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was arrested, his trunk being broken open and its contents searched and scattered. He was taken before a vigilance committee and by it was condemned to receive twenty lashes on his bare back, well laid on, and then to be driven out of town. The sentence was carried out, we are told, in the presence of thousands of people of both sexes. Of the many somewhat similar instances that might here be referred to the writer will make room for only one more. A seafaring man of the name of Jonathan Walker undertook to convey in a sloop of which he was the owner seven colored fugitives to the Bahama Islands, where they would be free. Owing to an accident to his boat, he and his companions were captured. He was sentenced, among other things, to have his hand branded with the letters S. S., signifying Slave Stealer. The incident just referred to inspired one of the finest productions of Whittier's pen. Singing of that bold plowman of the wave he proceeds: Why, that hand is highest
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Francis Jackson Garrison, William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879; the story of his life told by his children: volume 3, Chapter 4: no union with slaveholders!1844. (search)
South Carolina Legislature to prevent the recurrence of like missions: An Act to provide for the punishment of persons disturbing the peace of this State, in relation to slaves and free persons of color (Lib. 15: 14; 18: 65), and a similar one by Louisiana (Lib. 15: 17, 25). But slavery has n't left her pluck enough for that, I fancy—the melancholy truth. Other Massachusetts citizens were equally in need and equally devoid of protection at this moment. There was Lib. 14.147. honest Jonathan Walker of Harwich, sea-captain, caught in July, 1844, by the U. S. steamer General Taylor, with Lib. 14.127, 129, 144, 147, 195; 17.158. sundry slaves aboard as voluntary passengers from the Federal Territory of Florida to the Bahama Islands; taken back in irons to Pensacola and there jailed, chained to a ringbolt for fifteen days; afterwards put in the pillory for an hour, and pelted with rotten eggs; finally, by order of a Federal court, branded on the right hand with S. S. Lib. 15.115, 13
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
Co. I. J. R. Cook, Co. I. J. E. Barber, Co. I. J. M. Daniel, Co. I. H. Earls, Co. I. J. C. Gaurmon, Co. I. J. R. Gouldin, Co. I. R. McBride, Co. I. J. S. Ragsdale, Co. I. A. Taylor, Co. I. Corporal W. S. Hawkins, Co. K. Private Jno. F. Walker, Co. K. W. A. Booze, Co. K. J. R. Dupree, Co. K. Private C. B. Owens, Co. E. H. Rignal, Co. E. C. W. Ramsay, Co. E. J. J. Toler, Co. E. J. A. Cox, Co. F. Private J. J. Evans, Co. K. C. F. Stanley, Co. K. Jno. T. Winger, Co. K. Jno. Walker, Co. K. [78] Corse's Brigade—17th Virginia Regiment. Q. M. Sergeant Chas. J. Wise, one horse, blankets and clothing. Com'y Sergeant T. E. Chase, one horse, blankets and clothing. Sergeant Wm. Perry, Co. A. Private Thos. W. White, Co. A. G. W. Ramsay, Co. A. Jno. Sutherland, Co. A. J. H. Zimmerman, Co. A. Thos. Landreth, Co. A. A. Roland, Co. A. W. C. Milburn, Co. A. G. Tyler, Co. B. N. Dyke, Co. B. W. O. Rust, Forage Master, one horse, Co. B. L. A. Scroggins, one
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 3. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), Anti-Slavery Poems (search)
d cheer, Through the silence, down the spaces, falling on the inward ear. Know we not our dead are looking Downward with a sad surprise, All our strife of words rebuking With their mild and loving eyes? Shall we grieve the holy angels? Shall we cloud their blessed skies? Let us draw their mantles o'er us Which have fallen in our way; Let us do the work before us, Cheerly, bravely, while we may, Ere the long night-silence cometh, and with us it is not day! The branded hand. Captain Jonathan Walker, of Harwich, Mass., was solicited by several fugitive slaves at Pensacola, Florida, to carry them in his vessel to the British West Indies. Although well aware of the great hazard of the enterprise he attempted to comply with the request, but was seized at sea by an American vessel, consigned to the authorities at Key West, and thence sent back to Pensacola, where, after a long and rigorous confinement in prison, he was tried and sentenced to be branded on his right hand with the l
From the Northwest. [Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.] Monterey, Va., July 20, 1861. So many reports have gone forth about the killed and prisoners of Gen. Garnett's command, that I deem it a duty to send you the names of the men who were killed or taken prisoners in our regiment, (Jackson's) If come one in each regiment would do the same, it would relieve a great deal of anxiety which is being felt by persons having friends or relatives in the army. Staff Officers.--A. C. L. Gatewood, Lewis M. Thomas. Privates.--Charles Williams, Wm. Alexander, James Critcher, M. A. Winston, Jno. Walker, James Andrus. A. [We regard the suggestion of our correspondent as excellent, and hope it will be complied with. --Eds. Dis.]