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wn-meeting legally convened at Medford, March 6th, 1710, Lieut. Stephen Willis chosen Moderator; Peter Seccomb chosen Constable; Ebenezer Brooks, John Hall, and Samuel Wade, Selectmen; John Whitmore, jun., and Thomas Dill, Surveyors of highways; Benjamin Peirce and Isaac Farwell, Viewers of fences; Ichabod Peirce and John Albree, Wphen Willis1708. John Francis1709. Ebenezer Brooks1710. John Bradshaw1711. John Whitmore1712. Thomas Willis1713. Stephen Willis1714. Jonathan Tufts1715. Samuel Wade1717. Thomas Tufts1718. John Bradshaw1719. Jonathan Tufts1721. John Bradshaw1722. Thomas Tufts1723. Ebenezer Brooks1724. John Bradshaw1725. Ebenezer Broo C. Hall1849. James O. Curtis1850. Peter C. Hall1853. Benjamin H. Samson1855. Names of the treasurers. Stephen Willis1696. John Bradstreet1700. Samuel Wade1709. John Whitmore1714. William Willis1725. John Richardson1727. Edward Brooks1728. Samuel Brooks1729. Stephen Hall1733. Edward Brooks1735. Benjamin Par
he committee, and, when paid for, was guaranteed to its owner as regular real estate. Some had no doors, and therefore must be entered through a contiguous pew! The right of choice was now given to twenty-five gentlemen; and here follows the eventful catalogue in the order fixed according to the supposed social rank of each:-- Mr. John Francis, sen., Mr. John Bradshaw, Captain Ebenezer Brooks, Captain Samuel Brooks, Lieutenant Stephen Hall, Mr. Peter Seccombe, Thomas Tufts, Esq., Captain Samuel Wade, Francis Whitmore, John Willis, Mr. John Whitmore, Mr. John Richardson, William Willis, Mr. Jonathan Hall, Mr. Peter Tufts, Deacon Thomas Hall, Mr. Benjamin Willis, Mr. Benjamin Porter, Mr. Thomas Oaks, Dr. Simon Tufts, Mr. John Albree, Mr. Joseph Tufts, Mr. William Patten, Mr. John Bradshaw, jun., and Mr. John Hall. We know not the exact position of any pew occupied by either of the twenty-five gentlemen, save one; and that is the pew, number one, which was the first on the east
inisters thirteen sabbaths, at 1s. 6d. per sabbath0196 Due to Captain Peter Tufts, John Francis, Ebenezer Brooks, and Samuel Wade, 5s. per man,--paid to Mrs. Bradstreet, for nursing Rachel Blanchard100 Due to Ebenezer Brooks, for actions entered i pocket expenses, in tending court three days030 Due to Thomas Willis, for sweeping meeting-house, 17090150 Due to Mr. Samuel Wade, for John Man's diet eleven weeks, at 3s. per week1130 Also boarding John Man three weeks, at 4s. per week0120 Als000124027 Seth Richardson0100069049 Samuel Kendall0100069016 Joseph Blancher0100053070 Nathaniel Wilson0100094011 Samuel Wade01000192069 John Tufts0000156000 Stephen Willis, jun.0100170090 John Willis01400150080 Thomas Dill01000111039 Nathradshaw0600123039 Deacon John Whitmore030070013 John Richerson, Esq.0300820110 Captain Samuel Brooks0300188084 Captain Samuel Wade0600176030 Thomas Tufts, Esq.0000184047 Mr. Peter Seccombe0900140094 Mr. John Willis0300168067 Lieutenant Steph
Wade m. Mary----, and had--  11-19Mercy, b. Apr, 8, 1704.  20Nathan, b. Feb. 22, 1706. 3-12Samuel Wade m. Lydia Newhall, Oct. 17, 1706. He d. Dec. 9, 1738, leaving--  12-21Lydia, b. Sept. 10, 17aniel, b. Feb. 20, 1720.  27Simon, b. Mar. 28, 1725.  28Elizabeth, b. May 18, 1729.  28 1/2Samuel Wade m.--------, and had--  28 1/2-29James, b. June, 1750.  30Edward, b. June 7, 1746.   A dau. m. Mr. Dexter.   A dau. m. Mr. Barker.   A dau. m. Mr. Weeden.   ----Wade m.--------, and had--  31John. 28 1/2-29James Wade m. Mary, dau. of Rev. Edward Upham, of Newport, and had by her--  2948Ezekiel M., b. Nov. 14, 1814.  49James, b. Jan. 28, 1824.  50Edward, b. Oct., 1829. 29-36Samuel Wade m. Emily Caldwell, and had--  36-51Sidney, d. 1850.  52Caroline T., b. July 6, 1822; m. Phi. Thomas Goss, of Boston, Dec. 3, 1741.   John Wade m. Elizabeth Poole, Jan. 22, 1766.   Major Samuel Wade d. Nov. 28, 1707.   Mercy, wife of same d. Oct. 5, 1715, aged 68.