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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: The Opening Battles. Volume 1., The opposing forces at New Madrid (Island number10), Fort Pillow, and Memphis. (search)
Neely; 5th Tenn., Col. W. E. Travis; 31st Tenn., Col. W. M. Bradford; 40th Tenn., Col. C. C. Henderson; 46th Tenn., Col. John M. Clark; 55th Tenn., Col. A. J. Brown. Cavalry: Hudson's and Wheeler's companies, Miss.; Neely's and Haywood's companies, Tenn. Light Artillery: Point Coup6e, La. Battery, Capt. R. A. Stewart; Tenn. Battery, Capt. Smith P. Bankhead. Tenn. Heavy Artillery: Companies of Captains Jackson, Sterling, Humes, Hoadley, Caruthers, Jones, Dismuke, Bucker, Fisher, Johnston, and Upton. Engineer Corps: Captains A. B. Gray and D. B. Harris. Sappers and Miners: Capt. D. Wintter. Confederate naval forces at Island number10. Flag-Officer George N. Hollins. McRae (flag-ship), Lieut. Thomas B. Huger, 6 32-pounders, 1 9-inch, 1 24-pounder rifle; Livingston, Comr. R. F. Pinkney; Polk, Lieut.-Comr. J. H. Carter, 5 guns; Pontchartrain, Lieut.-Comr. John W. Dunnington; Maurepas, Lieut. Joseph Fry, 5 rifled guns; Jackson, Lieut. F. B. Renshaw, 2 guns; Floating Battery, New Orleans
October 31. A skirmish occurred at Morgantown on Green River, Ky., between a Union force under Colonel McHenry and a party of rebels belonging to Buckner's camp, in which the latter were driven across the river with some loss.--The camp occupied by the Indiana regiments, on the farm of Jesse D. Bright at Jeffersonville, is called Camp Jo Wright, in honor of ex-Governor Wright.--Cincinnati Gazette, Nov. 8. The Twenty-fifth regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers left Camp Lincoln, at Worcester, for the seat of war. The regiment is commanded by Colonel Edwin Upton, of Fitchburg, and numbers one thousand and thirty men, well equipped, and armed with the Enfield rifle.--All the rebel prisoners in Fort Lafayette, New York harbor, were removed to Fort Warren, near Boston.
he Commander-in-Chief, in congratulating and thanking in the name of the People of Massachusetts, the Twenty-first, the Twenty-third and the Twenty-fourth volunteers, joins with these regiments, in equal honor, the Twenty-fifth, commanded by Col. Edwin Upton, and the Twenty-seventh, commanded by Col. Horace C. Lee. Sharing alike the hardships and the fortunes of the engagement, all of these noble regiments participated in the honors of the victory, and by constant endurance, prompt obedience othing but his haversack, with three days provisions, and his cartridge-box with forty rounds of ball-cartridge. The order of advance was as follows: The centre, under the command of Gen. Foster, was composed of the Twenty-fifth Massachusetts, Col. Upton; Twenty-third Massachusetts, Col. Kurtz; Twenty-seveneth Massachusetts, Col. Lee, and the Tenth Connecticut, Col. Russell, moved forward about eight o'clock. They were followed by the second column, under Gen. Reno, consisting of the Twenty-fir
lument, have acted during the entire campaign as aids, and performed every duty zealously and satisfactorily, and whose conduct during the day I have already spoken of, and to suggest that, under these circumstances, their services deserve a recognition if not award from the Government. I also desire to return my thanks to the colonels for the able assistance they rendered, in promptly and correctly obeying, with the regiments under their command, my orders during the day. They were: Col. Edwin Upton, of the Twenty-fifth Massachusetts; Col. Thomas G. Stevenson, Twenty-fourth Massachusetts; Colonel Horace C. Lee, Twenty-seventh Massachusetts; Col. John Kurtz, Twenty--third Massachusetts; Lieut.-Col. Albert W. Drake, Tenth Connecticut; Lieut.-Col. Charles Mathewson, Eleventh Connecticut. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, J. G. Foster, Brigadier-General U. S. A. Colonel Kurtz's report. headquarters Massachusetts Twenty-Third, Newbern, North-Carolina, March 15
eral Reno, and the following, brigaded under General Foster: the 23d (Colonel Kurtz), the 24th or New England Guards Regiment (Col. T. G. Stevenson), the 25th (Colonel Upton) and the 27th (Col. H. C. Lee). The expedition, including about twelve thousand men in all, Present for duty 12,589. (Official War Records, IX, 358.) encou, and preceding as skirmishers, supported by Co. E (Capt. Thomas O'Neil). S. H. Putnam's Co. A, 25th Regiment. The skirmishing was done, in the opinion of Colonel Upton, in a manner that would have done credit to regulars. (Official War Records, IV, 96.) All the regiments took part in the battle and sustained losses; the 21stby disease. Major-General Foster in his report paid especial compliments to Col. John Kurtz of the 23d Mass. Infantry, Col. Thomas G. Stevenson of the 24th, Col. Edwin Upton of the 25th and Col. H. C. Lee of the 27th, also to Maj. R. H. Stevenson of the 24th and Lieut. William L. Horton, adjutant of the same regiment. Lieutenant
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 1, Condensed history of regiments., Twenty-fifth regiment Massachusetts Infantry. (search)
Twenty-fifth regiment Massachusetts Infantry. (1) Col. Edwin Upton. (2) Col. Josiah Pickett, Bvt. Brig. Gen. U. S. Vols. Field and Staff.Line.Band.companies.Unassigned Recruits.Totals. ABCDEFGHIK Number on regimental rolls,— Officers,1859––––––––––––77 Enlisted men, Including non-commissioned staff.17–25131121147165149122118127121116141,373 Totals,––––––––––––––1,450 Enlisted men (included above) commissioned in regiment Including non-commissioned staff.6––4133232424–34 Enzed at Camp Lincoln, Worcester, largely under the charge of Capt. (afterwards lieutenant-colonel) A. B. R. Sprague, in the latter part of September, 1861, and was mustered into service on varying dates from September 26 to October 12. Under Col. Edwin Upton the regiment left the State October 31, and encamped at Annapolis until, forming part of General Foster's brigade in the Burnside expedition to North Carolina, it sailed Jan. 9, 1862
ll, N. B., 427 Twomey, James, 485 Tyler, Lester, 427 Tyler, M. W., 266 Tyler, R. O., 99, 170 Tymeson, W. M., 427 Tyter, David, 427 U. Uffenhernner, D. W., 485 Uhlrick, C. L., 514, 556 Ulick, C., 556 Uncles, William, 427 Underwood, A. B., 92, 94, 97, 99, 105, 258 Underwood, J. O., 427 Ungerer, Joseph, 485 Upham, C. M., 123, 427 Upham, C. W., 556 Upham, N. B., 427 Upton, Ambrose, 485 Upton, Augustus, 485 Upton, Austin, 556 Upton, C. E., 121, 426 Upton, E. D., 427 Upton, Edwin, 46, 47, 242 Upton, Emory, 110 Urbino, S. R., 133, 135 Usher, Samuel, 556 Utley, H. C., 427 V. Vallie, L. P., 427 Valum, Peter, 65 Van Allen, Charles, 427 Vanalstyne, W. D., 556 Van Cleef, J. S., 556 Vanderpool, George, 427 Vandervende, John, 427 Vanever, W. E., 485 Van Moll, R. A., 427 Van Volkenburg, W. C., 485 Varnum, J. B., 427 Vasconcellos, Matthew, 485 Vaughan, J. C., 109 Vaughn, C. E., 485 Vaughn, S. G., 485 Veazie, C. H., 485 Veber, G. A., 427 Ve
ed as Major, 37th Mass. Infantry; revoked and mustered out as Captain, 37th Mass. Infantry, June 21, 1865 (S. O. 78, par. 13, Adj. General's Office, Washington, D. C., Apr. 3, 1869). Discharged as supernumerary from 20th Mass. Infantry, June 22, 1865. Colonel, 37th Mass. Infantry, June 26, 1865. Not recognized by War Department as Major, 20th Mass. Infantry (S. O. 78, par. 13, Adj. General's Office, Washington, D. C., Apr. 3, 1869). Underwood, Adin Ballou. See General Officers. Upton, Edwin. Colonel, 25th Mass. Infantry, Sept. 9, 1861. Resigned, Oct. 28, 1862. Usher, Roland Greene. Major, Paymaster, 8th Infantry, M. V. M., in service of U. S., Apr. 30, 1861. Major, Additional Paymaster, U. S. Volunteers, June 1, 1861. See United States Army. Vinal, John F. Captain, 3d Mass. Cavalry, Aug. 23, 1862. Major, Feb. 1, 1863. Lieut. Colonel, Sept. 2, 1864. Mustered out, Aug. 15, 1865. Walcott, Charles Folsom. See General Officers. Wales, Nathaniel. Pr
e grown worse. Jacob Foster, Chairman Selectmen. Townsend. In some cases we think the character and habits of those returning have been improved. Oliver Proctor, Stillman Haynes, Abel G. Stearnes, Selectmen. Tyngsborough. In not one case do I know of their being worse than they were before they entered the army; but fifty per cent. of them are better than they were before they entered; the other fifty per cent. remain about the same. Ebenezer Swan, Chairman Selectmen. Upton. I have said many times that not one of our boys came home morally worse than when he went out, and a large majority came home much better. Velorous Taft, Chairman Selectmen. Ware. The returned soldiers are better in their habits. B. Snow, Chairman Selectmen. Waltham. As a class, they are more thoughtful and better men. F. M. Stone, Chairman Selectmen. Westminster. Those the most reckless before enlisting, we think, in some cases at least, more willing to submit
Bascom, Geo. W., Holden. Bassett, Chas. C., Athol. Batchelder, Daniel V., Upton. Batchelder, Chandler, Upton. Bates, De Witt Clinton, Hingham. Bates, Upton. Bates, De Witt Clinton, Hingham. Bates, David H., Braintree. Baxter, Daniel, Brighton. Beal, Alexander, Dorchester. Beals, Elias S., Weymouth. Bearse, Chas. C., Barnstable. Beck, Charles, Ca. Fisher, Arthur L., Boston. Fisher, Wm. B., Boston. Fiske, Elisha B., Upton. Fiske, Mark, Somerville. Fitz, Chas., Gloucester. Flagg, Silas, Jr, Hge. Hale, Charles, Boston. Hall, Samuel, Jr., Boston. Hall, Thomas J., Upton. Hall, Dudley, Medford. Hall, Francis, Cambridge. Hall, Chas., Boston.ey, Chester W., Cambridge. Kingsley, Daniel, Brighton. Knowlton, William, Upton. Langdon, W. C., Monterey. Lawrence, Edw., Charlestown. Lawtou, Geo., oston. Ward, J. S., Montague. Warren, Edw., Commonwealth. Warren, Eli, Upton. Warren, J. Sullivan, State. Warren, Wm. Wilkins, Boston. Warren, Wm.,
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