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The Daily Dispatch: November 9, 1861., [Electronic resource], Eight Months' campaigning and the result. (search)
False pretences. --The case of "Col." Wm N. Muler, charged with obtaining a buggy, a addle, and a sum of money from King & Lambeth, by false pretences, was further investigated by the Mayor yesterday. A young Lieutenant, named Frank Tormey, was also arraigned for complicity in the affair. Col Smith, of the Quartermaster's Department, mentioned Tormey as the person who introduced "Col Miller" to him, when the latter made an application for his pay. C. W. Pursell, exchange broker, produced a pay account which he received from a person who represented himself to be Col. Miller, but he could not say whether the prisoner was or was not the man. He (Mr. Purcell) told him that if he could get Col Smith's endorsement he would cash the account. Whereupon he went away and returned in about an hour, saying that Col. Smith declined to make the endorsement on the back of the paper, but presented a certificate from that officer, as follows: "Pay of Col. Miller for August, September, and Oct
Mayor's Court. --The case of Wm. N. Miller, charged with obtaining goods and money from King & Lambeth, and that of Frank Tormey, for conspiring with Miller, were to have been further investigated yesterday, but, owing to the sickness of counsel, a postponement to Thursday was ordered. Louisa Sunderland was up for stealing a quantity of bed clothing from Jos. H. Crenshaw, but the case was continued until to-morrow. John Franco, arrested for breaking down a plank partition which separated his apartment from that of Mary Wiley, was discharged from custody, after a long and patient investigation. Thos. Phillips and Dominic Francesco were fined for keeping their bar-rooms open on Sunday. Similar charges against John Reinhart, and Charles J. Krause, and one against Dennis D. Sullivan, for keeping his bar-room open after 10 o'clock at night, were continued. A few cases of drunkenness were disposed of in the usual way.
Arrest. --A man named Wm. Brown was arrested yesterday by officer Seal, on a charge of conspiring with and aiding and abetting Wm. N. Miller in obtaining, by false pretences, a saddle, bridle, and buggy from King & Lambeth. The act imputed to Brown is that he filled up the pay roll which Miller used in his bargain with the above-named firm. It will be remembered that Frank Tormey was previously arrested on a similar charge. He yesterday produced testimony to show that his association with Miller was purely accidental; that be was not the person whom the latter designated as the " Surgeon of his regiment" on the evening of the purchase; that he belonged to a good family in Baltimore, and had sustained a good character for honor and honesty. It is possible that the preliminary examination of this singular case may be concluded on Saturday.
Released --Frank Tormey, a young Baltimorean, who has been held in custody for a few weeks past on suspicion of complicity in the financial exploits of "Colonel" William N. Miller. was released on Saturday by order of the Hustings Court. It was his unlucky fate to become mixed up in the affair by accident, and to go through the disagreeable course to which any one is liable who happens to fall into bad company.