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William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 6: Essex County. (search)
own, in its corporate capacity, in regard to matters relating to the war during this year. 1862. March—, Voted, to appropriate three hundred dollars for aid to soldiers' families, and to pay a bounty of two hundred dollars to each volunteer, when mustered in and credited to the quota of the town. John E. Lodge and Frederick Tudor added to the town bounty of each volunteer the sum of twenty-five dollars; James W. Paige added twenty-five dollars to each of the first four recruits, and Nathaniel Walker twenty-five dollars to each of the other three. Seven was the number required to be raised. The town voted to raise fourteen hundred dollars for recruiting purposes. August—, Voted, to pay a bounty of two hundred dollars to each of the volunteers for nine months service. 1863. March—, Appropriated three hundred dollars for aid to soldiers' families. During the years 1864 and 1865 money was appropriated to pay aid to soldiers' families and bounties to volunteers. Nahant furni<
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 34. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.11 (search)
Corporal William Moffett, Second Corporal Daniel Cameron, Third Corporal John M. Kidd. Privates—Richard Atkinson, William Barber, Edward Carter, Benjamin Cox, James Deale, George Eames, T. L. Emmerson, James Foster, John Gourdie, James Hughes, Philip Hockaday, William Hoffler, Richard Keeling, Watson Kelly, John Lawton, Aaron Meadow, Abner Nash, John Newell, Samuel Owens, George Peel, John Pully, John Roper, Francis Souceedo, James H. Simmons, Nicholson Scott, George Sweeney, Nathaniel Walker, Joseph Whiterock. Men who served in Company, 1861-65. Captain Cary F. Grimes, Captain John H. Thompson, Lieutenant Bernard Fauth, Lieutenant Richard Webb, Lieutenant W. T. Fentress, Lieutenant Thomas J. Oakhum, Lieutenant Francis Russ, M. W. Allen, J. W. Ashe, William Ashby, William T. Backus, Jr., William A. Batten, E. E. Beaton, W. H. Bell, Thomas Bland, C. Bohannan, D. Boyce, R. M. Boutwell, George W. Brent, William J. Bright, A. M. Brownley, W. H. Buchanan, James Cherry, W. H
Mason, of Lexington, 7 Oct. 1771. Tabitha, wid. of Robert, d. 5 Aug. 1770, a. 64. Deborah, d. at William Butterfield's 20 Jan. 1772, a. 60. (See Paige, 504; Wyman, 149.) Burbeck, John, m. Martha Hill, 1 Feb. 1781, had a child b. 1782—perhaps Miss Martha, d. 5 Aug. 1801, a. 20; Daniel, a son, m. Harriet Cutter, 29 Nov. 1807—Cutter (par. 45), had a child d. 14 Sept. 1813, a. 1 yr., and d. himself, 24 May, 1842, a. 58; John, a son, had a child, d. 2 Aug. 1818, a. 1. Mrs. Martha, m. Nathaniel Walker, of Westmoreland, 2 Nov. 1895. (See Locke Book, 161.) Bussell, Joel, and Wid. Anna Cutter of W. Camb. m. 27 Nov. 1826. See Cutter (par. 35). Butter, Daniel, of Charlestown, and Rhoda Earl of Marblehead, m. 12 Mar. 1826. Butterfield, Jonathan, and w. Ruth joined the Second Pct. ch. at its organization, 9 Sept. 1739; and Jonathan, Jr., and w. Ra-Chel, Jonathan Butterfield of Camb. m. Rachel Stone of Lexington, 2 Jan. 1721-2.—Lexington Records. and Mary, w. of John, joined <