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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Southern Historical Society: its origin and history. (search)
tion was subscribed to by the following members, in the order here given: Harry T. Hays, Dabney H. Maury, A. B. Bacon, Ch. Chapotin, H. Chapotin, Henry Ginder, Charles L. C. Dupuy, A. W. Bosworth, F. R. Southmayd, Geo. W. Logan, Jr., Samuel Logan, M. D., Rufus R. Rhodes, H. N. Jenkins, F. H. Wigfall, James Strawbridge, Wm. Palfrey, C. M. Wilcox, Edward Peychaud, G. T. Beauregard, Braxton Bragg, B. J. Sage, W. C. Black, Benj. M. Palmer, D. D. Colcock, John Turpin, Henry V. Ogden, R. Q. Mallard, Hugh McClosky, Edward Ivy, Wm. S. Pike, J. N. Brown, Robt. Lewis, Henry M. Smith, Charles B. Singleton, James B. Price, John W. Caldwell, M. D. At a meeting of the Society held June 13, 1870, in the rooms of the Howard Association, the Secretary and Treasurer submitted his official report for the year ending May 9, 1870. The total receipts of the Society had been $300. They had been derived in sums of $5 and $10, paid in variously by
For Hire --For the ensuing twelve months, a strong and healthy Negro Girl, to act as seamstress and lady's maid. Price $75. For particulars, call at the residence of Mr. John Turpin. corner of 31 and Cary streets. de 12--WT3t*
For Hire --For the ensuing twelve months, a strong and healthy Negro Girl, to act as seamstress and lady's maid. Price $75. For particulars, call at the residence of Mr. John Turpin, corner of 3d and Cary streets. de 12--WTh&S3t*
For Hire --For the ensuing twelve months, a strong and healthy Negro Girl, to act as seamstress and lady's maid. Price $75. For particulars, call at the residence of Mr. John Turpin, corner of 3d and Cary streets. de 12--WTh&S3t*
the returned Richmond delegates that the session was a most pleasant and harmingtons one, and the number of delegates larger than had been expected at such a time and under such circumstances. The people of the neighboring country also attended in large numbers.--There were present from this city the Rev. Drs. Burrows, Jeter, and Ryland; Revs, Jos. Walker, Harrison Williams, and Poindexter; Prof. Dabney, of Richmond College; A. H. Sands, Esq., Dr. Geo. B. Streel, and Messrs. J. B. Wood, John Turpin, Wm. Tyree, Jesse Williams, and perhaps others. Dr. Ryland was chosen Moderator, and W. H. Fonerden Clerk. Among the other interesting proceedings was the ceremony of setting apart to the ministry the Rev. A. P. Woodlin, son of Mr. George Woodfin, formerly of Richmond.--The reading of the Scriptures was done by Rev. Dr. Burrows, the charge to the Church made by Rev. Dr. Jeter, the ordaining prayer offered up by Rev. W. F. Broadus, of Fredericksburg; the charge to the candidate by the Re
peace, the difficulty has been renewed, and on yesterday John Turpin appeared before the Mayor to answer a charge of threatening to assault and beat James H. Phillips. Mr. Turpin is a member of the Jackson Guard, and has just returned from the toilshan refined; that is, he heard a strong and manly voice in Turpin's apartments vowing that he (the owner of the voice) would; and he accordingly got out a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Turpin. On the other hand, Mrs. Monday testified that she was ft music of the household, even if it were admitted that Mr. Turpin had been drinking; that the accused was on guard duty ats investigation, and sing an offensive distich, in which Mrs. Turpin was taunted with having "to go to court, early Monday moing patience, and then remarked that he was fully aware of Turpin's propensity to drink too much, though in the present caseim to adjudicate. He therefore dismissed the warrant, and Turpin was placed in the custody of a sergeant of the guard, who
City Council. --The regular monthly meeting of the City Council was held at 4 o'clock yesterday, at the City Hall. Present, Messrs. Saunders, Richardson, Glazebrook, Wynne, Scott Burr, Stokes, Denton, Grattan, Griffin, Epps, and Crutchfield. The petition of John Turpin, for remission of taxes, was granted on the recommendation of the Commissioners of Streets generally. The taxes of the Insurance Company of the State of Virginia were reduced to $1,650, on petition of that Company, owing to its having had in 1861 to pay for a large amount of sugar and coffee confiscated by the "late United States." On the recommendation of the Committee of Finance, the tax on Haxall, Crenshaw &Co., as manufacturers, was reduced to $1,250. The class tax on Wm. G. Crenshaw &Co. was remitted, they having ceased business before the commencement of the present fiscal year. A report was read from A. Snead, Health Officer, and J. Mayo, Mayor, to the effect that the factory in use by
Wagon for sale. --I have for sale an excellent wagon, almost new, with iron exiles, (2 inch) and in all respects completes. It is not too heavy for two horses, but is better suited for three. Everything about it is in perfect order, and it is one of the handsomest and earliest running wagons in the city. It may be seen at my stable, corner of 3d and Cary streets. John Turpin. ap 31--2t
George McKeight, A. A. G.; W. R. Moore, 2d Fla.; W. G. Bullett. 6th Ky; W. R. Elliott, Morgan's staff. Captains — Jas. K. Mackett, 1st S. C. battalion; John. H. Bowen. Hampton's Legion; John W. Brown, 11th Ky. cavalry; James H. Duncan, Wheeler's scouts; Anderson Hayes, 10th Ky.; Jno. K. Jones, 3d Va.; R. N. Melton, enrolling officer; J. Herod, 39th Miss.; Wm. D. Nicholas, Clarke's Ky. cavalry; James O'Neil, Miles's Logion; Seymour Richards, 30th Miss.; Joseph F. Sessions, 18th Miss.; John Turpin, 60th Tenn.; John C. Ward, 11th Va.; J. Anderson, 35th Va.; D. F. Buckner, 1st La.; D. Bell, 2d Ky.; A. Boarman, Stafford's staff; H. J. Bird, 15th S. C.; C. L. Bennett, Ward's regiment; B. N. Cocke, 7th Mo.; O. Carr, 26th Va.; B. R. Chinn, 9th La.; W. A. Carter, 48th Va.; B. W. Cochran, 56th Ga.; W. S. J. Davis, Duke's brigade; H. Gibson, Morgan's division; F. M. Hare, 5th Ark.; R. M. Hare, Ruggles's staff; W. T. Hubbard, 13th Miss.; J. B. Hughes, 11th Ala.; J. W. Johnson, 60th Va.; J. B
Police arrests. --The following arrests were made yesterday afternoon by the Mayor's police: Horace Hovan and John Turpin, youths, charged with assaulting and beating a negro in the First Market-house, and stealing soap from Frank Dominicle and James A. Powell. Martha, a slave, charged with stealing meat from William Cullingsworth, a butcher in the First Market. Martha was whipped for the offence, by order of Justice Chandler, and afterwards discharged.
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