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to the people. The town thereupon passed a unanimous vote of approbation. At the town-meeting, held March 5, 1810, the following officers were chosen for the year ensuing:-- Fitch Hall, Moderator. Abner Bartlett, Town-clerk. Nathan Wait,Selectmen. Fitch Hall, Jonathan Brooks, Luther Stearns, Benjamin Tufts, Joseph Manning, Treasurer. Caleb Brooks,Assessors. Ephraim Bailey, Joseph Swan, Nathan Wait,Constables. Joseph Wyman, Jeduthan Richardson,Surveyors of Highways. Samuel Tufts, jun., Gersham Teel,Tything-men. James T. Floyd, Andrew Blanchard,Cullers of Hoops and Staves. William Bradbury, Benjamin Tufts,Fence-viewers. Jeduthan Richardson, Joseph Wyman, Jonathan Harrington,Surveyors of Lumber. Calvin Turner, Thatcher Magoon, Timothy Dexter, John Dixen, Darius Wait, Jonathan Harrington,Measurers of Wood. Timothy Dexter, John Burrage, Ephraim Bailey, Joseph Church, Jonathan Warner, David Willis, Clerk of the Market. Fitch Hall,Fire-wards. John Ho
John Tufts, Gersham Teel, and Jonathan Greenleaf, Corporals; Timothy Hall, Drummer; William Farning, Fifer. Privates as follows: David Vinton, John Bucknam, Isaac Watson, Jonathan Lawrence, Jonathan Davis, Abel Richardson, James Tufts, jun., Samuel Tufts, 3d, Andrew Floyd, Benjamin Floyd, Andrew Blanchard, Samuel Tufts, John Francis, jun., Paul Dexter, John Smith, Abel Butterfield, Josiah Cutter, John Kemp, Eleazer Putnam, James Bucknam, jun., Aaron Crowell, Jonathan Tufts, Benjamin Peirce, ThSamuel Tufts, John Francis, jun., Paul Dexter, John Smith, Abel Butterfield, Josiah Cutter, John Kemp, Eleazer Putnam, James Bucknam, jun., Aaron Crowell, Jonathan Tufts, Benjamin Peirce, Thomas Wakefield, Jonathan Teel, Aaron Blanchard, Richard Cole, William Binford, Thomas Bradshaw, Daniel Tufts, Peter Tufts, jun., Ebenezer Tufts, Isaac Cooch, Daniel Conery, Richard Paine, William Polly, Peter Conery, David Hadley, Jacob Bedin, Joseph Clefton, Samuel Hadley, jun., Moses Hadley, John Callender, John Clarke, Andrew Bradshaw, Thomas Savels, Francis Hall, and Benjamin Savils. Here are fifty-nine Medford men in actual service; and the State paid them for their services £ 28. 16s.
d pew No. 27; which thereupon became the minister's pew, owned by the town. The pews in the meeting-house were chosen according to the vote of the town and the tenor of subscription, Feb. 8, 1770, as follows :-- Thomas Brooks, jun.No. 1 John Bishop2 Stephen Hall3 Aaron Hall4 Ebenezer Hall5 John Wade6 Samuel Hall7 Watts Turner8 William Tufts, 3d9 William Tufts10 Simon Bradshaw11 Samuel Angier12 Francis Burns13 Zachary Pool14 Jonathan Patten15 E. Hall16 Nathan Tufts17 Samuel Tufts, 2d18 Benjamin Teal19 Timothy Tufts20 Henry Fowle21 James Tufts22 Richard Hall23 Isaac Hall24 Thomas Seccombe25 Benjamin Hall26 Minister's Pew27 Isaac Royal28 Timothy Newhall29 Peter Jones30 Nathan Tufts, jun.31 Timothy Hall32 Hezekiah Blanchard33 Thomas Patten34 Joseph Thompson35 Henry Putnam36 Seth Blodget37 Willis Hall38 Jacob Hall39 John Leathe40 Samuel Jenks41 Andrew Hall42 Isaac Warren43 Isaac Greenleaf44 Samuel Kidder45 Simon Tufts46 Ebenezer Blanchard4
steep bank now in front of Mr. George W. Porter's house marks the place. This land, called Brick-yard Pasture, was owned by Rev. Matthew Byles, of Boston, and sold by him to Dr. Simon Tufts, March 26, 1761. Nov. 14, 1774, the town passed the following vote: That this town does disapprove of any bricks being carried to Boston till the committees of the neighboring towns shall consent to it. In 1785, Stephen Hall willed the brick-yards now in the occupation of Thomas Bradshaw, and Samuel Tufts, jun. About this time, Captain Caleb Blanchard and his brother Simon made bricks in a yard near Mr. Cradock's house, in the eastern part of the town; and afterwards in a yard on land opposite the Malden Alms-house, just on the borders of East Medford. The bricks used for the construction of the six tombs first built in the old burying-ground were made in a yard owned by Thomas Brooks, Esq. That yard was near Mystic River, about half-way between Rock Hill and the Lowell Railroad Bridge.
am Lowder. John Leathe. Jude Symonds. David Osgood. Josiah Polly. Jonathan Porter. Isaac Pratt. Thomas Hewes. Benjamin Reed. Peter Tufts. James Tufts. G. Williams & Dan. Farrington. William Bucknum. Sam. Hall and John Greenleaf. J. Bannister & Lucy Pritchard. Jeduthan Richardson. Joshua Symonds. John Symmes. Josiah Symmes. Ebenezer Symonds. Thomas Savel. Daniel Symonds. Samuel Thompson. Samuel Teal. Samuel Teal. Samuel Tufts, jun. Abigail Tarbutt. Benjamin Tufts. Gershom Tufts. Benjamin Tufts, jun. Jacob Tufts. Hutchinson Tufts. Peter Tufts. Isaac Tufts. Daniel Tufts. Jonathan Tufts. Ebenezer Tufts. James Tufts. Gershom Teal. Watts Turner. Hutchinson Tufts, jun. Eleazer Usher. Nathaniel Watts. Ebenezer Williams. Isaac Warren. Gardner Greenleaf. Joseph Wyman. James Wyman. John Wade. Convers Francis. John Mead and John Williams. ----Webs
al sermon, preached by Jacob Norton, is extant. He had an only child,--  55-91Cotton. 23-56Samuel Tufts, who d. Dec. 31, 1818, m. Hannah Tufts, Apr. 14, 1757, who d. Mar. 13, 1795, aged 60; and hada.  119Anna, b. May 26, 1768; m. Mr. Dixon.  120Isaac.  121Joseph, m. Miss----Twiss. 38-69Samuel Tufts m. Martha Adams, May 11, 1769. He d. Oct. 24, 1828. She d. Aug. 28, 1811, aged 65. Childre.  197Louisa.  198Isaac.  199Ann Maria, m. James Sawyer.  200Timothy.  201George. 69-122Samuel Tufts m., 1st, Hannah Tufts, Dec. 3, 1795, and had--  122-202Hannah, d. aged 17.  203Lucinda, m. ren besides those previously recorded:--  2-254Samuel, b. 1709.  255William, b. 1713. 2-254Samuel Tufts m.--------, and had--  254-256Anna, b. 1744. 2-255William Tufts m., 1st, Catherine Wyman, w763.  266Richard, b. Nov., 1765.  266a.Moses.  226b.Aaron.   He d. Oct. 29, 1783. 255-267Samuel Tufts m. Margaret Hodgkins, who d. Aug. 7, 1793.   He d. Nov. 29, 1815, and had--