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mmons I. Baker, of Calhoun; McQueen McIntosh, of Fifth senatorial district; Thomas F. Henry, E. C. Love, of Gadsden; Abraham K. Allison, of Gadsden; John Beard, James Kirksey, of Leon; G. W. Parkhill, G. T. Ward, Wm. C. M. Davis, of Leon; Daniel Ladd, David Lewis, of Wakulla; Thompson B. Lamar, Thomas M. Palmer, of Jefferson; J. Patton Anderson, Wm. S. Dilsworth, of Jefferson; John C. McGehee, A. I. Lea, of Madison; W. H. Lever, of Taylor; E. P. Barrington, of Lafayette; Lewis A. Folsom, Joseph Thomas, of Hamilton; Green H. Hunter, James A. Newmans, of Columbia; A. J. T. Wright, unseated by John W. Jones, of Suwannee; Isaac C. Coon, of New River; John J. Lamb, of Thirteenth senatorial district; Joseph Finegan, Jas. G. Cooper, of Nassau; I. M. Daniel, of Duval; John P. Sanderson, of Sixteenth senatorial district; Matthew Solana, of St. John's; James O. Devall, of Putnam; Rhydon G. Mays, of Seventeenth senatorial district; John C. Pelot, J. B. Dawkins, of Alachua; James B. Owens, S. M.
uld not be brought in there. We after wards got the buggy and carried Mr. Taylor away. Joseph Thomas, sworn.--On the 11th of January I was at work for Mr. Taylor, when Bernard came there and ast and a negro man with him. Mr. Taylor was in an unusual flow of good spirits. Shortly after, Mr. Thomas came up. Saw Bernard's mare come into the wheat field. Taylor said to Thomas, run, Joe, and sThomas, run, Joe, and shut that gate. He did so. He then started back to the new stable. Mr. Bernard followed on behind him, walking hurriedly. He came around the new stable, walking up to the face of Mr. Taylor. Taylorould have expired, before I heard a report of a pistol in that direction. I said to Barnett and Thomas that somebody was shot. We all three put out for the house — I was a little in advance. On entntaining his position in the door with the pistol in hand. I immediately went after the buggy. Thomas, Barnett and myself, with the negro man, put him in the buggy and drove off. A. Thornton Carter.
unded. Captain Carter lead them until his horse was shot and his clothes torn in shreds from their balls. He remounted in a few moments. The others killed were Stephen Cornell, (leaves a wife [poor] and ten children,) J. H. Plaster, C. F. Dowell. Lang, and John Hicks, of Maryland. The others wounded were James Baker, of Middleburg, dangerously; L. P. Wilson, wounded, (taken prisoner and regained by the taking of fifteen Federal prisoners;) Grubb, Thos. Shamlin, Mr. Moore of Leesburg, Jos. Thomas, (not dangerously wounded,) Bird Carter. Missing — Willie Wilson, of Martins burg, horse killed, and supposed to be taken prisoner. The remnant of this brave little band are doing the duty equal to a whole company, within a few miles of the enemy below Fairfax. They had to be reinforced in horses, as six, besides those mentioned, were killed. I must close, though the bravery of all the Southern soldiers is a fitting theme for the troubadours of old to chant. A Southern Lady.
Arrests. --The civil police, yesterday, accomplished sundry arrests, among the number were Joseph Thomas, William Butler, and E. W. Childrey, for stealing two hats, worth $8, from George L. Betty, and Tim and Joanna Long, for buying stolen whiskey from two sailors belonging (according to the cage record) to the gunboat Rolley.
etting fire to the premises of her mistress, was continued — Wm. H. Ware, a soldier from Manchester, was brought up charged with threatening personal violence to Julius Levy. The disturbance was about the right of possession to a negro owned by Ware's children, hired to Levy, who had ran away and been recovered by the hirer. Defendant was dismissed.--Timothy and Joanna Long, accused of baying a lot of whiskey stolen by two sailors from the gunboat Raleigh, were acquitted.--Wm. living, Joseph Thomas, Jno. Baston, Wm. Butler, and E. W. Childrey, youthful candidates for the tread mill, were up for stealing two hats from G. L. Betty, Being too young to punish in the usual way, they were severally committed to jail in default of security for their good behavior. William, slave of John O. Taylor, was punished for having in his possession four pounds of sugar and a canteen of whiskey, supposed stolen, as nothing to the contrary appeared.--Jack, slave of Arthur Hopkins, was hauled up for
T. Emmett, in the First Market, last Wednesday. The testimony was sufficient to warrant the Mayor in committing him for examination before a called Court of Hustings, November 1st. It appears that Turpin enjoys some notoriety as "a picker-up of unconsidered trifles," as he stands charged on the Mayor's book with picking Thomas J. Stiff's pocket of $19, about one month since, and was on ball to answer that offence when he embarked in the last speculation recorded above. Mary A. and Joseph Thomas, who were summoned to Court at the instigation of Bridget McDonough for an alleged assault, were discharged, the complainant not appearing. Jamison Scott, who required the assistance of two crutches to enable him to get along, was charged with drunkenness and interfering with the marketmen at the First Market. As Scott could give no satisfactory reason for his conduct, he was compelled to subside into the prisoners' box, under the pressure of a demand for $150 bail for his good beh