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The Daily Dispatch: November 9, 1861., [Electronic resource], Eight Months' campaigning and the result. (search)
was the first to enter, and was followed rapidly by others. The attack was from three sides, and after the second round from the fleet, the principal gun in our battery was dismounted. The engagement lasted five hours, and all the guns on the fort were dismounted, except two. As the forts were no longer tenable, the two remaining guns were dismounted, and the magazine arranged to be blown up when the enemy entered. The total loss of the Confederates was about 100. Sergeant F. Parkerson and private Heiss, of the Barry Infantry, were slightly wounded. In the Georgia Foresters company two are missing. In the Thomas County Volunteers, J. W. Fontaine is missing. In the Seventeenth Patriots, private Amos Thompson is missing, and also one of Capt. Radcliffe's company. General Drayton's aid was shot from his horse, and General Drayton was slightly wounded. Dispatches to the Charleston papers say that our batteries worked badly, while the Federal's firing was excellent.
n a vessel which would carry them to Secessia. Captain James, of the Eastern District, was placed in charge of the police posse by Deputy. Marshal c Phall, and proceeded about nine o'clock that night to the house, which they surrounded. A number of those in the house succeed ed in effecting their escape, but the following named parties (some of whom were in the North Point party arrested last June and subsequently discharged,) were taken into custody: John Clark, Edwin J. Clocker Amos Thompson, Jacob Smith, William Hoffman; Henry W. Ford, William Perry, John Watts, P. J. Swangler,--Ford, John Baldwin, Richard Stmpon, Willtan, Gross, John Coleman, Julius S. Bradford, Herman Stung, Patrick O'Rrten, J. F. Swatnisnec Weaver, Edward H. McCarthy, Jams Russell, John Fitzpatrick, David Some and Jack Hays, twenty-five in number They were all taken to the Eastern Pol Station, where they are at present detaine Interesting from Cairo — movement of the great expedition Southward;
g. Cavaly. Wm. W. Snyder, John W. Thompson, Wm. W. Benson, David H. Campbell, Otho M. Bird, D. C. Gibson, 31st Va. regiment. Leon Draifouse, Henrico Dragoons. Hume Young, Newton Battalion. George W. Russell, 8th Va. Cavalry. N. S. Ward, F. M. Franks, 12th Ga. reg. John B. Lusby, J. S. Harris, 3d Ark. reg. Wm. H. Gibson, 25th Va. reg., Sergeant Major. Charles B. Carter, A. R. Sillings, Pendleton Sheflet, Samuel Moses, Geo. A. Coyner, Matthew Able, 52d Va. reg. Amos Thompson, L. Rexroad, D. C. Gibson, Jacob Arbogast, Francis M, Connelly, A. H. James, Thomas B. Johnson, Perre M. Talbot, James M. Golden, James W. Chew, 31st Va. reg. Person Whitsel, James Sowder, Elijah Tuseing, John H. Guyger, Sol. Simmons, Wm. P. Miller, McDonald's Cavalry. Jos. J. Dunn, --Va. reg. Martin Stoner, --Va. reg. James J. Blankinship, Jas. H. Hall, Wm. Paugh, Hansborough's Battalion. Hugh McGuain, 25th Va. Reg. Wm. Lanier, Wm. L. Forbort, 12th Ga. Regiment.