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ptain of the slave brig Storm King, captured off the coast of Africa, by the United States steamer San Jacinto, was commenced yesterday before Judge Halyburton, in the Federal Court. P. H. Aylett for the United States, Messrs. L. H. Chandler and A. J. Crane for the defence. The following jury was sworn: A. S. Storrs, John M. Francisco, Jas. B. Smith, William Christian, Robert S. Pollard, J. C. Courtney, Evan F. Ragland, W. W. Snead, L. W. Glazebrook, A. O. Jones, Jas. Phillips and George Timberlake. The prisoner is a man somewhat past the middle age of life, of genteel appearance, and with a very limited knowledge of the English language. Mr. Aylett, U. S. Attorney, opened the case, stating what the Government expected to prove, and Mr. Crane made a brief rejoinder. The examination of witnesses then proceeded, as follows: Lieut. A. K. Hughes, U. S. N.--Sworn.--I was with the steamer San Jacinto on her last cruise on the coast of Africa, and boarded the brig S
The Daily Dispatch: February 7, 1861., [Electronic resource], Boston courtesy to a Southern merchant. (search)
Called Court. --A special session of the Court of Hustings was held yesterday. Present--Aldermen Sanxay, Hill, Regnault, Beveridge, Bray and Timberlake. Dan'l. W. Lee and Robert Brannan, charged with stabbing John Burns with intent to kill, and breaking into the house of Robert England and assaulting his wife, were arragned for examination; and the Court having heard the evidence, sent the prisoners on to be tried before Judge Lyons, at the next term of his Court. The prisoners were admitted to bail in the sum of $300 each.
named Oliver Crossmore, who seemed to be master of ceremonies. One negro clambered up the chimney, and would, perhaps, have been suffocated had he not been discovered.--Various evidences of the lottery business were observed, and some taken possession of. The entire party were taken to the second station-house. Crossmore, who is charged with selling tickets and chances in a lottery, and associating with slaves in an unlawful assembly, was afterwards admitted to bail in $500, for his appearance before the Mayor this morning. The negroes arrested are: Reuben Pleasant, free; Henry, Tom and Edgar, slaves of Jas. A. Scott; Henry, slave of Geo. Timberlake; George, slave of John Freeland; Henly, slave of T. B. Grundy; Preston, slave of Jas. Pleasants; Clem, slave of Wm. H. Haxall; Phabious, slave of Edward Rawlings; Lewis, slave of L. Brander; Caleb, free; and William, slave of John Priddy. Part of these colored speculators were punished and discharged; the others were held for Court.
Notice. --As my term of service will expire on the 21st of April, I wish to raise a Volunteer Company, on or before that time, to be mustered into service for the war, or two years. Those who wish to join, can do so by calling on Capt. D. W. Saunders, at the old stand of George Timberlake & Son, on Brook Avenue. David B. Jones, fe 22--18t* Company "F," of Richmond.
wn. Twenty-five recruits are wanted to fill up an Infantry Company attached to Colonel Godwin's regiment. Apply to G. W. Gilliam, in rear of this office. W. N. Coffin, S. S. Nicholas, and W. P. Woodruff, are enlisting men by authority of the Secretary of War, to man a battery at Yorktown. All of these gentlemen have been under fire during the present war, so no soldier can go amiss in joining them. Capt. D. B. Jones, of Company F, is raising a company for two years' service. Applicants can apply to Capt. D. W. Saunders, Geo. Timberlake's old stand, Brock Avenue. Marmaduke Johnson, and other gentlemen associated with him, are raising what they intend shall he a "crack" company. For particulars inquire at the Law Building. We give the above to show what our people are doing in the great drama in which many have so unexpectedly been called on to assume parts. There are many other companies in progress, but we have included all that we can now call to mind.
Slaves going at large. --The Hustings Court yesterday fined Reuben Roane $10 and costs for allowing his slave Moses to go at large, and dismissed cases pending against George Timberlake and Frederick Kell for permitting the same infractions of law by slaves owned by them.
Mayor's court --Recorder James K Caskie presiding--Jim, slave of Thomas Owings, was charged with obtaining, under false pretences, $20 from Robert, slave of Virginia Mosby, and $30 from Henry, slave of George Timberlake. Jim forged orders for the money he received. The Recorder ordered him to receive thirty-nine lashes on Saturday and thirty-nine more this morning. Samuel Laidy, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct in the street, was fined five dollars and then escorted by one of the police to the Provost marshal's office. John Maxwell, charged with trespassing upon the premises of Jesse Hutcheson and breaking the window blinds from his house, was held to security in the sum of $300 for his future good behavior. Brown and White were charged with giving Ethiopian performances at the Varieties without obtaining do so. Brown proved that he was in was altogether under the management of Mr. White. He was therefore discharged, and White was fined $20.
beef, valued at four hundred dollars, the property of Robert A. Armistead, he well-knowing the same to have been stolen. Robert W. McGee was charged with entering the house of Sterling Harris, a free negro, in the night time, under false representations, with the intention to rob. He was sent to the Soldiers' Home to be forwarded to his command. Caroline Wood was fined ten dollars for permitting her slave to go at large. The cases of Ellen Mitchell and Kate Swords, charged with stealing clothing, were continued till the 7th instant. Lucian Sizer and George Timberlake were each fined ten dollars for running wagons on the streets without first obtaining licenses. Joe Harris, James Brown and Jones Brown, free negroes, and William Gray, slave of William Greanor, charged with attempting to run off a number of negroes to the Yankees, were remanded for examination before the Hustings Court. William Henry, slave of John Cox, was committed to jail as a runaway.
Castle Thunder items. --Since our last report, the following commitments have been made to Castle Thunder: J. Crane, Fifth Louisiana, and Thomas Quinn, Fourteenth Louisiana, charged with robbing a paroled soldier. Andrew Redford, Fifteenth Virginia, and Thomas Jordan, a detailed conscript at the navy-yard, charged with attempting to escape to the enemy. A member of the First Michigan cavalry, named Walter Terrell, was committed upon suspicion of being a spy. Also, the following runaway negroes, who were recaptured from the Yankees: Peter, slave of George Timberlake, of Richmond; Charles, slave of C. W. Maupin, of Louisa county, Virginia; Lindsey, slave of Mrs. Bettie Roberts, of Nelson, county, Virginia; Taylor Martin, slave of Daniel Kennedy, of Charlottesville; Jack, slave of John H. Coleman, of Albemarle, and Tom, slave of Charles Boswell, of Fluvanna, Virginia.