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athan Teel, Daniel Cutter, Solomon Prentice, George Prentice, John Frost, Jonathan Robbins, Samuel Cutter, Jr., Jason Belknap, Aaron Cooke, William Butterfield, Samuel Hill, Joseph Locke, Francis Locke, John Locke, Ephraim Cooke, William Cutter, Jr., Robert Mullit, John Symmes, Jr., John Dickson, Joseph Shaw, Abram Cooke, Robert P Thomas Hall17216373306175 Abr'm Hill3451471678421157 Abram Hill, jr.1717036 Zach'h Hill171924221041010 Zach'h Hill, jr.1717036 John Hill1731181155011111 Samuel Hill1715042262911 Wm. Hill173171105546129 Elisha Hastings1717036 Wd. Lydia Hill171165522187128 Sarah Hill1682118941 Lt. Joseph Hartwell17418111165712411133 Ca Swan, Amos Locke, William Hill, Jr., David Hill, Joseph Adams, Amos Hill, William Wyeth, Amos Davis, Ichabod Fessenden, Ebenezer Hall, Jr., William Adams, Jr., Samuel Hill, Walter Russell, James Russell, Jr., Francis Locke, Jr., Thomas Fillebrown, Daniel Wilson, Moses Cutter, Joseph Hill, James Cutter, Jr., George Swan, Benjamin C
ary of the meeting. The West Cambridge Musical Society. This led to the formation of the West Cambridge Musical Society, instituted Oct. 1807, and similarly constituted, with the purpose of promoting the knowledge and practice of the musical art generally, but more especially that part which relates to the worship of our beneficent Creator and exalted Redeemer. The names of subscribers to the Constitution were Artemas Kennedy, James Hill, Isaac Locke, Thomas Fillebrown, Amos Locke, Samuel Hill, John Wilson, Joseph Adams, Moses Cutter, Daniel Wilson, Samuel Wilson, James Fillebrown, Ebenezer Hall, Jr., Ichabod Fessenden (with clarinet), Walter Russell (bass viol), James Cutter, Jr., Joseph Hill, Joel Frost, Benjamin Cutter, George Swan, Abijah Cutter, Amos Hill, Benjamin Harrington, John Perry, W. B. King, Nathan Locke, Thomas Hill, Samuel Ames, William Mann, Jonas Adams, Philip B. Fessenden, David Hill, Asa Frost, William Frost, John Crosby, Ammi Cutter, Ephraim Frost, 3d, Thad
n Locke, 1763. Thomas Reed, 1764. Ephraim Cook, 1765. Samuel Swan, 1767—dismissed. Ebenezer Prentice, 1767. William Whittemore, 1768, 1769. Francis Locke, Jr., 1769. James Perry, 1770. Joseph Belknap, Jr., 1771. Walter Russell, 1772—excused. Zechariah Hill, 1772. Samuel Cutter, Jr., 1773, 1774. Aaron Swan, 1774—excused. Joshua Kendall, 1775—excused. Joseph Wellington, 1775. William Cutler, 1776—excused. Samuel Whittemore, Jr., 1776, 1777. Samuel Hill 1777, 1780. Amos Warren, 1779—excused. (A committee was chosen to hire a collector in 1779.) William Cutter, 1781, 1785. Jeduthun Wellington, 1782. Jonathan Perry, 1783, 1790, 1791. Seth Stone, 1784, 1788 (The collectorship set up at vendue, 1788.) Dea. Joseph Adams, 1786. Enoch Wellington, 1787. Eben'r Hall (collector for Mr. Fiske's settlement), 1788. Noah Russell, 1789, 1804, 1805. George Prentice, 1792, 1795-1801, 1806, 1807. Samuel Hunt, 1793.
y, 1839. So far the record. Lydia, dau. of Philip (1), m. Nathaniel Fessenden, and was fatally shot, 30 May, 1770, a. 19.—See History of Precinct, under 1770. Betty (or Elizabeth), of Waltham, m. John Frost, and Abigail, of Waltham, m. Cooper Frost. Lydia, prob. of Waltham, m. Amos Frost. Eunice, of Waltham, m. Noah Russell. See Wyman, 76. Benjamin, Jonathan, of Charlestown, and Anna Cutter of W. Camb. m. 8 Sept. 1811. Cutter (par. 24). Bennett, Martha, of Charlestown, and Samuel Hill of Camb. m. 13 Oct. 1765. Bent, Newell, and Betsey Kendall of Camb. m. 3 Oct. 1805. James M. and Martha T. Damon of Wayland, m. 3 June, 1838. [Newell Bent was a selectman of Cambridge, 1807, 1822-24, and representative, 1824-26.—--Paige. ] Berry. See Barry. Blackington, Israel, m. Abigail Russell, 13 Apr. 1755— marriage—fee one half dollar—had son, b. 16 May, 1755—perhaps Israel, who d. 27 Oct. 1809, a. 55; a dau. just born alive, 28 Oct. 1756; a son, b. 23 Dec. 1764—p