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George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), Chapter 8: (search)
es. society in Naples. Archbishop of Tarentum. Sir William Gell. society in Rome. Bunsen. Niebuhr. French, Russians, and Portuguese in Rome. Duchess of Devonshire. Bonaparte family. Florence. Countess of Albany. Mr. Ticknor arrived in Rome on the 2d of November, 1817, and left it for the North the 22d of March, 18f grand rout, called a conversazione, or accademia . . . . . Nothing can be more amusing than one of these farrago societies which I have seen at the Duchess of Devonshire's and Count Funchal's, the Portuguese Ambassador,—the east and west, the north and the south, . . . . all brought together to be pushed about a couple of hours winter. The greatest gayety was among them, and the greatest show, except that made by the diplomatic part of the beau monde. . . . . I went to the Duchess of Devonshire's conversaziones, as to a great exchange, to see who was in Rome, and to meet what is called the world. . . . . The Duchess is a good, respectable woman in her
George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), Chapter 13: (search)
bly. But it was neither in the Court circle at the Tuileries, nor in her own salon on Tuesdays, nor even at her Sunday dinners, that Mad. de Duras was to be seen in the character which those who most like and best understand her thought the most interesting. Once when I dined with her entirely alone, except her youngest daughter, and once when nobody but De Humboldt was there, I was positively bewitched with her conversation. One evening she made a delightful party for the Duchess of Devonshire, of only five or six persons, —my old friend the Viscount de Senonnes, Humboldt, Forbin, and two or three ladies; and Chateaubriand read a little romance on the Zegri and Abencerrages of Granada, full of descriptions glowing with poetry, like those of the environs of Naples in The Martyrs.. . . . Between four and six o'clock every day her door was open to a few persons, and this was the time all most liked to see her The Duchess de Duras published two graceful stories, Ourika, and Edoua
George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), Chapter 14: (search)
y was impoverished by the wars with Napoleon, if a professor at Jena appeared in his lecture-room with a new waistcoat, the students applauded him; and the old professor at Gottingen, who spoke of this, on being asked by Mr. Ticknor what occurred if a new coat made its appearance, exclaimed, Gott bewahre! such a thing never happened! Thomson, an elegant gentleman and scholar; and Morehead, at whose house I twice saw Dr. Alison, a dignified, mild, and gentlemanly man. Dugald Stewart was in Devonshire for his health, both mental and bodily; and, after him, I have but one person to mention, and him I must mention separately. I mean Walter Scott. He is, indeed, the lord of the ascendant now in Edinburgh, and well deserves to be, for I look upon him to be quite as remarkable in intercourse and conversation, as he is in any of his writings, even in his novels. He is now about forty-eight, fully six feet high, stout and well made, except in his feet, stoops a little, and besides that hi
George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), chapter 26 (search)
st, Madame, 146, 147. Davoust, Marechal, 146, 147. Davy, Dr., 271. Davy, Lady, 57, 128. Davy, Sir, Humphry, 54, 57, 60, 128, 152. Day, Professor, 14. Deaf-Mutes, teaching of, in Madrid, 196. De Bresson, 501. De Candolle, A. P. de, 154, 155. Decazes, Count (Duke), 253, 254, 256. De la Rive, President, 152-154, 156. Denison, Right Hon. Evelyn (Lord Ossington), 408 note. De Pradt, 257 and note, 263. De Saussure, Mad., 153. De Saussure, Mad. Necker, 155 and note. Devonshire. Duchess of, 177, 180, 255. Devrient, Emil, 483. Dexter, Samuel, 9, 10 note, 20, 39, 40, 41 note. Dickerson, Governor, 381. Dickinson, Dr., 412. Diederichstein, Baroness, 471. D'Israeli, I., 62. Dissen, Professor, 70, 95, 115, 121. D'Ivernois, Sir, Francis, 153, 155. Don, General, Sir George, 235 and note. Don Quixote, 186, 223. Douglas, Lady, 180. Downie, Sir, John, 238, 240, 241. Downshire, Dowager-Marchioness of, 258, 295, 296. Downshire, Marquess of, 296. Do