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J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XLIX. April, 1865 (search)
hief Clerk Second Auditor's office; Joseph Mayo, Mayor of City of Richmond; Robert Howard, Clerk of Hustings Court, Richmond City; Thomas U. Dudley, Sergeant Richmond City; Littieton Tazewell, Commonwealth's Attorney, Richmond City; Wm. T. Joynes, Judge of Circuit Court, Petersburg; John A. Meredith, Judge of Circuit Court, Richmond; Wm. H. Lyons, Judge of Hustings Court, Richmond; Wm. C. Wickham, Member of Congress, Richmond District; Benj. S. Ewell, President of William andtMary College; Nat. Tyler, Editor Richmond Enquirer; R. F. Walker, Publisher of Examiner; J. R. Anderson, Richmond; R. R. Howison, Richmond; W. Goddin, Richmond; P. G. Bayley, Richmond; F. J. Smith, Richmond; Franklin Stearns, Henrico; John Lyons, Petersburg; Thomas B. Fisher, Fauquier; Wm. M. Harrison, Charles City; Cyrus Hall, Ritchie; Thomas W. Garnett, King and Queen; James A. Scott, Richmond. I concur in the preceding recommendation. J. A. Campbell. Approved for publication in the Whig, and in handbil
mith   63dVirginiaRegimentInfantryCol. J. J. McMahonMay 24, 1862.  64thVirginiaRegimentInfantryCol. Campbell SlempDec. 14, 1862.  1stVirginiaRegimentArtilleryCol. J. Thompson Brown   2dVirginiaRegimentArtilleryCol. R. Tansill   3dVirginiaRegimentArtilleryCol. Jno. C. Porter   4thVirginiaRegimentArtilleryCol. J. Thomas Goode   1stVirginiaBattalionEnlisted MenMajor Munford   2dVirginiaBattalion   Transferred to 5th Virginia Cavalry. 3dVirginiaBattalion     4thVirginiaBattalion Lt. Col. Nat. Tyler   5thVirginiaBattalionArtilleryMajor W. R. Foster   6thVirginiaBattalion     7thVirginiaBattalion Lt. Col. S. M. Wilson   8thVirginiaBattalion Major Duffield   9thVirginiaBattalion Lt. Col. Hansborough   10thVirginiaBattalionArtilleryMajor W. O. Allen   11thVirginiaBattalionCavalryMajor B. F. Bradley   12thVirginiaBattalionArtilleryMajor F. J. Boggs   13thVirginiaBattalionArtilleryMajor J. Floyd King   14thVirginiaBattalionCavalryMajo
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 14. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), President Davis in reply to General Sherman. (search)
use made by General Sherman of an extract from a Southern paper as evidence that I encouraged expressions of hostility to State sovereignty, and thus was preparing to subvert the very Confederacy of which I was President, has drawn forth from Mr. Nat. Tyler, the surviving editor of the Richmond (Va.) Enquirer, the following letter: Washington, D. C., January 15, 1885. Hon. Jefferson Davis: dear Sir:—My attention has been called to an extract from the Richmond Enquirer, which has been incorre respect for the essential features of personal liberty, for deference paid to State authority, and for respect shown for constitutional restraint. With the best wishes for your continued good health, I am, dear sir, your sincere friend, Nat. Tyler. It is apparent that this so-called historical statement had been seen by Republican Senators, and that they were not ignorant of its real character when the Hawley resolution was under discussion in the Senate. Those Senators then knew
aggressions and agitation to which the North has been so long addicted, on the subject of slavery. With proper guarantees of this sort, which could be given by amendments to the Constitution, we may go on in a happy and cordial Union, made so from a mutuality of pecuniary interests, and a consciousness which union will give us of power to maintain all our rights and command the respect of the world. I am of opinion that the Legislature of Virginia should immediately call a convention of the people of the State, with a view of referring all these momentous questions to the arbitrament of a convention of all the States, such as is provided for in the Federal Constitution, and that, in the meantime, Virginia should use all her influence to calm the exasperated feelings of the country, and to prevent, if possible, a hostile collision in any quarter or from any cause. With high regard, I am, very truly, your obedient servant, John B. Floyd. Nat. Tyler, Esq., Richmond, Va.
ings, M. L. Randolph, D. T. Williams, M. C. Macon, P. A. Wellford, Wm. B. Newman, Wm. M. Sutton, J. R. Chamberlayne, R. H. Lorton, John F Stagg, Jno. S. Blanton, D. J. B. Reeve, N. M. Lee, Chas. Bills, A. Smith, Geo. Bender, Ash Levy, J. H. Whiteford, J. H. Chamberlayne, Joseph Bucker, G. H. Baughman, Jacob Beck, S. M. Etting, Wm. Schell, J. Thompson Brown, H. J. Smith, David N. Walker, Thos. Howard, Shirley King, Thos. Whitworth, Nat. Tyler, G. Townsend, Sol. A. Myers. Patrick Shay, T. Marshall Hewitt, Pat. Kane, Thos. Boudar, Robt. Chandler, Hector Davis, Peter Doyle, Benj. Davis, Chas. H. Moore, Geo. Baughman, Jr., Jas M. Macon, Jr., Thos. M. Jones, Philip Haxall, C. G. McMury, Chas. R. Skinker, Jos. Marsh, E. M. Alfriend, E. Lorraine, Wm. H. Palmer, Wm. A. Wright, Ro. P. Pulliam, W. R. Bird, L. Sutter, Powhatan Weisiger W. B. Church, Wm. L. White, John Appleyard,
, Ro. P. Pulliam, L. Sutter, W. B. Church, John Appleyard, Geo. L. Bidgood, E. G. Higginbotham, E. W. Blackburn, Jas. W. T. Banks, S. N. Davis, P. A. Blackburn, O. Jennings Wise, John A. Belvin, Chas. L. Hobson, E. G. Rawlings, D. T. Williams, P. A. Wellford, Wm. M. Sutton, R. H. Lorton, Jno. s. Blanton, N. M. Lee, A. Smith, Ash Levy, J. H. Chamberlayne, G. H. Baughman, S. M. Etting, J. Thompson Brown, David N. Walker, Shirley King, Nat. Tyler, Sol. A. Myers. T. Marshall Hewitt, Thos. Boudar, Hector Davis, Benj. Davis, Geo. Baughman, Jr., Thos. M. Jones, C. G. McMury, Jos. Marsh, E. Lorraine, Wm. A. Wright, W. R. Bird, Powhatan Weisiger Wm. L. White, A. J. Cheatham, Mat'w P. Taylor, John Allan, J. H. Cochran, Wm. Cardwell, C. H. Johnson. Richmond,March 29, 1861. To Messrs. John Stewart Walker, George W. Hobson, O. Jennings Wise, John A. Belvin, Mark Downey, and others: Gentlemen
at solemn purpose. In response to this request, Dr. Hoge delivered a most impressive appeal to the God of Battles, for counsel and succor in the present difficulties and dangers which threatened the South and the great principle of civil liberty. The Convention was then thoroughly organized by the election of Vice Presidents--among whom were Hon. James A. Seddon, Willoughby Newton, Esq., and other well known and highly distinguished gentlemen; Col. S. Bassett French as Secretary, and Nat. Tyler, Esq., of the Enquirer, as Assistant Secretary. Various committees were then appointed, and several resolutions of a highly important character were adopted. Every proposition, when put to the vote, was adopted without a dissenting voice, the greatest harmony and unanimity prevailing. As the session was a secret one, and as we were only admitted by the courtesy of one of the Marshals, we are not permitted to divulge the character of the business transacted beyond the mere formal organiz
Appointed Major. --Nat. Tyler, Esq., of the Richmond Enquirer, an active and energetic member of Company F. of the 1st Regiment Virginia volunteers, received yesterday from Gov. Letcher a commission as Major of the Line in the Provisional Army of Virginia, which is fast being formed. Maj. Tyler will make a capital officer, and if he infuses half of his own energy into his command, it will be equal to the requirements of any occasion. Appointed Major. --Nat. Tyler, Esq., of the Richmond Enquirer, an active and energetic member of Company F. of the 1st Regiment Virginia volunteers, received yesterday from Gov. Letcher a commission as Major of the Line in the Provisional Army of Virginia, which is fast being formed. Maj. Tyler will make a capital officer, and if he infuses half of his own energy into his command, it will be equal to the requirements of any occasion.
n A. Belvin. Mr. John Purcell nominated as Secretaries the following gentlemen, and they were elected: R. Milton Cary, John H. Montague, John Thompson Brown, John H. Claiborne, J. Adair Pleasants. Mr. George W. Randolph offered a resolution, which was adopted, for the appointment of a committee of twenty-five, to prepare and report business for the action of the meeting. the Chairman thereupon appointed the following gentlemen: Geo. W. Randolph, A. L. Holladay, Nathaniel Tyler, Judge Wm. H. Lyons, Judge John Robertson, Samuel. J. Harrison, P. R. Grattan, Wyndham Robertson, R. T. Daniel, R. R. Howison, Jno. H. Gilmer, W. S. Triplett, Robt. Ridgway, Thos. T. Giles, Wm. Old, R. B. Heath, Gen. T. P. August, Wm. G. Paine, John Purcell, Wm. H. McFarland, David J. Burr, Judge John A. Meredith, A. A. Morson, Thos. W. McCance, Bolling W. Haxall, Jno. Randolph Tucker. the Committee retired, and calls were made for T
the conclusion that if anything reliable is known in regard to the recent fights, it is so much confused by unfounded rumors that it is impossible for us to determine what is true and what is false. A gentleman, a member of the Powhatan Rifles, engaged in the recent fight at Rich Mountain, states that only twenty of that corps escaped alive. Among those killed, attached to that company, was Lieutenant John Dorsett, formerly a Mail Agent on the Danville route. The following letter was received in this city yesterday, addressed to Mrs. Gen. Pegram, mother of Col. Pegram, reported to have been killed: "Greenbrier" River, July 13, 1861. "Col. Pegram was not hurt nor injured in the battle of Rich Mountain. We parted late after the fight, and he has gone to join Gen. Garnett. I am here with five companies of the regiment. "Deeply regretting that you should have been annoyed by the report of his fall, I remain the warm friend of your noble son, "Nat. Tyler."
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