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Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Documents and Narratives, Volume 4. (ed. Frank Moore), Doc. 104 1/2.-capture of Union City, Tenn. (search)
e, who is blacker than a stormy midnight, remarked to another ebony damsel in my hearing, that Dem Yankees is a heap better lookina dan de Suthen fellows! She further remarked that she was gwine to hev a dress made of red, white and blue, which, of course, would be a compliment of the highest character to the National cause, and together with black, would afford a highly artistic grouping of colors. The rebel force holding this place was composed as follows: Twenty-first Tennessee, Lieut.-Col. Tilman, and seven companies of cavalry, Lieut.-Col. Jackson. The Twenty-first Tennessee numbered six hundred and sixteen men, and is the regiment formerly commanded by Col. Pickett. The cavalry was commanded by Col. Logwood, but since the affair at Columbus, he from some cause, has concluded to resign. The entire force, in round numbers, was about one thousand men. The infantry were well armed, having in a majority of cases either Minie muskets or French rifles; the cavalry had sabres, c
utenant Craig, Twenty-eighth. Among the wounded were Cols. John H. Anderson, Eighth; D. M. Donnell, Sixteenth; Maj. Thomas G. Randle, Captains Puryear, Cullum and Pond, and Lieutenants Cunningham, Leonard, Fiynt and Shaw, Eighth; Lieutenants Potter, Owen, Fisher and Worthington, Sixteenth; Captain McDonald and Lieutenants Apple, Danley and Taylor, Twenty-eighth; Adjutant Caruthers, Lieutenants Banks and Ridout, Thirty-eighth; and Captain Burton, Lieutenants Billings, Chester, White, Haynie, Tilman, Fifty-first and Fifty-second. During the battle of the 19th the Twenty-sixth Tennessee wavered for a moment (as reported by General Cheatham), and seemed to be in the act of falling back, when the intrepid Col. S. S. Stanton seized the colors of his regiment and, rushing to the front, called his men to follow him. Inspired by this heroic example, the regiment reformed on the colors and at once recovered the lost ground. While the flag was in the hands of Colonel Stanton it was pierced
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 12. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Operations from the 6th to the 11th of May, 1864—Report of General B. R. Johnson. (search)
forces went as far north as Chester. During the 8th and the morning of the 9th our troops were engaged in constructing a good line of rifle pits with batteries under the supervision of Col. Harris. Hagood's brigade was posted on the left, covering the turnpike bridge, and extending well out on either side. A detachment from this brigade and a section of artillery occupied Brander's bridge on the extreme left. McKathen's Fifty-first North Carolina regiment covered the railroad bridge, and Tilman's brigade was posted on the right, covering Level Ford and adjacent grounds. Some eighteen pieces of artillery, consisting of Hankin's, Payne's, Owen's and Martin's batteries, were distributed along our lines mainly at the fords and bridges. From the Forty-fourth Tennessee regiment, Johnson's brigade, twenty-two men and three sergeants, under Lieutenant F. M. Kelso, were detached to man the heavy artillery in Fort Clifton, where Captain S. J. Martin commanded. At 9 o'clock A. M. on t
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
Surgeon. Assigned to duty by General Wharton, Jan. 1, ‘63. March 31, ‘63, 2d Georgia Cavalry. Lawrence, Adolphus Alexander, Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War, May 14, ‘63, to rank from May 14, ‘63. Passed Board at Richmond Sept. 1, ‘62. June 31, ‘63, 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th Texas Regiments, Aug. 6, ‘63, relieved from 24th Texas and ordered to report to F. A. Ramsey, Sept. 30, ‘63, 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th Texas Regiments, April 30, ‘64, 24th and 25th Texas Regiments. Layton, Tilman M., Assistant Surgeon. Aug. 31, ‘63, 8th Georgia Battalion, April 31, ‘64, no change. Lawrence, A. H., Surgeon. Sept. 15, ‘63, relieved from Buckner's Corps and ordered to report to Regiment commander, by Colonel F. C. Wilkes, Oct. 31, ‘63, 17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th Texas Regiments. Lee, Thos. F., Surgeon. Passed Board at Murfreesboro, Dec. 10, ‘62. Dec. 31, ‘62, on duty at Dalton. Lee, Wm. States, Assistant Surgeon. Passed Board A. W., Aug. 22, ‘62. De
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.39 (search)
xerted for good amongst the officers and men, is illustrated by an incident which is worthy to be recorded amidst the feats of heroes. A private by the name of Tilman, in the regiment, had on several occasions attracted General MacRae's favorable attention and, at his request, was attached to the color guard. Tilman's name wasTilman's name was also honorably mentioned in the orders of the day from brigade headquarters. Soon thereafter, in front of Petersburg, the regiment became severely engaged with the enemy and suffered heavy loss. The flag several times fell, as its bearers were shot down in quick succession. Tilman seized it and again carried it to the front.Tilman seized it and again carried it to the front. It was but an instant and he, too, fell. As one of his comrades stooped to raise the flag again, the dying soldier touched him, and in tones made weak by the approach of death, said, Tell the General I died with the flag. The tender memories and happy associations connected with his boyhood's home faded from his vision as he r
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
outh, Righteous Cause of the, 357. Spinola Family, The. 188. Spotsylvania C. H., Battle of, 170, 261, 340. Sprunt, Hon., James, 378. Starke, Colonel A. W, 3, 4 Stedman, Charles M., 334. Stewart, Colonel W. H., 77, 285. Stiles, Major, Robert, 39. Strange, Major, James, 135. Streight, Colonel A. D., Capture of, 45. Stribling, Robert M., 67. Sumter, Fort, 131. Sussex Light Dragoons, Roll of, 273. Tabb, Colonel W. B., 3, 17. Taft, A. W, 130. Thomas, Hon. W. M., 222. Tilman, Heroism of Color-Bearer, 345. Tupper, Lieutenant F., killed, 42. Turner, Lieutenant J. M., 41. Tyler, President, John, 321. Tyrrell, Henry, 77. Valley Campaign, Jackson's, 103. Volunteer Soldier, The, 103. Von Browaer, Baron, 181. Waggaman, Colonel, Eugene, 10th Louisiana Infantry, sketch of, 180. Wall, H. C., 151. Wallace, General W. H., 15. Watterson, Henry, 18. Washington, Colonel L. Q., 193. Waterloo, Battle of, 219. Watkins, Major H. C., 5. West Virginia
the firing of the pickets. About ten minutes afterwards the enemy planted their guns in sight, and within one hundred yards of Col. Jackson's headquarters, supported on either side by their cavalry, consisting of two battalions. It seems that neither Col. Pickett or Col, Jackson were aware of the presence of the enemy until their rifled twelve pounders were fired. The cavalry could not form, being at ones thrown into confusion. Col. Pickett by this time sent three messengers to Lieut-Col. Tilman, with orders to form the regiment and march down to the depot. No answer being brought him, he himself mounted and started to go to the regiment, when he was met by Major Cole, one of the messengers, and informed that the men were routed and scattered. Another officer also told him that he could not get ten men together. Colonel F. endeavored to rally the fleeing men, but, finding it useless, he ordered them to follow him into the woods and rally there; but the rout continued in the
h Guards,"--Killed: Sergeants J B Farrar, H W K Davis; Private C C North. Wounded: Serg't P H Pollard; Private Thos North. Company H. "Amelia Minute Men."--Killed. Lt W T Robertson, Sergt J Y Taylor, Corp'l J B Fryser. Private D S Shoemaker. Wounded: Corp'l P L Burton, in both legs, Privates R E Warren; B E Morris, in hip; W W Motley, in foot; Jos Gibbs, in leg; Jas R Holt, slightly, in abdomen. Company I. "Mossingford Rifles."--Killed: Corp'l A T Sullivan, Private E A Carey. Wounded: Sergt J W Thomas, in both arms; Sergt R B Garland, in hand, Corp'ls John T Smith, in shoulder; W G Thomas, in shoulder; Privates F F Cardwell, in leg; J W Thomas, in hip; E B Anderson, in thigh, W T Newcomb, in hip; Travis Newcomb, in side. Company K, "Fluvanna Rifle Grays."--Killed Private Dan'l Bashaw. Wounded: Lieut J M Hardin, Serg't S G Kidd, R A Blackburn, Corp'l J M Haldip, Private N. L Johnson, Lieut J M Hughes, Corp'l W G Pettit, Privates J W Tilman, J G Thomas, S L Priall.
ses came up for examination: The trial of a negro named Bob, charged with stealing a trunk and one knapsack, valued at $200, from A. Amacke, was postponed for the want of witnesses till this morning. James H. Wilson, alias James Toombs, was arraigned for feloniously stealing a horse from in front of Col. G. W. Stephens's office some time since. The witnesses in the case not being present when it was called, His Honor adjourned the examination till this morning. Lucy and William, slaves, were ordered to be whipped for walking the streets after hours without proper passes. Tilman, slave of Thomas P. Lambert, reported to be an escaped workman from the batteries around Richmond, was ordered to be taken to Col. Stephens, and again assigned to the duty from which he had absented himself. Pinkey, slave of R. B. Woodward, charged with using insolent and threatening language towards Mrs. Sarah Selden, was ordered to be whipped to the extent which the law will permit.