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ticular improvement, and applied, &c., 1689 (?). To the same, liberty to enclose a lot he possessed, laid out to John Sawtelle, was granted, 1694-5. William Russell survived his brother Jason Russell, and died at Menotomy, May 17, 1744, aged 89.—Paige, 647. Sheds. Edward Winship, William Russell, Jason Russell, William Cutter, Joseph Winship, Samuel Kidder, Nathaniel Patten and John Dickson granted liberty for the erecting of a conveniency (against the college fence, northward of our Meeting-House) for the standing of their horses on Sabbath-days, 1703. This was the meeting-house of the First Parish at Old Cambridge, where the above persons, mostly residents of Menotomy, then worshipped. Allotments on the north side of Menotomy River and at Mills Ware, were made to citizens, 1707. Among whom were Mrs. Corlet, William Patten, Jason Russell, Gershom Cutter, John Dickson, Samuel Bull, R. Cutter, Solomon Prentice, Jonathan Dunster, College, Samuel Buck, Philip Cooke, &c. Sept. 2,
A meeting of the Precinct was held at the hall of Mr. Thomas Russell on Jan. 9, 1805—probably the hall over the store of Thomas Russell & Son, mentioned in town records in 1808. The dedication of the new meeting-house was appointed to be on Wednesday, March 20, 1805, at two P. M. The following memorandum was made on the Precinct Records: March the 20th, 1805, the dedication was made. Nine children were baptized on March 24, 1805—(Fiske). The Baptisms on the first Sabbath in the new Meeting-House of Worship were Amos, son of John Adams; Martha Wyman, daughter of Daniel Reed; Elmira, daughter of Josiah H. Russell; Albert, son of Jonas Cutter; William, son of William Hill, 3d; William Augustus, son of William Whittemore, 3d; Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Wyman; William, son of Joshua Cutter; Winslow, son of Jonathan Whittemore. Pew-holders in New meeting-house, A. D. 1805. A Record of the Pews in the Meeting-house in Cambridge Second Parish, that were sold agreeable to a <
d. 1815 and 1817. Repairs authorized on the cupola of new meetinghouse. The September gale, in 1815, took off about one-third of the roof of Dr. Fiske's Meeting House, landing it in the road, near the house where T. J. Russell now lives. The repairs on the meeting-house in 1817, were merely strengthening the steeple, by brairected to George Prentiss, a freeholder of said town from the Hon. Aaron Hill, Esq., Justice of the Peace for the county; and at this meeting, held at the new Meeting House in said town, on Thursday, June 11, 1807, at two o'clock, afternoon, Samuel Locke, Esq., was chosen moderator; Thomas Russell, Jr., town clerk; Jonathan Whitten and adjoining towns: from thence proceeded, under the escort of Capt. Harrington's company of Artillery, attended by a band of music from Waltham, to the new Meeting-House; where, after the Throne of Grace being addressed by the Rev. Mr. Fiske, was pronounced an elegant and appropriate discourse by Mr. William Nichols, of Westfor
Sarah, m. Thomas Fillebrown, Jr., 31 Jan. 1808 (she d. 24 Oct. 1877, a. 92). By w. Hannah had William, bap. 11 Jan. 1789; Samuel, bap. 3 Oct. 1790; Amos, bap. 19 Aug. 1792, d. (29) Sept. 1794, a. 3 (Fiske), 2 (g. s.); Lydia, b. 9 (Camb.), bap. 12 Nov. 1797, m. Endor Estabrook, W. Camb. 27 (29) Aug. 1818 (she d. 25 Feb. 1866, a. 68); Hannah, b. 25 (Camb.), bap. 29 Sept. 1799, d. (unm.) 13 Oct. 1821, a. 22 (g. s.); Amos (b. 16 Nov. 1804), bap. 24 Mar. 1805, on the first Sabbath in the new Meeting-house of Worship. See Wyman's Charlestown, pp. 7, 11. 13. William, s. of William (4), was one of the Menotomy company of minute-men, under Capt. Benjamin Locke, 19 Apr. 1775. He was rated in Camb. 1777, and in Menotomy 1781, and m. Hannah Stone (26 June, 1781), who—dau. of Jonathan Stone of Watertown —was bap. at Menot. 5 Apr. 1761. Both were adm. Pct. ch. 11 Aug. 1782, and had William, b. 1, bap. 6 Oct. 1782, adm. Pct. ch. 20 Feb. 1806, d. 18 May, 1806, a. 24 (Fiske), 23 (g. s.); H
74, 75; of Rev. Mr. Cooke, to the Rev. Isaiah Dunster, 39, 40 Lexington, Alarm April 19, 1776, 56; and West Cambridge Railroad, 143-45, 147, 148 Library, 108, 122, 127, 141, 142, 143, 166, 163, 165 Likeness of the Rev. Mr. Cooke, 89 Locke School House, 165 Longevity in former times, 123, 148 Lumber yard, 130 Lynn End men in action at Menotomy, April 19, 1775, 62, 71, 73 Market gardening and fruit farms, 146 Medford men killed at Menotomy, April 19, 1775, 67, 72 Meeting house, 22-24, 29, 32, 34, 36, 41, 48, 62, 66, 67, 73-76, 79, 94, 101, 108-117, 120, 122, 126-128, 130,131, 138,139, 150 Menotomy, Bridge, 1642, 6; Church, see Cambridge Second Church; Field, 8, 9, 10, 16; heavy firing of troops at, in Battle of 19 April, 1776, 56, 65, 66, 72, 78, 80, 81; incorporation as a district of Cambridge and Charlestown, 3, 37-39; injuries inflicted by British troops April 19, 1775, 56, 66-69, 74, 79, 82,128; men reported missing after battle of April 19, 77; minutemen