents were excellent. He was pleasing in his elocution Dr. Holmes, as their minister, and this Council recommend the measure, as necessary to the existence and spiritual prosperity of the society. This Council wish it to be distinctly understood, it is added, that the service, to which we have in Providence been called, is one of the most painful services of our life. We do not arraign or condemn the motives of the Rev. Dr. Holmes. We are happy to testify that all our impressions of his course, during the peaceful state of his society, are assoc
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 16: ecclesiastical History. (search)
the spring of 1837 to Easter, 1839. Rev. Nicholas Hoppin, a native of Providence, R. I., and a graduate of Brown University, 1831, commenced his labors as Rectoring here Jan. 7, 1849, resigned April 25, 1852, and was afterwards settled in Providence for six years, and at South Reading for a similar period. He retired from thd in the spring of 1838, and was afterwards settled at Haverhill, Marblehead, Providence, and Philadelphia. He was born in Boston, June 12, 1813, and died in Philaded at the end of three years, and was afterwards settled at Bath, Me., and Providence, R. I. Rev. S. L. Roripaugh was ordained in 1856, was pastor of this flock from Universalist Church in Boston, and pastor of the First Universalist Church in Providence. His successor was Rev. Frank Maguire, a graduate of St. Lawrence Theologica Sept. 12, 1867, resigned April 28, 1872, and took charge of a church in Providence, R. I. Rev. William S. Karr, A. C. 1851, was installed Jan. 15, 1873, and dismis
ndians. Dunster's account of expenses for one year. Daniel Gookin actively engaged in the Indian work from the beginning; appointed ruler and Superintendent of all the friendly Indians; record of one of his courts. Philip's War. prejudice against all the Indians; many imprisoned on Deer Island. Gookin and Danforth friendly to the Indians; savage attacks on them, and on the Rev. Mr. Eliot In describing the original settlement of Cambridge by the English, the author of Wonder-working Providence calls attention to their preservation when they were in such great straites for foode; and what was more remarkable, when they had scarce houses to shelter themselves, and no doores to hinder the Indians accesse to all they had in them, yet did the Lord so awe their hearts, that although they frequented the Englishmens places of aboade, where their whole substance, weake wives, and little ones, lay open to their plunder during their absence, being whole dayes at Sabbath-assemblies, yet had
treets, which he sold to John Russell, and removed to Providence, R. I., about 1639. No trace is found here of his family. 773, when his only son and heir, Benjamin Champney of Providence, R. I., released all interest in the estate in Framingham, frd Henry, s. of Francis (24), m. Ruth Charlotte Smith of Providence 11 May 1813, and had Ruth Charlotte, b. 28 Feb. 1814; Ri, d. in the almshouse, 11 May 1810, described as late of Providence; Mary, posthumous, b. 3 and d. 24 Feb. 1771. James the Mary Jackson, b. 17 June. 1802, m. Dr. Usher Parsons of Providence 23 Sept. 1822; Ann Susan, b. 15 May 1804, m. Rev. Charleand chaplain in the Continental Army; res. for a time in Providence; was of Bath, Me., in 1806, and d. in 1808, a. 77. He hConstable. He is supposed to have been slain in 1641 at Providence in the Bahamas. See Winthrop's New Eng., II. 33. Walo Georgetown, in the County of Lincoln, to Haverhill, to Providence, to Woodstock by Worcester, and from Worcester to Great
A. Abbott, Daniel, owned a house in 1635, at the N. W. corner of Holyoke and Mount Auburn streets, which he sold to John Russell, and removed to Providence, R. I., about 1639. No trace is found here of his family. 2. George, in 1715, purchased a building lot, near Adams's gate. By w. Rebecca, he had Jacob, b. 25 Jan. 1715-16; George. b. 2 Oct. 1718; Rebecca, bap. 24 June 1721; Rebecca, bap, 22 Nov. 1724; Samuel, bap. 12 Mar. 1726-7. Abdy, Matthew, Boston, came in the Abigail, 1635, from London, was a fisherman; by w. Tabitha, dau. of Robert Reynolds of B., who d. 1661, had Mary, b. 24 May 1648, and Tabitha, 24 Nov. 1652; besides Matthew, named in the will of his grandfather R. He next m., 24 May 1662, Alice Cox, perhaps dau. of Moses of Hampton. Savage, Gen. Dict. 2. Matthew, s. of Matthew (1), b. about 1654, m. Deborah, dau. of Andrew Stevenson of Camb., and wid. of Robert Wilson of Sudbury. Widow Ruth Abdy, who d. 10 Dec. 1762, aged 93, was a subsequent wife of Mat
ec. 1742; Jonathan, 2 Dec. 1714; Noah, 21 Dec. 17-16; Samuel, 2 Oct. 1748; Sarah, 21 July 1751; Nathan, 26 Mar. 1753; Daniel, 26 Sept. 1756. Richard the f. died in Framingham, 1769, and his son Jonathan, of Southborough, administered on his estate. 15. Thomas, s. of Daniel (7) by w. Jane, had Danforth, b. 27 Oct. 1730; Thomas, b. 7 Nov. 1735. 16. Daniel, s. of Daniel (10), m. Hannah Emmons 22 Sept. 1746, and d. before 1 Dec. 1773, when his only son and heir, Benjamin Champney of Providence, R. I., released all interest in the estate in Framingham, formerly belonging to his ancestor Thomas Danforth, Esq. 17. Solomon, s. of Solomon (11), m. Rebecca Brown, 1756, and had Nathaniel, bap. 17 Ap. 1757. He was suddenly killed by the wheel of a loaded cart passing over his head 5 or 7 Ap. 1763. 18. Nathan, s. of Solomon (12), m. Elizabeth Osborn of Charlestown 24 June 1760. 19. Downing, s. of Downing (13), m. Hannah Reed 4 July 1765, and had Mary, bap. 15 June 1766; Mary, b. 1
Francis, s. of Francis (24), m. Sophia, dau. of President Joseph Willard, 4 Aug. 1802, and had Sophia Willard, b. 6 July 1803, m. Rev. George Ripley 22 Aug. 1827; Mary Elizabeth, b. 6 May 1805; Francis, b. 2 Dec. 1806; H. C. 1827, physician, d. 1 July 1872; Joseph Willard, b. 17 Sept. 1808, H. C. 1828, d. at Donaldsonville, La., 5 Dec. 1830. Francis the f. d. in Boston 28 Dec. 1853; his w. Sophia d. 27 Feb. 1840, a. 67. 29. Richard Henry, s. of Francis (24), m. Ruth Charlotte Smith of Providence 11 May 1813, and had Ruth Charlotte, b. 28 Feb. 1814; Richard Henry, b. 1 Aug. 1815; Edmund Trowbridge, b. 28 Aug. 1818, grad. Ver. Uni. 1838, lawyer, d. 18 May 1869; Susan, b. 3 June 1820, d. 27 Ap. 1822. Richard Henry the f. grad. H. C. 1808, Ll.D. at W. C. 1867, devoted himself to literature and enjoys an honored old age in 1877; his w. Ruth Charlotte d. 9 Feb. 1822, a. 34. 30. Richard Henry, s. of Richard Henry (29), m. Mary Watson of Hartford 25 Aug. 1841, and had Sarah Watson,
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