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of Deeds and Probate. Mr. Frothingham's History of Charlestown is invaluable. I have obtained less information from old manuscripts in Medford than I expected. Many such important papers, long since collected here, have been irrecoverably scattered. I have received aid from Caleb Swan, Esq., of New York; from Mr. Joseph P. Hall, the accurate town-clerk; from Rev. Samuel Sewall, Mr. W. B. Shedd, and several other friends. To each and all I would here offer my sincere thanks. To Messrs. William Tufts, of Boston, George W. Porter and Peter C. Hall, of Medford, I owe special acknowledgments for their examination of my proof-sheets. The Register of Families has been prepared by my young friend, Mr. William H. Whitmore, of Boston. With the patience that belongs to older scholars, with an accuracy that belongs to a true lover of genealogical inquiry, and with a generosity that issues from a Christian heart, he has devoted himself to these researches; and every family mentioned in th
Thos. Brooks, Edward Hall, Stephen Willis, chosen Constable, refused to serve, and paid £ 10, old tenor. Francis Whitmore, 2d Constable, but refused to serve, and paid £ 10, old tenor. Samuel Reeves, 3d Constable. He refused to serve, and paid £ 10, old tenor. Samuel Page, hired to serve as Constable, for £ 25, old tenor. Jonathan Hall,Tything-men. Henry Fowle, Stephen Bradshaw,Surveyors of Highways. Lieut. John Francis, Stephen Greenleaf, Samuel Brooks, jun,Fence-viewers. William Tufts, John Hall, Stephen Greenleaf,Hog-reeves. John Bishop, Ebenezer Francis, John Tufts,Wood-corders. Jacob Polly, Thomas Brooks, Jonathan Watson,Surveyors of Boards and Timber. Capt. Saml. Brooks, Samuel Reeves, Pound-keeper. Samuel Francis,Haywards or Field-drivers. Benjamin Tufts, Simon Bradshaw,Deer-reeves. Joseph Tufts, Dea. Thomas Hall, Sealer of Leather. Benjamin Parker, Sealer of Weights and Measures. Stephen Bradshaw, Grand-juror. Andrew Hall, Esq.,A Committee to
ng-house were chosen according to the vote of the town and the tenor of subscription, Feb. 8, 1770, as follows :-- Thomas Brooks, jun.No. 1 John Bishop2 Stephen Hall3 Aaron Hall4 Ebenezer Hall5 John Wade6 Samuel Hall7 Watts Turner8 William Tufts, 3d9 William Tufts10 Simon Bradshaw11 Samuel Angier12 Francis Burns13 Zachary Pool14 Jonathan Patten15 E. Hall16 Nathan Tufts17 Samuel Tufts, 2d18 Benjamin Teal19 Timothy Tufts20 Henry Fowle21 James Tufts22 Richard Hall23 IsaacWilliam Tufts10 Simon Bradshaw11 Samuel Angier12 Francis Burns13 Zachary Pool14 Jonathan Patten15 E. Hall16 Nathan Tufts17 Samuel Tufts, 2d18 Benjamin Teal19 Timothy Tufts20 Henry Fowle21 James Tufts22 Richard Hall23 Isaac Hall24 Thomas Seccombe25 Benjamin Hall26 Minister's Pew27 Isaac Royal28 Timothy Newhall29 Peter Jones30 Nathan Tufts, jun.31 Timothy Hall32 Hezekiah Blanchard33 Thomas Patten34 Joseph Thompson35 Henry Putnam36 Seth Blodget37 Willis Hall38 Jacob Hall39 John Leathe40 Samuel Jenks41 Andrew Hall42 Isaac Warren43 Isaac Greenleaf44 Samuel Kidder45 Simon Tufts46 Ebenezer Blanchard47 Edward Brooks48 It is specially recorded, that, at the raising of this meeting-house, whic
1795, the price was four dollars. Captain Caleb Brooks made bricks on the land occupied by the second meeting-house. The banks remain visible at this time. A bed of clay was opened, in 1805, about forty rods east of the Wear Bridge, on land belonging to Spencer Bucknam, lying on the north side of the road. Only one kiln was burned there. Fountain-yards.--These yards, which were near the Fountain house, about eighty rods east of Gravelly Bridge, were early in order of age. Messrs. William Tufts, Thomas Bradshaw, Hutchinson Tufts, Benjamin Tufts, and Sylvanus Blanchard were the manufacturers in that locality. These yards have been discontinued within our day. Yards near the Cradock house were opened in 1630. Mr. Francis Shedd occupied them in 1700. Sodom-yards. --As the familiar and improper sobriquet of Sodom was early given to that part of Medford which lies south of the river, the brick-yards, opened by the brothers Isaac, Jonathan, and Ebenezer Tufts, obtained the
s of railroad for the Emperor of the Russias. 1855.--There are many stumps of large pitch-pine trees now remaining in East Medford, on land of Mr. Charles Hall. The field is called stump-marsh. At the usual spring-tides, the salt-water covers this field from four to eight inches in depth. Could the forest of pines have lived and grown up, if thus covered with salt-water every fortnight? Is proof found here of the theory, that the land on the New-England coast is sinking? 1855.--William Tufts, Esq., born in Medford, March 1, 1787, entered the State House, as clerk in the office of the adjutant-general, in 1813; and, with the exception of three years, has been employed, till this year, as confidential clerk, under the different administrations. He has been called the oldest man of the State House. No one was so able to aid seekers after historical documents, and no one could have been more ready. 1855-1655.--What would our Medford ancestors have said if they could have an
, had--  18 1/2Mary, b. Jan. 26, 1732; m. William Tufts; d. 1812.   He d. Aug. 31, 1750. 4-11Ste1830, aged 87. He d. Dec. 31, 1786. 23-54William Tufts m.--------, and had--  54-90Catharine, b. 1754. 23-55COTTON Tufts m.----Smith, sister-in-law of President John Adams; was grad. H. C., 174-, and had--  254-256Anna, b. 1744. 2-255William Tufts m., 1st, Catherine Wyman, who d. 1749; and.-276e.Rachel, b. Mar. 21, 1732.  276f.William Tufts, jun., m. Catharine Tufts, Jan. 10, 1750. He1762.  282Eliakim, b. Sept. 4, 1767.  283William Tufts, 3d, m. Rebecca Tufts, Feb. 15, 1753; and 25, 1765.  289John, b. Apr. 2, 1768.  290William Tufts, 4th, m. Susanna----. He died Apr. 27, 178ry Tufts, d. aged 44.  Catharine, wife of William Tufts, d. aged 32.  Daniel Tufts, d. aged 69. Nathaniel Tufts, d. aged 48. Jan. 4, 1782.William Tufts, d., aged 24. Apr. 30, 1779.Mary Tufts, d; m., Abigail Brooks. Catharine Wyman, m. William Tufts. Elizabeth Wyman, m. Samuel Wakefiel