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his wound, that on the 27th of June he wrote to the Secretary of War, again tendering his resignation, which was again declined. By the advice of his surgeons, General Johnston spent the summer and fall in Kentucky. His correspondence shows that the friends of Texas deemed his services of the first importance to the republic. Colonel Hockley, eminent in the struggle for independence, whom General Johnston characterizes as one of the best officers and patriots in the army, writes from Nashville, November 5, 1837: I have just returned from the Hermitage, where I spent all last week, and have had many and long conversations with the old chief in relation to the next campaign. He will be pleased to see you, if you can make it convenient to pass this way. Hon. Henry D. Gilpin, the Attorney-General, and a confidential friend of President Van Buren, had married the widow of Senator Johnston. He wrote to General Johnston, August 13th, kindly urging him to visit him at Washington.
Mississippi west of the New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern and Central Railroad; also, the military operations in Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and the Indian country immediately west of Missouri and Arkansas. He will repair to Memphis, Tennessee, and assume command, fixing his headquarters at such point as, in his judgment, will best secure the purposes of the command. By command of the Secretary of War: John Withers, Assistant Adjutant-General. He was further directed to go by Nashville, confer with Governor Harris, and then decide upon the steps to be taken. The rank of general, the highest in the Confederate army, had been created by law, and five officers had been appointed by the President and assigned to duty with the following relative rank: 1. S. Cooper (the adjutant-general); 2. A. S. Johnston; 3. R. E. Lee; 40 J. E. Johnston; 5. G. T. Beauregard. General J. E. Johnston regarded himself as entitled by law to the first place, and engaged in a controversy with t
ary situation in Kentucky. General Johnston's arrival in Nashville. personal reminiscences, the defense of Tennessee. General Johnwill be detailed as they arise. General Johnston proceeded to Nashville, stopping in Knoxville only long enough to confer with General Feerland Gap. On the 14th of September General Johnston reached Nashville. He had been looked for with the greatest anxiety by both the peulated the effects of his policy. General Johnston arrived in Nashville September 14th, and on the same day determined to seize Bowling Gident, the day before it was made, in the following letter: Nashville, Tennessee, September 16, 1861. Mr. President: Your dispatch of the out 3,000 of whom were Tennessee troops from Camp Trousdale, near Nashville, and the remainder Kentuckians, composed of the Second Kentucky R The desirableness of this movement was enhanced by the fact that Nashville had recently been made a base of supplies for the Confederate arm
er in the War of the Revolution, and rose to the rank of brigadier-general in the State forces. William Polk, his eldest son, then a lad not seventeen years old, left college in April, 1775, to become a lieutenant in the South Carolina line. He was actively engaged to the end of the war, toward the close as lieutenant-colonel, and was twice desperately wounded, once in the shoulder and again in the mouth. In 1783, he was made Surveyor-General of Middle Tennessee, and removed to where Nashville now stands. He returned, however, to North Carolina, where he held various honorable and important trusts, and died at Raleigh in 1834, aged seventy-six years. Like his father, he was a fine type of that sturdy and tenacious Scotch-Irish stock which knows so well how to subdue the opposing forces of Nature and man, and to maintain its rights against all odds. Leonidas Polk was the fourth son of Colonel William Polk, and was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, April 10, 1806. He was an a
xhibit of his correspondence. He arrived at Nashville on the 14th of September; on the 15th he dis General A. S. Johnston, General C. S. A., Nashville. Governor Brown made the following replyprocured and sent with dispatch, one-half to Nashville, and the other to Trenton, on the Mobile & O-shops and workshops had been established at Nashville and Memphis, which were transferred to the Cober. At the same date, the powder-mills at Nashville were making 400 pounds of powder a day, and President, by telegram of the 13th, to go by Nashville, confer with Governor Harris, and then decide rendezvous of this force, viz.: Knoxville, Nashville, Jackson, Trenton, and Memphis. At each of eneral. I. G. Harris, Governor of Tennessee, Nashville. The Arkansas troops were directed to bee. The enemy will energetically push toward Nashville the heavy masses of troops now assembled beter, between the Barren and the Cumberland at Nashville; so that this place cannot be abandoned with[4 more...]
be, I may be compelled to retire from this place to cover Nashville with the aid of the volunteer force now being organized, ted General Crittenden to send a portion of his force to Nashville, if in his judgment it can be done without weakening his and 19,000, of which about 5,000 are sick (about 8,600 at Nashville), and our effective force is under 13,000 men. The voiver the only good defensible one between Green River and Nashville. Bowling Green, from its topography, is naturally a stror, and has easy communication by railroad and turnpike to Nashville. Its local advantages for defense are good, though requinder the direction of my chief-engineer, Major Gilmer, at Nashville. These arrangements are such that they perhaps double thr the office and storehouse of the Ordnance Department at Nashville were set on fire by an incendiary, and entirely consumed.ton, and requested him to make a contract with parties in Nashville for the manufacture of spears, with a billhook or sickle
ssee by either the Jacksboro or the Jamestown routes, on the one hand, and to Nashville on the other. At the northeastern corner of Kentucky there was a Federal forposition where he could command the approaches toward both East Tennessee and Nashville from Central Kentucky; while, at the same time, he might, to some extent, pro supplies were scanty, but not exhausted; and, though his communications with Nashville were threatened by Thomas's approach, he had time and means to retire upon suhe burned his boats, and moved his tired army, on the Monticello road, toward Nashville. The condition of the Confederate army was truly deplorable. On the nighorders, took position at Chestnut Mound, where he was in reach of relief from Nashville. During his retreat his army became much demoralized, and two regiments, whothe condition of affairs had changed; and it was moved round by water, in the early days of March, to Nashville, which, by that time, had fallen into Buell's hands.
ront of the railroads from Bowling Green and Nashville, running west. The topography of the twoond defensive line along the Cumberland from Nashville to Donelson and thence to Henry, which mights ran: Arrange a plan of defensive works for Nashville, and urge them forward by all the means you rn. Fifteen hundred laborers were needed at Nashville, as many at Clarksville, 1,000 were called f order the impressment of 1,500 negroes near Nashville; but not more than fifty were collected for day before, by the Hon. James E. Saunders: Nashville, January , 17, 1862. dear sir: I am just for their ultimate object, the occupation of Nashville. I have already detached 8,000 men to make can turn my position, and attack and occupy Nashville and the interior of the State, which it is tbject of this force to defend. A reserve at Nashville seems now absolutely necessary to enable me ohnston ordered a regiment, just armed, from Nashville to Donelson, and on the 6th Colonel Smith's [5 more...]
e of the Cumberland could be maintained from Nashville to Donelson for even a few weeks, General Jol Pillow, who had been for some time sick in Nashville, was placed in command at Clarksville. On Fon and march the army by way of Charlotte to Nashville. General Pillow's recollection of his ve In this event, their road would be open to Nashville, without any obstruction whatever. He pr, General Johnston's conception of defending Nashville at Donelson-the only armed barrier on the Cuclusion to cut their way out, and retreat to Nashville. General Johnston's plan was general in itsnications with Charlotte in the direction of Nashville. It was urged that this attack should be mainto the open country lying southward toward Nashville. I called for a consultation of the officeradded the 300 prisoners captured and sent to Nashville by the Confederates, the loss would amount tnnessee, to the Federal arms; Bowling Green, Nashville, Columbus-all were turned; and the valley of[7 more...]
e well-ordered retreat from Bowling Green to Nashville. Suppose that these forces could have been e surrender of Donelson. He meant to defend Nashville at Donelson, if he could, and, if not, then fall back to Stevenson by the railroad from Nashville, and thence by the Charleston & Memphis Railton, who had established his headquarters at Edgefield on the northern bank of the Cumberland, saw ht on the 13th, and made his headquarters at Edgefield, opposite Nashville. Colonel Woolley, in th a man was lost, and the little army reached Nashville only in time to hear of the disaster of thein's headquarters were in Edgefield, opposite Nashville. About midnight a dispatch was received frooyd and Pillow having left on steamboats for Nashville I The general was lying on a little camp-bed of General Floyd while he was commanding at Nashville, and I was remarkably impressed by him. . . e rode over to the general's headquarters in Edgefield to advise with him as to the best course und[35 more...]
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