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The Daily Dispatch: June 4, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of officers of the 12th Virginia. (search)
Company B--John Lyon, Captain; R R Bowden, 1st Lieut.; T P Pollard, 2d Lieut.; W G Lea, 2d do. Company C--T H Bonn, Captain; L L Marks, 1st Lt.; S J White, 2d Lt.; George Hawks, 2d do. Company D--J P Critz, Captain; W E Badger, 1st Lieut.; W L Penn, 2d do; R Turner, 2d do. Company E--R R Banks, Captain; A M Keiley, 1st Lieut.; J R Patterson, 2d do; N M Martin, 2d do. Company F--E M Field, Captain; H W Field, 1st Lieut.; E P Scott, Jr., 2d do; A W Ferguson, 2d do. Company G--J V Crawford, Captain; E W Branch, 1st Lieut.; Ed. Tyler, 2d do.; Robt Mayo, Jr., 2d do. Company H--T F Owen, Captain; W H Woodhouse, 1st Lieut.; Chas Beale, 2d do; Chas Deshields, 2d do. Company I--R W Jones, Captain; J R Manson, 1st Lieut.; -- Nicholson, 2d do.; -- Green, 2d do. Company K--J R Lewellen, Captain; D W Paul, 1st Lieut.; J T Clemen's, 2d do.; M S Drinkard, 2d do. Non Commissioned Staff — W E Hinton, Jr., Sergeant-Major; R C Osborne, Q. M. Sergeant.
-Killed: H T Coldwell. Wounded: Charles J Pearman, wounded and a prisoner; Robert Wells, slightly in hand; Thos Bass, in hand. Missing: Nelson Guess, James C Birdsong, Chas W Benezett. Company C--Capt Marka.--Wounded: Corporal Wm T Harrison, in arm, slightly; E B Peebles. Missing: W B Echols, L H Powell, W A Showacre. Company D--Capt Tyler.--Killed: Alex Chandler. Wounded: Serg't Jas Blankenship, John Bryant, Wm Smith, Geo Smith, Corp'l Wesley Crowder, in left hand. Missing: Capt Edward Tyler. Company E--Capt Banks.--Killed: Serg't Cary D Batts. Wounded: Capt R E Banks, through the body above the hips and slightly in left log; Lieut N M Martin, slightly in right foot, by shell; Edward R Newsom, in forehead. Missing: Marcellus W Harrison, Wm Dudley, Austin Maclin, Jas E Nash, Henry Robinson, John Scott, Patnam with. Company F--Capt Field--Killed: Robert Fraster. Wounded: Sydney Boss, Jas D Collier, R T Gordon, R H Seward. Missing: Corp'l A T Allen, John M Barnes, Co
Violating Market Ordinances. --Edward Tyler was examined yesterday by the Mayor on the charge of purchasing one lot of poacher, eggs, and chickens, at the basin, on Friday last, and offering the same for sale in the Second Market. The offence being proven against him, he was fined $5 and the articles were confiscated. Mann Notts was fined $10 for buying a load of watermelons and offering them for sale in the First Market.
mpartiality. Land, negroes, and stocks, will all go the way of everything that is mortal. The cotton loan, therefore, is not in a more perilous condition than every other description of property. If we succeed, it will be the best stock in the world. If we do not succeed, it will be no worse than any other subject of property. One way to ensure success is to purchase these bonds — purchase the whole of them — and thereby retire $250,000,000 of our assignats from circulation. This, as Mr. Tyler very properly says, is the weak point of our defence. The enemy can never conquer us by force of arms, although he may be occasionally successful. If we ever are to be subjugated our ruin is to come through this breach. But there is no necessity for its coming from that quarter, or from any other. By the joint operation of the tax and this loan, if the people will only be wise in time, the currency may be curtailed, and the terrible lithographic press at the Treasury stopped short in i