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(Union), Company H:--Geo. W. Eller; killed Feb. 10, 1863, in a personal difficulty, A frequent item in the Tennessee and Kentucky rolls. in Wayne Co., Ky. Fifth Tennessee Cavalry (Union), Company F:--J. N. Gilliam; killed near Tracy City, Tenn., by guerrillas, A frequent item in the Tennessee and kentucky rolls. Aug. 4, 1864. Eighteenth Wisconsin, Company B:--Redmond McGuire; killed April 10, 1862, in prison, by rebel guard, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Thirty-eighth Ohio, Company K:--Jacob Thomas; killed Nov. 17, 1861, by the falling of a tree, at Wild Cat, Ky. One Hundred and Sixty-second New York, Company E:--John Murphy; shot while endeavoring to escape the guard at New Orleans, April 5, 1863. Eighth New York, Company A:--A. Lohman; died of poison while on picket, by drinking from a bottle found at a deserted house. Thirtieth Wisconsin, Company C:--E. Olsen; killed in a draft riot, September 10, 1863, at New Lisbon, Wis. Eightieth New York, Company C:--John Edleman;
, Capt. Freeland, commanding.--Privates John A. Hutchins and Robert Falkner, killed; Private Wm. P. Haley, mortally wounded; Serg't Albert W. Pickett, Privates James Roman, Hiram W. Vickers, James Copley, Spencer B. Freeman, Silas Hutchins, Wm. Shamblee, John E. Davis, Allison S. Glenn, and Harrison Carden, severely wounded; Harrison Pickett and Owen W. Willett, slightly wounded. Company B, Capt. Avery, commanding.--Private Joshua M. Sorrell, mortally wounded; Privates J. R. Roberts, Jacob Thomas, Thos. L. Ollis, and J. C. Freeman, severely wounded; Capt. Isaac E. Avery, Serg't James E. Howell, Privates Joseph Boone, Tillman Vance, Anderson J. Davis, and Brice McGee, slightly wounded. Company F, Lieut. Carter, commanding.--Privates Jas. P. Stewart, and James Simpson, killed; privates W. P. White, mortally wounded; privates Eldridge G. Thompson and W. P. Gouge, severely wounded; private Jos. B. Thompson, ear shot off; and Jas. G. Watson, slightly wounded. Company G, Capt.
e the whistle sent forth its shrill sound, and the exiles were on their way. If young Driver, or, indeed, any of the above, fall in your way, fail not to make their acquaintance — they are all high toned, honorable men. The following were sent South on the 6th instant: ex-Gov. Neill S. Brown, Dr. John M. Watson, Dr. John Henry Currey and family, and Thomas Dedrick. Never did mortal man try more earnestly to be a Union man than Neill S. Brown, but the Union men would not permit it. They required too much — sale of body and soul. Wm. A. Gleeves, J. C. Wharton. Jacob Thomas, Dr. Thomas B. Buchanan, Harvey Adkins, and John Wesley Baker, were sent to Dixis on the 7th inst. Col. W. P. Bryan. Dr. J. S. Thomas, T. W. Barnes, Rev. J. S. Malons, Dr. J. S. Hudson, and Dr. Thomas Prince, were sent South of the Federal lines on Saturday. Mr. W. T. Hardy and family were also sent beyond the lines. Two or three families who had obtained permission to go South left on the same da