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dward Brooks1728. Samuel Brooks1729. Stephen Hall1733. Edward Brooks1735. Benjamin Parker1743. Edward Brooks1750. Thomas Brooks1756. Aaron Hall1761. Thomas Brooks1763. James Wyman1767. Jonathan Patten1778. Richard Hall1786. Jonathan Porter1790. Isaac Warren1793. Samuel Buel1794. John Bishop1798. Joseph P. Hall1804. Joseph Manning1808. William Rogers1823. Henry Porter1825. Turell Tufts1827. Timothy Cotting1836. George W. Porter1837. Names of the town-clerks. J. Wade1674. Stephen Willis1675. John Bradstreet1701. Stephen Willis1708. Thomas Tufts1718. William Willis1719. Benjamin Willis1721. William Willis1726. Ebenezer Brooks, jun1728. Benjamin Willis1730. Thomas Seccomb1745. Willis Hall1767. Richard Hall1770. Benjamin Hall, jun1783. Andrew Hall1792. Nathaniel Hall1794. Samuel Swan1796. Nathaniel Hall1797. Luther Stearns1803. Nathaniel Hall1806. Abner Bartlett1810. Jonathan Porter1819. Abner Bartlett1820. William Rogers1826. Abner
0.  30Edward, b. June 7, 1746.   A dau. m. Mr. Dexter.   A dau. m. Mr. Barker.   A dau. m. Mr. Weeden.   ----Wade m.--------, and had--  31John. 28 1/2-29James Wade m. Mary, dau. of Rev. Edward Upham, of Newport, and had by her--  29-32Martha, m. Wm. Brigden, of Windsor, Wis.  33Nancy B., m. John Pickett.  34Mary. m. Wiecca, m. Major John Wade.  45Lucy, m. Stephen Waitt, of Malden.  46Pamelia, m. Daniel Waitt, of Malden.  47Susan, m. 1st, Ezra Green; 2d, Eb. Townsend. 29-35James Wade m. Sarah Mulford, and has--  35-48Ezekiel M., b. Nov. 14, 1814.  49James, b. Jan. 28, 1824.  50Edward, b. Oct., 1829. 29-36Samuel Wade m. Emily Caldwell, an8-58Benjamin F., b. May 3, 1832.  59Decius S., b. Jan. 23, 1835.  60Lucia A., b. May 30, 1846. 29-39Benjamin F. Wade m. Caroline Rosencrans, and had--  39-61James Wade, 3d, b. 1843.  62Henry, b. Aug., 1845. 29-40Edward Wade m. Sarah Louisa Atkins, and has--  40-63William O., b. Sept. 4, 1837.  64Sarah F.,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Roster of the companies. (search)
d in Camp Douglas, April 12, 1864, of smallpox; Thomas Rice, Dr. Aylett Raines, promoted to assistant surgeon, 1862; Tillman Shanks, Wesley Smithheart, John Shearer, Joseph P. Simmons, orderly to Colonel Chenault; Ira W. Scudder, commissary sergeant; Sidney Shaw, Harrison Shaw, James Shearer, Anderson Terrill, died in Camp Douglas, March 10, 1864, of smallpox; Reuben Turner, Robert Turner, James Turner, Wm. Turner, John Turner, James Trimble, Robert Trevis, Valentine Tillett, Jacob White, James Wade, Richard Williams, Hiram Wood, Ezekiel Walcott, James Wilson, died in Camp Douglas, February 18, 1864, of old sores.—91 officers and enlisted men. Company C. Company C was recruited in Clark County, and most of its members enlisted in one day—Saturday, September 6, 1862. The following is a copy of the only official roll of the company known to be in existence, and this is supposed to be 15 or 20 names short: Captain—Andrew Jackson Bruner, wounded at the foot of Greasy Creek, Ky.,<
r feloniously selling 17 bushels of cats belonging to John A. Lacy.--James H. Ward was sent before the Hustings Court for receiving from Elizabeth Taylor a number of pieces of jewelry stolen by her from Susan Walsh, amounting value to $100.--Clinton James, free negro, arraigned for using abusive language to and striking Ro. F. Kirby, a white man, was ordered 39 lashes, and appealed from the judgment to the Hustings Court.--Sam Johnson, slave to Mrs. Brock, was ordered 39 lashes for beating James Wade, a white person.--Archibald B. Bott was fined $5 for permitting a dead horse to be and remain on his lot for three days last past.--Geo. L. West was fined $5 for allowing a nuisance to remain on his lot for ten days past.--Henry Sall was fined the same amount for the same thing — J. F. Bradley was fined $5 for huckstering in the First Market, and a lot of potatoes and chickens bought by him were confiscated. A. Edwards was fined the same amount for the same thing, and his watermelons were
roops. --The liberal action of a meeting of farmers in Roanoke county, Virginia, in offering to emancipate such of their slaves as will volunteer in the army, has been mentioned. We append the form of the pledge and the names of the signers: We whose names are hereunto subscribed mutually pledge ourselves to emancipate such of our negro men, between the ages of eighteen and forty-five, as will volunteer as soldiers in the Confederate service, promising them that they shall be permitted to return to their homes, and that proper provision will be made for them and their families when the war is over: B. Pitzer, Jno. H. Smith; G. W. Shanks, T. B. Evans, J. W. Johnston, J. C. Deverle, C. W. Burwell, G. M. Pitzer, F. J. Chapman, J. K. Pitzer, David S. Read, G. B. Board, J. M. Trout, A. J. Deyerle, Hiram Hansburough, H. A. Edmundson, James Wade, R. B. Moorman, S. G. Wood, Wm. W. Uttz, Giles Barnette, A. E. Huff, A. R. McCorkle.