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8). Edward Randolph, the arch-enemy of the colony, attempted to obtain possession of seven hundred acres of land near Spy Pond, in 1688 (Paige, 103, &c.). In 1656 Thomas Ross, a Scotchman, and a servant to Edward Winship, had liberty to mow the grass in the swamp anent the north end of Spy Pond (Paige, 646). Andrew Beard was chosen hog-reeve for Menotomy, 1692 (Paige, 486). Jonathan Butterfield was field-driver for Menotomy fields, 1693 (Paige, 505). Jacob Chamberlin was chosen hog-reevge to Concord east; west the swamp-ground leading to Fresh Pond Meadow, south Menotomy River, north on said swamp toward Spy Pond. Edward Winship was attorney for Cooke, May 17, 1665.—Proprietors' Records. (See Paige, 513.) John Adams's farm, 1bridge as late as 1811. 1724. Request of Jason Russell and others, that way may be stated from Thomas Fillebrown's to Spy Pond, and so to way to Mills Weare. This Jason Russell was grandfather of that Jason Russell who was killed by the British t
bly, two of the enemy, and wounded several, shot five horses, drove off the guard, and took possession of the convoy and all its contents; making besides six of the guard prisoners, who are said in this account to have ran as far as the shore of Spy Pond, into which they threw their muskets before they surrendered. All this was without loss on the side of the Provincials. In the numbers given above we have depended on the newspaper accounts of the time. A memorial stone recently erected (1878urviving ones sent to Medford (see Smith ). The following story related by Smith concerning this affair, and regarded by many as apocryphal, is still worthy of preservation as a curiosity. The guards in fleeing followed the westerly shore of Spy Pond, till, near Spring Valley, they met an old woman, named Batherick, digging dandelions, to whom they surrendered themselves, asking her protection. She led them to the house of Capt. Ephraim Frost, and gave them up to a party of our men, saying
ining the attractions of a naval, military and Indian fight. The scene was on Spy Pond, and its island and shores. It took place on a beautiful New England day, in th part of the town), near the brink of the hill where the valley empties into Spy Pond, so that in case of explosion the contents might be blown into the pond. J. Bhich reported two routes, one east of the Pond, and one crossing the island in Spy Pond, and recommended a survey and estimates by committees, and a subscription to dich in his boyhood was a poor, coarse sand and gravel soil, along the shore of Spy Pond, scarcely producing anything of the vegetable kind. In his early youth there s, with the view of reaching Burlington, Vt. Branching off by the shores of Spy Pond, another track of the railroad was extended through the village of West Cambrithe centre of Lexington. By this branch of the Fitchburg Railroad, the ice of Spy Pond was brought as near the wharves of Boston, in point of expense, as if it were
1742. William, and Sarah his wife, were dism. to the ch. of Christ in Stow,———, 1747. She was Sarah, dau. of Francis Locke.—See Book of the Lockes, p. 40, &c. William had here, Francis, bap. 16 Sept. 1739, m. Rachel Mason, 6 Jan. 1763; Elizabeth, b. 20, bap. 31 May, 1741; William, b. 16, bap. 22 Jan. 1744; Elisha, b. 21, bap. 23 Mar. 1746. William Withington, of Stow, but formerly of Camb., sold to Joseph Winship of Chas. two acres in Camb., bounded S. W. on the brook running out of Spy Pond, 6 Apr. 1747. William Withington (1) was grandson of William Russell (1), per Wyman, 1044. 2. Elisha, s. of William (1), m. Mary Prentice here 12 Apr. 1768. He o. c. Pct. ch. 21 May, 1769, and had Elisha, b. 11, bap. 21 May, 1769. Wood, Josiah, son of Mrs. Anna Williams, d. 17 Nov. 1742, a. 22. Maria M., of Medford, m. Abram D. Tasker, 13 Sept. 1840. John, Jr., m. Mary C. Barker, of Boston, 28 Jan. 1841. Woolson, Sarah, m. Stephen Robbins, both of Lexington, 11 July, 1754.
orse Railroad, 166 Hospitals in Menotomy in 1775, 78, 83 House of Jason Russell at Menotomy April 19, 1775, 67-69, 71, 72, 75 Ice business and John Hill, 146; and railroads, 146, 147; first ice carried into Boston market, 242; houses at Spy Pond, 146 Illumination in honor of the capture of Richmond, 169 Indians, 6, 7, 30, 35, 50, 63, 128 Ingalls's (Capt.) company of Infantry, 1861, 166, 167 Inhabitants, not proprietors, grants to them, 1689, 19 Innholders, 35, 36, 42, 69,ry School Districts, 164 Prudential Committee reduced from five to three, 32; School Committee, 140 Public meeting, in 1861, on account of the war impending, 166, 156; Feb. 22, 1862, 167 Randolph's attempt to get possession of land near Spy Pond, 9 Reading and Writing School, 22 Reminiscences of military affairs, &c., by J. B. Russell, 122, 128-130, 133, 134, 136 Resignation of Rev. Dr. Fiske, 117, 118; of Rev. Mr. Hedge, 117, 118 Resolution not to invite the Rev. George Whi