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own to feed the roaring flame. The police suddenly put a stop to the fun, and the Mayor yesterday ordered them into winter quarters. Mary Donahoe had a shawl which Mary Gleason claimed; Mary No. 1. was arrested and confronted with her accuser, but the proof of guilt was lacking, and she was discharged from custody. The shawl was given to Mary No. 2, who proved the ownership of the property. Patrick McCarthy was arraigned to answer a charge of threatening personal violence to Mary Valentine, who testified that he turned his mule into her premises, and she turned it out again; that he then threatened to burn her house, and tear down her fence, and called her drunkard, and everything else he could lay his tongue to. McCarthy protested that he entertained no malice towards his accuser; but had turned the mule into her lot in pursuance of a custom established by a former owner of the brute. The Mayor thought proper to settle the difficulty by requiring the usual surety. A
ere taken up for the benefit of the sufferers. The citizens, also, on Saturday, responded nobly to the calls made on them for the same object. We append a list of the killed, wounded, and missing: Died from their injuries.--Females: Adalie Mayer, Mary O'Brien, Martha Daley, Julia Brannon, Nannie Horin, Mary Rowlin, Catherine McCarthy, Mary Zegingham, Mary Whitehurst, Sarah Haney, Mary A. Garnett, Mary Archer, Eliza Willis, Elizabeth Moore, Francis Blassingame, Elizabeth Young, Mary Valentine, Marish Brein, Ela. Smith, Amelia Tiefenbacy, Annie Davis, Alice Johnson, Mary Cushing Alice Boulton, Barbary Jackson, Mary Wallace, Ann Dodson, Louisa Ricely Ellen Sullivan, Mary O'Conner, Virginia Page, Males: Rev. John H. Woodcock, James G. Currie. Wounded.--Mary Ryan, Delia Clemens, Bridget Grimes, Pauline Smoot, Ann Drake, Margaret Alexander, Elizabeth Dawson, Mary Cordis Lucy Wicks, Mary Pritchett, Sarah Marshall, Catherine, Cavanaugh, Annie Blankinship, Mary E. Rouke, Carolin
Handed over to the Military Authorities. --Benjamin Tiermann, who claims to be a British subject, was yesterday arraigned before the Mayor on the charge of using threatening and abusive language towards Mary Valentine. The complainant is a tenant of and experiencing considerable annoyance from his family she had kindly remonstrated with him about it, where upon he flew into a passion and indulged in the most vulgar and violent abuse towards her. The character of the accused being represented as bad, and he being one of that class who has lived here nearly all his life without ever becoming a citizen, His Honor very properly ordered him to be taken to the enrolling officer, in order that he may be made more useful to the Confederacy, and the State in which he has been sojourning long enough to identify himself in some manner with her interests. A. C. King and W. H. Harrison, both arraigned for too free indulgence in intoxicating fluids, yesterday made their appearance