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m. Lydia Francis. Nov. 24, 1779.Abigail Tufts, m. Joshua Symonds, jun. May 23, 1781.Sarah Tufts, m. Asa Richardson, of Billerica. Mar. 31, 1783.Abigail Tufts, m. Joseph Tufts, of Charlestown. Sept. 30, 1784.Rebecca Tufts, m. John Blanchard. Dec. 16, 1784.Esther Tufts, m. Hezekiah Blanchard, jun. Jan. 13, 1785.Jonathan Tufts, m. Deborah Bucknam. June 12, 1785.Francis Tufts, m. Hannah Greenleaf. Mar. 9, 1786.Elizabeth Tufts, m. Edmund T. Gates. Jan. 22, 1789.Nathan, jun. Tufts, m. Mary Thompson. July 27, 1790.Elizabeth Tufts, m. David Parker, of Cambridge. July 9, 1792.Joseph, jun. Tufts, m. Sarah Turner. Jan. 6, 1793.Lydia Tufts, m. John Albree, of Salem. Nov. 10, 1793.Simon Tufts, m. Susanna Hickling Cox. July 12, 1795.Mrs. Elizabeth Tufts, m. Duncan Ingraham, of Concord. Oct. 4, 1795.Mary Tufts, m. Benjamin Reed. Jan. 8, 1797.Joseph, jun. Tufts, m. Nancy Bucknam. Apr. 26, 1798.Lydia Hall Tufts, m. Isaac Floyd. Nov. 16, 1797.Isaac Tufts, m. Ann Tufts. Apr. 23, 1799.
Cutter, $60; Samuel Bigelow, $150; and (in February) Samuel Barrett, $150. Seven primary schools went into effect May 16, 1825. They were located according to the recommendation of last year. For the first time we are permitted to give the names of the primary teachers of Charlestown, for up to this date, except for a brief period about 1813, these schools were of a private character, and the mistresses depended upon their patrons for reimbursement. They were: Mrs. Polly Jaquith, Mrs. Mary Thompson, Mrs. Hannah Rea, Mrs. Mary Walker, Miss Lucy Wyman (succeeded by Miss Rebecca French), Miss Adeline Hyde, and Miss Roxanna Jones. The whole number in these schools was 445; present at the examinations, 385. The trustees are free to declare their belief that the benefit of these institutions will fully meet the most sanguine anticipations of their friends. The children are put upon a regular course of instruction, alike in all these schools, and are kept in good order. The trustees
3. Sycamore Street, 60, 87. Sylvester, Caroline M., 92, 96, 99. Symmes, Mary B., 82. Tandy, A. S., 15. Tappan, L., 13. Taylor, J., 12. Teel, Jonathan, 14. Teel, Jonathan, Jr., 14. Teel, S. P., 13. Teel, T., 14. Temple, Sir, Robert, 89. Temple Street, 89, 90. Ten Hills Farm, 89. Tenney, R. G., 46, 47, 48, 82. Testament, The New, 25, 98. Thayer, Zeba, 12. Thompson, Dr. A. R., 94. Thompson, Benjamin, 48. Thomson, C., 14. Thompson, Charles, 48, 49, 71, 74, 75. Thompson, Mrs., Mary, 17. Thorning, I., 14. Thurston, A., 15. Thurston Street, 88. Tidd, Charles, 19. Titus, Rev., Anson, 53. Titus, D., 15. Torry, , 13. Town Hill, 21, 82. Town Hill School, 51, 70, 71, 73. Town House, 78. Track, Benjamin, 82. Training Field, 22, 23, 81, 82. Training Field School, 51, 70, 71. Tube Works, 57. Tufts, Abby, 97. Tufts, Amos, 67. Tufts, Asa, 10. Tufts, Asa, 2nd, 11. Tufts, Benjamin, 12. Tufts, Bernard, 10. Tufts, Bowan A., 16, 21. Tufts, Charles
Police matters. --At the Police Court, yesterday, Sarah, slave of J. T. Bowen, was sent on to answer the charge of stealing a gold ring, worth $30.--Milly, a negro woman, employed by Miss Mary Thompson, was charged wish stealing three dresses from her mistress and a get of Jewelry, She, too, was sent on for trial.
oe. Miscellaneous. A Fredericksburg correspondent of the Herald, under date of August 17, says Gen. Burnside has inaugurated the assumption of his command in that vicinity with prompt measures to repress the command which in progress between Richmond and the rebel sympathizers. On the morning of the 15th, the following Marylanders, who were endeavoring to make their way to Richmond, were captured: A. Gives, M. E. Haines, W. H. Archer, John L. Welch, G. R. Hodges, W. S. Winder, M. Thompson, H. Barch, E. K, Goldsborough, Lloyd Lownders. Albert Mudd, George Mudd and G. C. Burch. T. M. Hodges and two others. escaped. Dispatches from New Orleans announce the death of Connnander Thomas Wainwright, of the U. S. sloop of war Hartford. Old Abe has just made the following appointments: Brigadier General H. G. Wright, of the United States Engineers, to be a Major-General; Col. Michael Corcoran, of the 69th New York Militia, to be a Brigadier-General; Col Orlando N. Wilcox,