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of members, &c., and every member shall sit in the singing seat on Sundays when he is at meeting. The articles number eleven, and are dated June, 1804, when the names of the members were,— Artemas Kennedy, Ephraim Cutter, Benjamin Harrington, James Hill, Daniel Locke, Jason Kennedy, John Perry, Isaac Locke, Timothy Swan, Amos Locke, William Hill, Jr., David Hill, Joseph Adams, Amos Hill, William Wyeth, Amos Davis, Ichabod Fessenden, Ebenezer Hall, Jr., William Adams, Jr., Samuel Hill, Walter RWilson, Joel Frost, James Fillebrown. On Dec. 5, 1804, Artemas Kennedy was chosen president, Isaac Locke secretary, A. Kennedy chorister, Daniel Locke and John Perry bass assistants, Isaac Locke tenor assistant, Jason Kennedy treble assistant, James Hill treasurer. Ebenezer Rumford Thompson, school-master in West Cambridge, 1814-15, and born here March 6, 1796, refers, in a letter to Mr. J. B. Russell, of New Market, N. J., in 1879, to a visit of Jerome Bonaparte and his Bride to West Cambri
rs to the Constitution were Artemas Kennedy, James Hill, Isaac Locke, Thomas Fillebrown, Amos Locke,st Cambridge Musical Society, Oct. 13, 1807, James Hill was chosen moderator and Isaac Locke secretaing of the Singing Society on Dec. 24, 1807, James Hill was moderator, and the regular officers of tof as they shall think proper. Isaac Locke, James Hill and Walter Russell were appointed for that png tunes, viz.: Walter Russell, Isaac Locke, James Hill, Amos Locke, John Perry, George Swan, Benjamcords: Presidents.—Artemas Kennedy, 1807; James Hill, 1808, 1809, 1810, 1814; Amos Locke, 1816. Vd Jonathan Butterfield, surveyors of lumber; James Hill and John Tufts, fence-viewers; William Whittshua Avery, 1823-1826; Ephraim Cutter, 1823; James Hill, 1823, 1826; Isaac Locke, 1823; Benjamin Locd years. David Hill, the father of John, and James Hill, of the same neighborhood, cousin of David, e Prentiss & Son, $1,310; M. W. Marsh, $160; James Hill, $250; J. V. Fletcher, $100; James Wyman, $4[3 more...]
Butterfield, 1863. Joseph S. Potter, 1865-67. Selectmen. Jonathan Whittemore, 1807, 1808. Daniel Adams, 1807-12. John Tufts, 1807, 1808. Samuel Locke, Esq., 1807 (1808—excused). William Whittemore, Jr., 1807, Esq. 1808. James Hill, 1808. George Prentiss, 1809-12. Thomas Russell, Jr., 1809-25. James Perry, 1813-22. Walter Russell, 1813-18. Benjamin Locke, 1819-22. William Locke, 2d, 1823-26, 1836 (thanks of town voted 1837, for his long and faithful servorge Hill, 1867 (declined). Assessors. George Prentiss, 1808-11, 1816. Benjamin Locke, 1808-19. Samuel Butterfield, 1808-11, 1814, 1815. Daniel Adams, 1812, 1813. Isaac Locke, 1812-16, 1820-25, 1835-38. John Adams, 1816. James Hill, 1817-19. William Locke, Jr., 1817-19, 2d, 1820, 1821, Jr., 1822, 2d, 1823-25, Esq., 1842, 1843, 1846. Joshua Avery, 1820-22, 1838. Miles Gardner, 1823-25, 1827, 1828. Jonathan Frost, 2d, 1826-28 (excused 1828). John Perry, 1826
Nathan, b. 9, bap. 14 Aug. 1763; Joel and Amos, twins, b. 23, bap. 25 Aug. 1765; Daniel, b. 14, bap. 27 Mar. 1768; Abigail, b. 18, bap. 20 Sept. 1772, m. Joseph Convers of Medford, 19 Oct. 1800 (d. 30 Mar. 1835); Ann, b. 1, bap. 9 Apr. 1775, m. James Hill 11 Oct. 1796. See Wyman, p. 6. 4. William, 8. of Joseph (1), m. Sarah, dau. of Zechariah Hill, 14 June, 1750. Marriage fee 40s. Both were adm. to Pct. ch. 28 Apr. 1751. He was ensign of Pct. trainband in 1771, the captain of a company iearly 79. Mrs. Hill survived him. A sermon preached at West Cambridge, 8 Feb. 1852, on the Sabbath succeeding his death, by his pastor James F. Brown, was published. A few paragraphs from Rev. Mr. Brown's sermon are of interest:— The life of James Hill is intimately connected with a large portion of the history of this church and society. . . . For thirty years he was a member of our choir. . . . He was gentlemanly in his deportment, kind and conciliatory in his spirit, industrious and temper