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Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), North Carolina, State of (search)
liam Drummondappointed1863 Samuel StephensappointedOct., 1667 George Cartwrightpresident of council1674 —Millerpresident of councilJuly, 1677 John Culpeperusurps the governm'tDec., 1677 John Harveypresident of council1680 John Jenkinsappointed governorJune, 1680 Henry Wilkinsonappointed governorFeb., 1681 Seth Sothelappointed governor1683 Philip Ludwellappointed governor1689 Alexander Lillingtonappointed deputy gov1693 Thomas Harveyappointed deputy gov1695 North Carolina. Henderson Walkerpresident of council1699 Robert Danielappointed deputy gov1704 Thomas Careyappointed deputy gov1705 William Gloverpresident of councilMay, 1709 Edward Hydepresident of councilAug., 1710 Edward Hydeappointed governorJan. 24, 1712 Thomas Pollockpresident of councilSept. 12, 1712 Charles Edenassumes office as govMay 28, 1714 Thomas Pollockpresident of councilMar. 30, 1722 William Reedpresident of councilSept. 7, 1722 George Burringtonassumes office as govJan. 15, 1724 Sir Richard
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), entry on-to-washington- (search)
d drive from it every Black Republican who is a dweller there. From the mountain-tops and valleys to the shores of the sea there is one wild shout of fierce resolve to capture Washington City at all and every human hazard. On the same day Governor Ellis, of North Carolina, ordered a regiment of State troops to march for Washington; and the Goldsboro (N. C.) Tribune of the 24th, speaking of the grand movement of Virginia and a rumored one in Maryland, said: It makes good the words of Secretary Walker, of Montgomery, in regard to the Federal metropolis. It transfers the lines of battle from the Potomac to the Pennsylvania border. The Raleigh (N. C.) Standard of the same date said: Our streets are alive with soldiers (North Carolina was then a professedly loyal State); and added, Washington City will be too hot to hold Abraham Lincoln and his government. North Carolina has said it, and she will do all she can to make good her declaration. The Eufaula (Ala.) Express said, on the 25
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Panama Canal. (search)
be employed, 11,0001883 Company had expended 1,400,000,000 francs up to1888 French government authorizes a lottery for the workJune 8, 1888 Company suspends paymentDec. 11, 1888 Report of Inquiry commission states that 900,000,000 francs will be required to finish the workMay 5, 1890 M. Ferdinand and Charles de Lesseps, Fontane, Cotter, and Eiffel, sentenced in the French court of appeals to imprisonment and fineFeb. 9, 1893 Congressional committee begin to investigate Panama frauds in AmericaFeb. 12. 1893 Plant and works gone to utter ruin and Decay1894 Panama Canal Company of America; capital, $30,000,000 (cost of completion estimated at $125,000,000), incorporatedDec. 27, 1899 New company in France raises $10,000,000 to continue the workJune 30, 1897 President McKinley appoints Admiral Walker, Colonel Ernst, and Colonel Hain, with five civil engineers, to examine the Nicaragua, Panama, and other available routesJune, 1899 Colombia extends concession toOct. 31, 1910
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Port Royal Sound, expedition to (search)
els into shallow water. The National forces took possession of Port Royal Island and the neighboring ones, and found them deserted by the planters and their families. Most of the slaves remained. They refused to follow their masters. Groups of them actually stood upon the shore with little bundles containing all their worldly possessions, ready to go on board the ships of the invaders, who, they had been told, were coming to steal or sell the negroes in Cuba, or to kill and bury them in the sound. In the conflict with the forts at the entrance of the sound Dupont Plan of battle at Port Royal. had lost eight killed and twenty-three wounded. The Confederate officers reported their loss in both forts (Walker and Beauregard) at ten killed and forty wounded. Troops having taken possession of Hilton Head also, General Sherman went vigorously to work to strengthen the position. The Nationals held the islands and controlled Port Royal Sound until the end of the war. Porto Rico
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Presidential administrations. (search)
en; R. M. Johnson, Vice-President, Democrat; Forsyth, State; Woodbury, Treasury. Congress, Democratic; Polk and Hunter, speakers. 1841-45: W. H. Harrison; Tyler, Vice-President (succeeded as President April 4, 1841), Whig; Webster, afterwards Legare, Upshur, Calhoun, State; numerous changes in the other departments. Congress, 1841-43, Whig; White, speaker; 1843-45, Senate Whig, House Democratic; J. W. Jones, speaker. 1845-49; Polk; Dallas, Vice-President, Democrat; Buchanan, State; Walker, Treasury; Marcy, War; Bancroft, at first, Navy. Congress, 1845-47, Democratic; J. W. Davis, speaker; 1847-49, Senate Democratic, House Whig; R. C. Winthrop, speaker. 1849-53: Taylor; Fillmore, Vice-President (succeeded as President July 9, 1850), Whig; Clayton, Webster, Everett, State; numerous changes in other departments. Congress, Democratic; Cobb and Boyd, speakers. 1853-57: Pierce; King, Vice-President, Democrat; Marcy, State; Davis, War. Congress, 1853-55, Democratic; Boyd, sp
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Walker, Henderson 1660- (search)
Walker, Henderson 1660- Colonial governor; born in North Carolina in 1660; became a judge of the Supreme Court and president of the council; was governor of North Carolina in 1699-1704. Referring to his administration George Bancroft writes: While England was engaged in worldwide wars, here the inhabitants multiplied and spread in the enjoyment of peace and liberty. He died near Edenton, N. C., April 14, 1704. His tombstone is marked with the epitaph North Carolina, during his administration, enjoyed tranquillity.
forcements? I want commanders Trudeau, March, Walker, and Gantt. It is important. Headquarters athree regiments, under the command of Brigadier-General Walker, to whom you will assign the command sland. General Trudeau will remain with General Walker in charge of the batteries, as Chief of Ar service, you are authorized to leave with General Walker one company of cavalry; the other companie A copy of this letter will be left with General Walker. Captain Harris will be sent to Fort Pim the position they occupied. I left with Colonel Walker the artillery, heavy; Colonel Steadman's, f troops from Island No.10, you can direct General Walker what troops to send. J. P. McCown, L. Polcommunication by laud; have not heard from General Walker to-day. I shall also try to put boats at regret any troops were removed from here. General Walker coincides with me in this. J. P. McCown. s can be made with his force. I have left General Walker in immediate command. The enemy's forces [3 more...]
produce of North Carolina, where, as yet, slaves were very few, and the lonely planters, under their mild sky, mingled a leisurely industry with the use of the fowling-piece. While the world was set on fire by wars of unparalleled extent, the unpolished inhabitants of North Carolina multiplied and spread in the enjoyment of the highest personal liberty. Five miles below Edenton, just a hundred yards from the sound, beneath the shade of a large cedar, the stone that marks the grave of Henderson Walker keeps the record that North Carolina, during his administration, enjoyed tranquillity. This is the history of four years in which the people, Chap XIX.} without molestation, enjoyed their wild independence. It was the liberty of freemen in the woods. North Carolina, like ancient Rome, was famed as the sanctuary of runaways; seventy years after Spotswood, Ms. its origin, Spotswood describes it as a country where there's scarce any form of government; and it long continued to be sai