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ion recurred on Wednesday evening, July 3. The following essays were read: "The thorn is Often Picked for the Rose," Miss Lydia A. Barnes, Hertford county; "Life a Journey." Miss Helena, I. Spiers, Murfreesboro'; "The Golden Key Unlocks Every Door," Miss Rosa D. Stargell, Northampton county; "The Contemplation of Nature Favorable to the Virtues," Miss Mattie E. Long, Hertford, Perqm's county; "Hamiray of True Greatness,"Miss Alice R. Parker, Sussex county, Va.; "The True Pastric," Miss Anne Thompson, Murfreesboro', " A Lave for the Heaudtut, " Miss Alice P. Stancell, Northasapton; " I slept and Dreamed that Life was Beauty, I Woke and Found that it was Duty, " Miss Zenie Lassiter, Murfreesboro'; "Be if Ever so Humble, There's so Flae Like Home, " Miss Mary E. Powell, Perris county, " Suffering the Source and Theatre of Woman's Virtues," Miss Penelope L. Simpson, Chewan county. These were highly creditable to the young ladies of the graduating class. The valedictory of the Pr
Interrupting a white Woman in the street. --Miss Anne Thompson, a woman of loose character, made complaint before the Mayor yesterday, against Anne Dean, a mulatto woman of the same stamp, for "jostling" and otherwise interrupting her in the street, Miss T., made that the three or four months, whenever she would meet the accused she would run against her, and very recently they had met in the Post-office when Dean again jostled her, besides using very insulting and abusive language towaraking complaint she went to the house of the accused and warned her against any further repetition of the offence, upon the penalty of a recourse to the law. Upon doing so, Dean replied that she did not care for any white person and dared Miss. Thompson to have her up. Mr. Crane, counsel for the defence, called upon several gentlemen, who had known his client for years, to testify to her good reputation, all of whom spoke of her in favorable terms. The Mayor, desiring to make further
Postponed. --The case of Henry Hungerford, charged with keeping a faro bank in violation of the laws of the laws of the Commonwealth, and whose examination had been on a further occasion adjourned over to yesterday morning, was again postponed till Tuesday next. The Mayor postponed giving his decision till to day in the case of Anne Dean, a mulatto woman, charged with interrupting Miss Anne Thompson, a white woman, in the street a few days since.
Appeal taken. --The Mayor yesterday rendered as his decision in the case of Ann Dean, a negro cyprian, charged with interrupting Miss Anne Thompson a white woman of loose reputation, a few days since, that she should receive five lashes. He had held the matter under advisement for a few days, in order that he might examine into legal authority, and, having done so, he could not do otherwise than order her to be punished. The question with him was not as to the relative good character of the two women, (for he was free to confess that for orderly behavior and general good deportment Dean stood much higher than her white accuser,) but whether the charge had been proved in fact. He (the Mayor) thought it had been, and he therefore felt bound to deal with her as he would with any other negro arraigned before him on a similar accusation. If the counsel for the accused desired to take an appeal to the Hustings Court, he would cheerfully grant it. An appeal was therefore taken, and