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Selling shucks. --Gideon, slave of Jas. Poindexter, was sentenced to undergo thirty lashes yesterday, by the Mayor, for cheating and defrauding a citizen by selling a load of shucks with a lot of wood concealed therein to make heavy weight. The load was weighed by Mr. Tyler, and 680 pounds were indicated by the scales. After the roguery was detected, the shucks weighed 165 pounds--a difference of only 515.
Punished. --Elizabeth Martin, a turbulent free woman of color, was sent down for punishment yesterday for assaulting Charles Tyler, a while man.
High water this day (Tuesday) at 12 3-4 o'clk. Arrived, Steamship Roanoke, Couch, New York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Steamship Virginia, Kelley, Philadelphia, mdze. and passengers, C. P. Cardozo. Steamer Belvidere, Keene, Baltimore, mdze. and passengers, D. & W. Currie. Schr. M. C. Hopkins, Dougherty, N. Y., hay, B. Wardwell & Co. and Bridgford & Co. Schr. J. W. L. Sturgess, Scott, Eastern Shore, potatoes, A. Millspaugh. Sloop Ellic, Camp, James River, lumber, I. J. Mcrcer & Co. Sailed, Schr. Exchange, Fuller, Rio Grande, flour, Haxall, Crenshaw & Co. Schr. Jno. Aumack, Pearce, down the river, light. Schr. Ida Mailer, Mulner, down the river, light. Schr. Geo. Franklin, Tyler, down the river, light. Schr. Rough and Ready, Mason, down the river, light Schr. Mary Adeline, Geoghegan, Pamunkey river, light.
Ex-President Tyler's mission to Washington. Washington,, Jan. 21. --A special Cabinet meeting was held to-day to consider the object of Hon. John Tyler's mission of peace.
lf Thomas Monks, claiming to hall from Worcester, Mass., was arrested on Friday night, in the neighborhood of 7th and Byrd streets, as a suspicious character, and for running away when the watchmen approached him. He declined to give any definite account of his business here, and the Mayor, thinking that Monks ought by all means to be provided with a cell, gave him a passport to the city jail. A bystander casually observed that he "didn't much blame the feller; he would run himself if he seen the night-watch coming after him." Elizabeth Martin, the free negro woman who was punished with "twenty" day before yesterday, for assaulting Charles Tyler, received another dose of "thirty" yesterday for using vulgar and abusive language to Mrs. Catherine Tyler. Thornton, slave of Edw'd. Green, was properly punished for indecent exposure in the Second Market: and Marcus, slave of Warner Shelton, of Hanover, was awarded thirty lashes for threatening to assault Benj. Osborn, a white man.
Union Hill, for stolen goods, which, it was alleged, his servants had secreted therein. Proceeding with some caution, he reached the second story of the building before his presence was known, and, going in, found three negro fellows, named Charles Tyler, free, Frank, slave of C. R. Nelson, and another slave, calling himself David Lewis, busily engaged in making arrangements to leave for the Yankees. Lewis was acting as scribe; had already written Tyler's and Frank's passes, and was in the aements to leave for the Yankees. Lewis was acting as scribe; had already written Tyler's and Frank's passes, and was in the act of writing his own, when the officer came upon and took them in custody. They were committed to the county jail to await examination. The parties arrested are all charged with crimes, such as stealing, assaulting white men, etc.; and, in all probability, would have made their escape from the city that night had not Constable Robinson so opportunely come upon them.