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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Volume 2., The opposing forces at the Second Bull Run. August 16th-September 2d, 1862. (search)
. Alfred A. Donalds (m w), Capt. M. William Burns; 74th N. Y., Maj. Edward L. Price. Brigade loss: k, 47; w, 217; m, 65 = 329. Third Brigade, Col. Joseph B. Carr: 2d N. Y., Capt. Sidney W. Park; 5th N. J., Lieut.-Col. William J. Sewell; 6th N. J., Col. Gershom Mott (w), Lieut.-Col. George C. Burling; 7th N. J., Col. Joseph W. Revere; 8th N. J., Lieut.-Col. William Ward (w), Capt. John Tuite (k), Capt. George Hoffman, Capt. Oliver S. Johnson, Capt. Daniel Blauvelt, Jr.; 115th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Robert Thompson. Brigade loss: k, 48; w, 238; m, 107 = 393. Unattached: 6th Me. Battery, Capt. Freeman McGilvery. Loss; k, 4; w, 9; i, 5 == 18. Fifth Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. Fitz-John Porter. first division, Maj.-Gen. George W. Morell. First Brigade, Col. Charles W. Roberts: 2d Me., Maj. Daniel F. Sargent; 18th Mass., Capt. Stephen Thomas, Maj. Joseph Hayes; 22d Mass. (not in action), Capt. Mason W. Burt; 13th N. Y., Col. Elisha G. Marshall; 25th N. Y., Col. Charles A. Johnson; 1st Mich., Co
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
,Zzz=Co. C. W. R. Griffin,Zzz=Co. C. S. Garrett,Zzz=Co. C. W. J. McCullens,Zzz=Co. C. W. B. Moon,Zzz=Co. C. R. B. Moon,Zzz=Co. C. B. S. Moore,Zzz=Co. C. W. Prince,Zzz=Co. C. J. Roberts,Zzz=Co. C. B. Still, Sr.,Zzz=Co. C. S. M. Still,Zzz=Co. C. J. M. Still,Zzz=Co. C. J. L. Smith,Zzz=Co. C. A. J. Stevens,Zzz=Co. C. W. J. Soball,Zzz=Co. C. W. C. Thomas,Zzz=Co. C. G. W. Upshaw,Zzz=Co. C. R. A. Upshaw,Zzz=Co. C. W. C. Webb,Zzz=Co. C. 1st Sergeant A. H. Smith,Co. D 2d Sergeant Robert Thompson,Zzz=Co. D. 4th Sergeant M. H. Murry,Zzz=Co. D. 5th Sergeant R. H. Murry,Zzz=Co. D. 2d Corporal B. H. Burnahue,Zzz=Co. D. Private T. E. M. Brown,Zzz=Co. D. L. Biddle,Zzz=Co. D. J. Cherry,Zzz=Co. D. R. K. Conelly,Zzz=Co. D. H. M. Gill,Zzz=Co. D. T. J. Jones,Zzz=Co. D. D. Mashburn,Zzz=Co. D. F. T. Fennille,Zzz=Co. D. W. P. Watts,Zzz=Co. D. 2d Sergeant B. F. Powledge,Co. E 2d Corporal R. W. Higgins,Co. G. Private E. A. Beard,Zzz=Co. G. W. B. Bennett,Zzz=Co. G. H. L.
co K, 29th N C, shoulder. Span, James, co F, 11th Miss, abdomen and skull. Turner, H J, co H, 19th Ga, hand. Toutin, W R, co B, 2d Fla, chest. Thomas, Mullen, Sergt Major, 11th Miss, thigh. Turnage, G W, co C, 7th Tenn, thigh. Thompson, G A, co H, 7th Tenn. Turner, J M, co B, 4th N C, arm. Thomas, W O, co D, 8th Va, thigh. Tripp, Jas A, co H, 1st Tenn, arm and leg. Wright, G H, co A, 49th Va, wrist and back. Wetson, W B, Lieut, 2d Fla, leg, flesh. Wind, R M, co el Doteson, wounded; Corp'l Henderson Martin and Privates Forester and John Carter, missing. Total--3 wounded and 3 missing. Company I--Privates E J Hemphill, W A Cravin, H H Reins, killed; Privates Wm McSmith, Robert Lonnidus, W A Todd, Robert Thompson, Jonathan Hiebig, wounded; Privates D Faulkner, Kelley, Latham, Wm Rowlin, Steadman Williams, R F Redding, A F Hollis, William Mitchell, missing; also, Sidney Alford and John Latham, wounded. Total--3 killed, 7 wounded, and 7 missing. Co
Robbery in Petersburg. --William Parker and J. B. Ciala have been arrested in Petersburg as implicated in a recent heavy robbery of the store of Messrs. Howell & Thompson, in that city. The madus operendi of the thieves is thus explained by the Express: On Monday afternoon two men entered the above-named store, and one of them requested permission of the proprietor to write a letter, asking at the same time for a piece of blank paper on which to write. The request was acceded to in the most gentlemanly manner, and the follow walked to the desk behind the counter to write his epistle. A few minutes afterwards a third party came in and asked to see some flour. This being in the back part of the store, the proprietor took him back, where he was detained some time in showing his stock. In the meantime the one who was ostensibly writing the letter took occasion to rifle the money drawer of its contents, amounting to over $1,000. The plan of robbing was a very well arranged
s of ammunition and army stores. We shall hear of that glorious leader before the young moon has begun to wane, and the tidings will be delightful to the patriot heart. The skill of our Generals, and the dauntless and impetuous valor of the men who comprised the splendid army that drove Buell's command to the banks of the river, has infused a wholesome fear into the bosom of Halleck, and he hesitates long, dreading to encounter such men again under the leadership of Beauregard, Bragg, Thompson, VanDorr, Polk, and Breckinridge. And unable to thin the compact ranks that stand burning to avenge countless and atrocious wrongs, and maintain a righteous cause, Halleck writes his name on the roll of eternal infamy by attempting to reduce the number of the brave defenders of their soil and homes through the agency of a fatal and loathsome malady. The swords of our partizan chiefs have not grown rusty in their scabbards. Morgan and Scott, and other brave and active spirits, have be
Rivers, David Besnor, Jas Brickell, Wm Mallison, Geo Whit- 2d Lieut Dan'l P Latham, Serg't Major F Williamson, Henry C Cutler, Privates Wm T Haggard, John Latham, John Hawkins, Asa Johnson, Isaac Meekins, Isaac S Swindell, Appleton Squires, Dan'l Briley, Geo W Mears, Henry Cutler, Stephen H Whitley Joshua W Silversthorn, Langly Power, Thes Merry, James E Hodges, Moses Wooderd, George D Jefferson, Redding L Legg- Hautzy Hodges. Company F.--Wounded: Lt John W Detham, thigh: 2d Lt Thos E Thompson, head Sg'ts Wm R Hansell, thigh; Robt R Lancaster, hip; Corp'l Wm V Stephens, arm; Thos B Smith, breast; Henry M Warren, arm, Privates Jas T Atkinson, leg; Barnyard Barnes, shoulder and arm; Geo B Battle, head, Wiky Farmer, arm; Jas C Farmer, arm and shoulder; Jonathan D Farmer, leg; Wm L Mean jaw; Rheston Marler, arm; Andrew J Robertson, arm; Abram H Sharpe, head and back Seth H Scott, hip; Zebulon M P Stewart, arm Bryant Stokes, ide; Joel Taylor, hand, Alfred Thomas, both shoulders; Benj
Large Families in the army. --Mr. Snead, living near Stone Mountain, Georgia, has six sons in the Confederate army; Mr. Robt. Thompson, of Henry county, and Mrs. Sarah Manghan, of Walton county, Georgia, have each eight sons serving their country in camp or field; and Mrs. L. White, living near LaGrange, in the same State, has six sons and two sons-in-law, all soldiers. Mrs. White's sister, who lives in Western Texas, has eleven sons and two sons-in-law in the Confederate service.
the following named Members of this company (three of whom are substitutes) are absent without leave, and are believed to be in Richmond, Va. They are hereby ordered to report to me immediately, in camp at chaffin's farm, Gen Henry A. Wise's headquarters. Failing to do so, they will be advertised as deserters, and, when arrested, dealt with as such: John Sheehan, Robert Thompson, J. Donahoe, John Fitzgerald, John Channing, W. Divin, Patrick Martin, Jas. D. Boyd. G. A. Wallace, Capt. Richmond Light Guard, Wise Brigade. oc 14--ts
ts. From the boarding house of James Sexton, on 17th street, between Broad and Marshall, the police brought up, besides the proprietor, John Quinn, Jos Knight, John Dresden, Jeff. Flannagan, Wm. Gordon, Francis McMahon, Rowland Corbin, Wm. Jones, Wm. Conway, Wm. Wathins, Wm. Riley, John McDonald, and Dennis O'Brien; and from the house of Jas. J. Cox, 9th street, below Main, (a few days since) John H Baldwin, William Conley, George Johnson, William Farrar, John Anderson, Simon Licbick. Robert Thompson, John Kelley, James Murdy, Pat. Keenan, George Dote, and William Breetlan.--None of the parties are citizens of Richmond, but came from different points of the Confederacy, either in the possession of the enemy, or threatened by him. All had three of those arrested at Sexton's showed that they were either employed, and obtained visible means of support in that way, or were discharged soldiers, waiting like Wilkins Macawher, for "something to turn up." Those who could give no satisfactor
The Chain Gang. --The Mayor on Saturday last re-established this long dormant but institution by voting in for ninety days John Ellen, Wm. Coney. Ro. Thompson, and Simon Lachick, men arrested as vagrants who could not show the fact that they had any "visible means of support."
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