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on, Jno D Findlayson, J S Massengale, J M Harman, Chas Lipsey. J O Thomas, Wm B Whitfield. wounded: Privates J S Bice, J M Corley, D L Erwin, A T Marin, Wm. S Phillips. A G Smith E C. Smith. J J Smith, E C Thomas, W H Veazey, J B Wilkinson. Company C--Killed: Privates Jas. Dpt. G A Nelson; privates Jos Byrnes, D Fettche, R N Overstreet, W P Thomas, N O Thomas, F M Trice, H N Wootan, Wm Williams. Company K--KiThomas, F M Trice, H N Wootan, Wm Williams. Company K--Killed: J M C Payne Wounded: 1st Lieut W C Townsend, slightly; 2nd Lieut T W Fitzgerald, slightly; 1st Sergeant W H Jones, mortally; 3rd Sergeanund. Adj't J H Capers, Company a, "Raymond Fencibles," Capt Thomas--John Watson and F J Kelly, killed. Wounded: F B Barton. W H Dle, Jr, Sgt J H M Jor , Corp'l R S Campbell, Privates B T Kelly, Wm Thomas, J W Redgill. J C Wilson, Ell M Riechbourg, R R Johnson, G W Wil J M Fry. Wounded severely: Privates D S Dickey, (and missing,) J T Thomas, Wm Richens, Joshua Ritchens, J P Nati, W C Reid, G Amy (Brown, Per
e "purpose of governing themselves and other printers employed and working as such in said city, and unlawfully and unjustly to extort great sums of money from the employing printers in said city, principally the proprietor of the Examiner." The indictment contains the names of the following parties, viz: Caspar Marston, J A Gibbs, R B Figg, J Q A Crane,--Keller,--Moore. J Robinson,--Verrel, T Seeders, Wm H Wade, J L Young, M Godwin, Richard Grantland, Jas Love, W C Nelson, Joseph Wiglesworth, T La Prade, Jos H Johnson, Jas H Walford, Isaac Crutchfield, M Hill, Thos Wynne, N G Smith, Geo J Austin. L Fore, Charles Ellis, Felix Tiller,--Robinson, (known as Captain Robinson,) Thos N Priddy, Nick Wells, Robert Tatty, and — McCann. The following other parties (not printers) were presented for misdemeanor, viz: Delia Reynolds, (2 cases,) Henry Myers, (1 case) The indictment against Wm Thomas was ignored. The Grand Jury adjourned for the term. The Court meets to-day at 11 o'clock.
The Daily Dispatch: May 13, 1863., [Electronic resource], List of Casualties in the battles near Fredericksburg. (search)
leons and one caisson; and the 4th company lost one Napoleon and one 12-pounder Howitzer. List of Killed and wounded in Col. E. P. Alexander's battalion of light artillery in the battles near Fredericksburg--1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th of May, 1863: company a, Capt. Jordan.--Killed: Privates W W Haydon, Samuel P March, and G Jeter. Wounded: Lieut J Donnell Smith, shoulder, slightly; Privates M H Sweeny, back, severely; Alex Mileron, leg, amputated; Jno Graves, leg, slightly; Wm Thomas, head, slightly; a Carmelo, leg, slightly; Joseph Hurt, arm, slightly. company B., Captain Moody.--Killed; none. Wounded: Privates J W Williams, back, slightly; James O'Leary, leg, slightly; John Brooks, thigh, severely; John Dennard, both thighs, severely; John Dennard, both thighs, severely; John Kennedy, leg, severely; shall Y Packett, arm, severely; Johnston, arm, slightly; Highland, neck, severely; Robt Gibson, hand, slightly; Pat McDonald, face, severely; Jno Edly, shoulder, sli
Death of old citizens of Memphis. --The Memphis Appeal publishes the following list of old citizens of Memphis who have died since the occupation of that city by the Federals: Jesse M Tate, John Y Bayless, Henry D Small, Josiah Horn, Esq. John Houston, Gabriel Smither, John Trigg, Jo Stoner, A O Harris, Thos W Hunt, O Murran, Dan Hughes, Bishop J H Otey, Rufus Joiner, Capt. Wm Wray, Elijah Cheek, John rannora, Knox Walker, Wm Thompson, Esq, James Royd, T J Crofferd, J E Morton, Person W Bryant, W C Hasselt, Matt Farrington, James Adams, C W Alexander, Mrs. Hurr, Mrs. Low Smith, Mrs. Wm Houston, Mrs. Miles Temple, Mrs. Austin Fowikes, Miles M Temple, D McCombs, Wm Thomas, Dr. J S Walker, S B Curtis, John W Todne, Duncan B Flerson, Nov. 1863; Wm A Blythe, Thomas James, Dec. 1863; John C McLemore, Feb. 1863; S Y Watson, Mrs. S Y Watson, Mrs. Cave, Mrs. W D Ferguson, Elijah Carter, Theodore Affrick, James Bora Sheppard, of the firm of Sheppard & Moore.