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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 10. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 4.37 (search)
s been gallantly and victoriously borne over many a bloody and hard fought field and under whose sacred folds Maryland's exiled sons have fought and bled in a holy cause. Our attachment to our flag is undying, and now that circumstances have rendered it necessary that our organization should no longer exist, we place in your hands, as a testimonial of our regard and esteem, our little flag which is dear to us all. For the regiment, Albert Tolson, Sergeant of Co. C. Richard L. Brown. Geo. Tyler, Sergeant of Co. A. Geo. W. Wentworth, Sergeant of Co. B. F. Farr, Sergeant of Co. F. W. Joseph Franck, Sergeant of Co. D. Calvin Myers, Sergeant of Co. E. Ch. N. Ferriot, Sergeant of Co. G. Edwin Selvage, Color-Bearer. The large Regimental State Standard, they directed the Colonel to have emblazoned with their battles and deposited with the Historical Society of Virginia, to be by it retained, until Maryland joins the Southern Confederacy, when it is to be turned over to the Ma
Brig.-Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 2.1, Maryland (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), chapter 11 (search)
. Spurrier, Chas. W. Harding, Septimus H. Stewart. Captain and A. C. S., John E. Howard. Chaplain, Stephen J. Cameron. Sergeant-Major, George W. Bishop, Philip L. Moore. Quartermaster-Sergeant, Chas. J. Wegner. Chief Musician, Alex. Hubbard. Drum Major, Hosea Pitt. Line. Company A—Captain, Bradley T. Johnson, Wm. W. Goldsborough. First-Lieutenant, George K. Shellman. Second-Lieutenant, Chas. W. Blair, Geo. M. E. Shearer, W. H. B. Dorsey, John F. Groshon. Sergeants, John T. Smith, George Tyler, D. Windsor Kessler, W. H. Pope. Corporals, Francis T. Bender, Wm. Ritter, Perry Mc-Dowell, James Abbott. Musician, Alex J. Hubbard. Company B—Captain, Chas. C. Edelin. FirstLieuten-ant, James Mullen. Second-Lieutenant, Thomas Costello, Jos. Griffin. First-Sergeant, Peter Boyle. Sergeants, George Moog, Daniel Dougherty, Jas. Lemates. Corporals, George Bates, Wm. Haffey, Dennis O'Brien, George Probest, Musician, Joseph Smith. Company C—Captain, Robert C. Smith, E. R. Dorsey. First-<
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.27 (search)
Robert Morris, dead, Cyrus Mellow, Charles Mills, Hasalom Nuthall, J. I. Newman, dead, James Noel, John Noel, dead, Edward Paw, dead, John Paw, dead, R. C. Pemberton, E. S. Pollard, E. L. Powell, dead, Matt. Reynolds, James A. Robins, L. M. Robinson, Robert S. Ryland, Josiah Ryland, Jr., Caleb Ross, dead, William T. Robins, William H. Robb, dead, Charles P. Rust, Robert D. Saunders, Richard H. Shelly, John Saunders, Thomas P. Satterwhite, L. D. Sizer, dead, Pulaski Sutten, dead,——Swope, David Straughan, Braxton Selden, killed, Granville Skelton, John P. Taylor, Robert T. Tebbs, dead, John Trant, Logan D. Turner, Beverly Turner, Tazewell Thompson, George Tyler, Thomas L. Taylor, Edmund P. Taylor, killed, William P. Taylor, L. M. Tuck, Spencer R. Waring, Warren N. Williams, James A. White, Lawson E. Waring, Straughan Wilson, killed, Robert J. Washington, Benjamin T. Williamson, dead. Twenty-six men were killed or died from wounds. [From the Richmond (Va.) Dispatch, February 2, 18
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 29. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Memoir of Jane Claudia Johnson. (search)
een gallantly and victoriously borne over many a bloody and hard fought field, and under whose sacred folds Maryland's sons have fought and bled in a holy cause. Our attachment for our Flag is undying, and now that circumstances have rendered it necessary that our organization should no longer exist, we place in your hands as a testimonial of our regard and esteem, our little Flag, which is dear to us all. For the Regiment: Albert Tolson, Sergeant Co. C. Richard L. Brown, Sergeant Co.— Geo. Tyler, Sergeant Co. A. Geo. W. Wentworth, Serg. Co. Edwin Selvage, Color Bearer. F. Farr, Sergeant Co. F. W. J. Wranek, Sergeant Co. D. Calvin Myers, Sergeant Co. E. B. C. N. Ferriot, Sergeant Co. G. To Edwin Selvage, Color Bearer, and the 1st Maryland Regiment: Gentlemen,—This emblem of your courage and State pride, I have received. The trust that you have reposed in me shall be sacredly guarded, and only to the same organization, with officers and men, will I ever yield it. I take t
The Daily Dispatch: February 15, 1861., [Electronic resource], Mr. Lincoln's tour — another speech. (search)
Political excitement in Accomac. --At the election for a member of the Virginia State Convention in Accomac county, Mr. Curtis, Conservative, was chosen. His opponents have since held a meeting expressing their want of confidence in their delegate, and requesting Hon. Henry A. Wise and M. W. Fisher to act their representatives in the Convention. The Norfolk Argus, which states the above facts, adds that there was great excitement at Pungoteague on Saturday last; W. H. B. Custis, (the Union candidate,) Judge E. P. Pitts, Dr. Geo. Tyler, and Fred Douglass were burnt in effigy, by the people.
United States Court. --Judge Halyburton, of this Court, yesterday entered an important decree in a chancery case pending therein, the parties to which are Robert W. Lowber, of New York city, and Thos. Bronaugh, trustee, of Louisa co., Va,: Eldred Turner, of Caroline county; Ann Boxley and George Tyler, of Louisa county, and Joseph Tyler, of Spotsylvania county. The suit, which has been pending since 1857, was brought by Lowber to set aside a deed of trust given to secure the payment of a portion of the purchase money of the Roxley Gold Mine, in Louisa, upon the grounds of fraud in the sale of the said mine to the plaintiff.--The amount involved is about $30,000. The bill of plaintiff states that in August, 1856. Silas Goddard was introduced to him in New York city by one Jeremiah Jackson. Goddard had in his possession a great many specimens of gold, bearing quartz of exceeding richness, which he said came from the gold mine in question, obtained either by himself or one Rob
Arrivals. --Among the arrivals here yesterday were Reuben Ragland, Petersburg; R. E. Dixon, A. R. Lamar, Ga. Graham Daves, N. C.; R. J. Capron, J. Wilson Hodges, Baltimore; Geo. Tyler, Caroline; Judge Walter Brooke, Vicksburg, Miss.; also a detachment of 13th N. C. State troops, Col. J. F. Hoke; several companies of South Carolina troops, and several hundred Texans, with long rifles.
t M Wiley, Chas B Ball. John R. Garnett, Wm Frazier, Wm D Hart, Chas W Newton, W. W. Newman, Ch Massie, Wm W Carraway, Jr., J A. Alderson. House of Delegates. Samuel M. Wilson, Nath'l Riddack, Valentina Thrash, P W McKinney, Andrew Hunter, M R Kautman, R U Crockett, W G T Nelson, Jas W. Cuslis, H B Woodhouse, Albert Leidfey, John Orgain, Jr., Colin Buss, Peter Saunders, Jr., S McCaman, John H Hopkins, H C Worsham, Wm A Bradford, George Tyler, Geo T G. Triton. Chas J. Shannon, Wm Eggleston, Richard H Baker, Jr. Jas B Roer, John C Rutherfoord, Willoughby Newton, Charles Grattan, John R Edmunds, Wm M Tate, Jno T Anderson, Thos H Flood, Mason Mathews, Charles Blue, Samuel McB Reid, Matthew Harrison, D H Gordon Jno L Woolfolk, A L Carter, W Biskervill, Jr, R R Nelson Jno O Stener Warnes Anderson, A B Evans, Richard Liby, C W Murdaugh, Robert J Davis, A. W. McDonald, Jr. Tho