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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), A confederation of Southern Memorial Associations. (search)
Treaty the only Confederate, 265. Troy, Siege of, cited, 39. Tuttle, R. M., 199. Uncle Tom's Cabin, 248. Virginia, Council of War of, in 1861, 15; Cavalry, charging the 14th Regiment, April 9, 1865,75; Infantry, 1st, on April 8, 1865, 8, 844 371; 14th offering of, 72; 10th, Company F, roll of, 15; Company D, 44th, history and roster of, 259; on the tax on tea in 1774,168. Von Hoist, opinion of the U. S. Constitution, 161. Wade, Ben J. F., 177. Walker, Miss Sue H., 378. Walker, Wm, 166. Washington and Lee, Unity of character of, 241. Washington, Bushrod C., 247. Washington Artillery, dead of, 301, 370. Webster, Daniel, 164, 176, 179. Webster the Spy, Hanging of, 388. Weed, Thurlow, 289. Weisiger, General David A. 204. Wells, Colonel James M., 309. Whiting, General W. H. C., 326 Wilderness Battle of, 1. Williams, Ben J. J., 178. Wilson, James H., 252. Wilson, Colonel James M, 86. Winfield, Colonel John G., 98. Wolseley's estimate of Lee
Sydney Boss, Jas D Collier, R T Gordon, R H Seward. Missing: Corp'l A T Allen, John M Barnes, Cornelian Feriny. R H King, J L Ivery, R D Mitchell, John Myrick, W A Sodier, E L Seninback, Heackinh W Smith. Company G--Capt. Branch.--Wounded: Corp'l M M Bowers, Jas P Figg, Thos Grame, Jas T Hawkins, John Kayton. Missing: Jas Mille. Company H--Capt Owens--Wounded: W Edmonds. Missing: Capt T F Owens, Lt H C Woodhouse, Lt Chas Beale, Corp'ls James Moreland, C B White, James Moors; Privates Wm Walker, Nat Ward, J W Williamson, T Moreland,--Bracey, Robert Randolph, J Griffin, F Bryant, James Murray, L Whitehurst. Company I--Capt Jones--Killed: J A Butler. Wounded: Sergt L E Lifacy, Wm H Butler, A D Howard, D A Lucy, J W Woodruff. Missing: A J Kirkland. Company K--Capt Clements--Wounded: Geo Schools, Dennis Heffron, James Crowder, R H Pettaway,--Hight, Peter Eanes. Missing: Miles Botts, --Hardy,--Scott, Jno E Hawkins. The total number of killed being five, wounded thirt
; J H Shofter, 13th Ala; J M Savage, 1st Md; John D Spear, 66th Tenn; A P Smith, 45th N C, H M Smith, 52d N C; W Stallen, 31st Miss; Jj Stanford, 56th Tenn; J O Sullivan, 26th N C; J W Taylor, 15th Ark; G W Vaugu, Philips's Ga leg; D Vaughn and Wm Walker, 3d Tenn; M J Webster, 61st N C; P S Wilite, 8th Ala; A Williams, 26th N C; J B Williams, 2d. N C; Wm S Mills, 1st Mo cav; S A Wilson, Rockbridge art; S Wilton, 2d Ark; J A Wright, 40th Va; W A Year-gin, 48th Ala; G P Yearket, 36th Va; J Youngvalry; D C Pitts, 1st Ala; M Phillip, 9th Va; E J Parham, 3d Tenn; J W Powell, 31st Ga; Moses Swofford, 33d do; J A Sawyers, 1st Ark cav; Eil Segman, 11th N C; J T N Tankesly, 1st Ark cav; J R Tyler, 4th N C; D T Taylor, 20th Ark; W J Timmons, 25th S C ; W P Thover, 1st N C; J D Thomas, 60th Tenn; A G Wood, 11th Ala; C W Winstead, 40th Va; J S Watkins, 4th Ala; Thomas Waiters, 8th Ky; M E Watkins, 4th Ala; Thomas Waiters, 8th Ky; M E Watkins, 11th N C; A W Walker, 13th N C; W Young, 60th Tenn.
on Lookout Mountain and at Riggold, as well as the battle on Missionary Ridge. It will be seen that our less in killed and wounded is very slight — a fact which can only be accounted for on the theory that our forces were well protected by their position. The greater part of the loss on the ridge occurred after our lines were broken and subjected to an enfilading fire. The artillery is not included in the table: DivisionKilled.WoundedTotal Cheatham's59342401 Hindman's56335391 Walker's1095105 Bate's45241286 Stevenson's33316349 Cleburne's51353404 Stewart's69314383 8231,9962,349 To this should be added our missing, which is less than first reported--2,600 Grand total4,919 Since the subject has been alluded to in the public prints, it will not be amiss to say that Major Nocquet, of the Engineer Department, deserted from this army a few days before the late battle, and took with him about $100,000 of Government funds, which he had exchanged for Tennessee bank bil
Court. --Julius C. Waltzman, indicted for stealing two cows from James M. Carter, was tried and a verdict brought in of guilty. His term was fixed at one year in the penitentiary. The case of Joseph John McCarthy, indicted for the murder of his wife, which had been set for hearing on yesterday, was necessarily postponed until this morning, owing to the absence of material witnesses. The Court then took up the case of Frances Kelley, indicated for robbing the store of Pollard & Walker. The accused being set to the bar and arraigned was convicted by the jury and assessed with one year's confinement in the penitentiary. After bringing in their verdict, the jury were instructed by the Judge that they could fix the term of imprisonment at twelve months or less in the city jail, whereupon they reconsidered their verdict and fixed the term of confinement at thirty days in jail. In defence of Frances Kelley, the accused, Mr. George D. Wootton appeared as associate counsel, an
mouth. --An "election" was held in Portsmouth, Va., last week. Over the head of the simon pure ticket was printed "For President, Abraham Lincoln — subject to the Union nomination." About 400 votes were cast. Dan Collins was re-elected Mayor, getting 46 more votes than his competitor, John C. Neville — P. H. Daughtry was elected Commonwealth's Attorney by a majority of 44 over Lieutenant Governor L. P. C. Cowper. The other officers chosen were Dempsey Nash, Clerk of the Court; John J. Williams, Commissioner of the Revenue; J. M. Fleming, City Sergeant; and Chas. C. Jordan, City Surveyor. and Chas. C. Jordan, City Surveyor. The Sidermen are: John W Tucker, Wm. G Webb, Thomas Kain, and L C Adams. Common Councilmen.--John H Burroughs. Thomas Kala, Thomas Moran, Mitchum Noet, P. H. Daughtry, Lemuel H Williams, A C Dunham, Joseph H Porter, Nicholas Shacklock, John Wilson, Richard McLean, and Wm Walker. Constables — Eugene Kelly, George H Johnson, Wm E Minter and John Q Ad