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t, I have ordered an assessment upon your property to the amount of — dollars, payable immediately. You are therefore commanded to pay over to Major W. H. Lusk, Paymaster of this brigade, the above sum, or the same will be collected from you at the sacrifice of your property. Florence M. Cornyn, Colonel Tenth Missouri Cavalry, Commanding Brigade. The lowest assessment that I have heard of under this edict was five hundred dollars, the highest five thousand dollars. One gentleman, Mr. Wm. Warren, for failing to pay his assessment, was carried off. To our inexpressible relief the scoundrels left town on Wednesday afternoon, taking with them about fifty bales of cotton, all the mules and horses they could find, and about as many negroes as they could force off, about sixty in all. They took the plantation teams to haul their cotton. Owing to the bad roads, they left fourteen bales of cotton between town and the mountain, and I understand they were compelled to leave much more
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 9. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 7.48 (search)
is is the sentiment of a historian whose principles are esteemed unfavorable to monarchy — such a sketch by Buchanan is of a greater value than the studied performance of a thousand panegyrists. His only son, IV.--Henry, Prince Royal of Scotland, and Earl of Huntingdon, was born 1115. At the battle of the Standard, Earl Henry gallantly charged through the English line of battle, and, with the precipitation of youth, attacked their rear guard. In 1139 he married Adama, daughter of William de Warren, Earl of Surry, the son of Gundred, youngest daughter of William the Conqueror, and his wife, Matilda, of Flanders. The mother of Adama was Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh Magnus, Count of Vermandois, second son of King Henry I, of France. Prince Henry, of Scotland, died June 12, 1152. He was one of the most accomplished princes of his time. Buchanan says: ”The affection which both the Scots and the English entertained for the young prince made them consider his death not only as a pub
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 9. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Operations around Winchester in 1863. (search)
ece of the Maryland artillery on the bridge, and the other pieces of that battery, and a section from each of the batteries of Captains Rains and Carpenter's, on the rising ground in rear of my left, rendering most valuable support. A column of the enemy was now observed passing round to our left and rear, and I directed the Third North Carolina to repel the attack, but, finding that two regiments of Nichols's brigade were coming up, that regiment was returned to its original position. Colonel Warren, of the Tenth Virginia, sent word from the right that the enemy were pressing him very hard, his supply of cartridges rapidly diminishing, and I sent the First and subsequently a portion of the Third North Carolina to his support. Just before this, the Major-General commanding, with the aforementioned regiments of Nichols's brigade, attacked and pursued most vigorously that portion of the enemy, who were passing to our left and rear. After a while I was informed that the ammunition of
6th of February, 1805, was known at first as the Aurora Society. Meetings were held at Hovey's Tavern, on the southwest corner of Main and Douglass streets. The original call included a statement of purpose signed by Daniel Warren, Asa Ellis, Benjamin Bigelow, Charles Parks, Nathaniel Livermore, Isaac Barnard, Nathaniel R. Whitney, Jr., Nathan Crane, Samuel Albee, John Wheeler, Andrew Adams, Luke Hemenway, Elijah Learned, Nathan Fiske, Salmon Morton, Ebenezer Watson, Daniel Smith, and William Warren. This list includes many well-known Cambridge names. In accordance with this call, the first meeting was held on the 9th of February, and soon after by-laws were adopted and officers elected. The by-laws provided that not more than seven new members should be admitted; that meetings should be held every Wednesday evening in Mr. Hovey's southeast chamber, and be adjourned at half past 9 o'clock; that officers should be elected once in eight weeks; and that a unanimous vote should be n
Laura E. Richards, Maud Howe, Florence Howe Hall, Julia Ward Howe, 1819-1910, in two volumes, with portraits and other illustrations: volume 1, Chapter 4:
241 Beacon Street
: the New Orleans Exposition 1883-1885; aet. 64-66 (search)
afternoon, when the dead indifference and lassitude went off somewhat. August 29. We dined at the Booths' to-day, meeting Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jefferson and William Warren. A rare and delightful occasion. Jefferson talked much about art. He, Booth, and Warren all told little anecdotes of forgetfulness on the stage. Jefferson Warren all told little anecdotes of forgetfulness on the stage. Jefferson had told a love-story twice, Booth had twice given the advice to the players [in Hamlet ], Warren, in Our American Cousin, should have tried to light a match which would not light. He inadvertently turned the ignitable side, which took fire, and so disconcerted him that he forgot where he was in the play and had to ask some one wWarren, in Our American Cousin, should have tried to light a match which would not light. He inadvertently turned the ignitable side, which took fire, and so disconcerted him that he forgot where he was in the play and had to ask some one what he had last said, which being told him enabled him to go on. September 25. Finished to-day my Congress paper. I have written this paper this week instead of going to the Unitarian Convention, which I wished much to attend. ... I did not go because I thought I ought neither to leave home unnecessarily, to spend so much mone
272, 289, 351; II, 9, 16, 78, 89, 108, 235, 251, 319, 373. Ward, Samuel, I, 17, 30, 42, 46, 48, 51, 56-58, 62, 64, 65, 72, 77, 78, 143, 147, 153, 154, 219, 242; II, 7, 55, 60, 66, 67, 71, 72, 74, 78, 93-96, 125, 267, 287, 304, 369, 375, 411, 413. Letters to, 69, 70, 78, 81, 83, 84, 86. Ward, Thomas, I, 4. Ward, W. G., I, 238, 242. Ward, Mrs. W. G., I, 238. Waring, George, II, 48. Warner, C. D., II, 107, 198. Warner, H. P., I, 265. Warren, Mrs., Fiske, I, 288. Warren, William, II, 97. Warwick, R. I., I, 9, 16. Washington, II, 134. Washington, D. C., I, 186, 187, 189, 192, 200, 206, 238, 240, 246, 258, 259, 366; II, 131. Washington, Booker, II, 233, 261. Washington, George, I, 4-6, 12, 13, 111, 189; II, 143, 389. Washington Heights, I, 111. Wasson, Mr., I, 285, 290. Waters, Mrs., II, 179. Watts, Theodore, II, 171. Webster, Dr., I, 132. Webster, Sydney, II, 304. Weiss, John, I, 284-86. Wells, Amos R., II, 375. Wendell,
John H., Jr., Boston. Tweedy, James F., Boston. Upham, James H., Dorchester. Varnum, A. O., Dracut. Varnum, Daniel, Dracut. Wales. Atherton, Randolph. Wales, Mrs. T. C., Boston. Wales, Thos. C., Boston. Walker, Wm. L., Braintree. Walley, Stephen, Williamstown. Ward, David F., Athol. Ward, Edward Everett, Boston. Ward, J. S., Montague. Warren, Edw., Commonwealth. Warren, Eli, Upton. Warren, J. Sullivan, State. Warren, Wm. Wilkins, Boston. Warren, Wm., Brighton. Washburn, Cyrus, Weymouth. Waters, Harvey, Northbridge. Wellington, Horatio, Charlestown. Wells, Parker, Middleton. Wells, Jerome, Chicopee. Wenzell, Henry, Brookline. Wenzell, Henry B., Brookline. Weston, G. B., Duxbury. Weston, Mrs. G. B., Duxbury, and 140 other ladies of Duxbury. Wheelwright, W. D., Newbury. Wheelwright, J. W., Newbury. Whicher, Mrs. John D., Quincy. Whicher, Paul, Ashby. Whitcomb, Francis E., Somerville. White, Am
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
496 Warner, M., 575 Warner, Russell, 148 Warner, W. R., 366 Warren, Benjamin, 366 Warren, E. C., 148 Warren, E. L., 390 Warren, Edward, 584 Warren, Eli, 584 Warren, F. E., 500 Warren, Fitz-Henry, 199, 451, 482, 563 Warren, G. A., 150 Warren, G. K., 728 Warren, H. M., 367, 728 Warren, J. G., 367 Warren, J. H., 451 Warren, J. S., 584 Warren, James, 367 Warren, L. H., 199, 367, 451, 496, 563 Warren, M. H., 367 Warren, Orrin, 390 Warren, T. A., 367 Warren, W. W., 584 Warren, William, 584 Warriner, S. C., 367 Washburn, A. G., 482 Washburn, A. J., 496 Washburn, Alfred, 150 Washburn, Andrew, 232 Washburn, Cephas, 3d Mass. Inf., 367 Washburn, Cephas, 38th Mass. Inf., 367 Washburn, Cyrus, 585 Washburn, E. R., 367 Washburn, Emory, Jr., 367 Washburn, Francis, 199, 232, 451, 563 Washburn, G. A., 367 Washburn, H. N., 367 Washburn, Jerome, 367 Washburn, Oscar, 367 Washburn, T. S., 367 Washburn, William, Jr., 367 Washburne, G. A., 199, 451, 482, 563 Was
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
lius S. Brown, Henry Holland, Private Peter Baply. Co. B. Sergeant J. G. Lunsford, Wiley Meadows, Corporal Munroe Vaughn, Private Wm. J. Allen, E. M. Dickey, J. W. Lyon, Rufus Mangum, Private D. C. Mangum, W. B. Moss, E. H. Tilley, S. W. Turentine, W. C. Veazey, W. F. Williams. Co. C. Sergeant Hiram Vickers, Corporal W. D. Hicks, Private W. H. Adams, W. D. Blalock, W. Browning, S. Hutchings, Private M. C. Herendon, J. W. Leigh, E. W. Morris, J. W. Roe, W. Warren. Co. D. Sergeant A. W. Houk, Thomas Powell, Jas. D. Berry, Corporal D. A. Hilderbrand, T. E. Seabolt, Private Cyrus Huffman, Thomas McNeely, Jones McGalliard, Solomon Nash, Ed. Powell, Private Jasper Baker, Henry Brown, B. T. Balick, Wm. Berry, Sidney Chester, Wm. Houk, Private Wm. Poteet, Wm. Twiggs, ——Sigman, Jas. Winkler, Leander Wilson. Co. E. Sergeant J. A. McGee, Private Jesse Blair, John Houston, A. McGee, W. McGee, R. Pitman, Pri
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
W. W. Smith, S. T. Sessions, V. Wadsworth. Co. G. 1st Sergeant R. T. Bolling, 2d Sergeant W. S. Hawthorne, 3d Sergeant A. R. Bundy, Corporal Abner Wright, Private W. W. Bereford, H. H. Dean, John Fountain, Private A. Geiger, W. Johnson, W. H. Lucas, D. K. McElvy, D. W. Thompson, Jesse Tyer. Co. H. Sergeant W. H. Underwood, Corporal B. L. Morgan, Private R. Burnett, J. L. Guilliard, J. W. Chambers, O. McColors, Private William Tyson, David Reeves, William Warren, J. M. Foster, S. A. Raff, Thomas Sweeney. Co. I. Sergeant T. Graham, E. Plummer, Corporal W. Williams, A. Phillips, Private A. O. Ormand, J. Speer, Private F. Gaston, D. Masters, D. Cason, J. Williamson, A. Roberts, K. Pomar. Co. K. 1st Sergeant J. G. Hill, Sergeant H. H. Berry, J. G. Cuthbert, T. W. Smith, Private Thos. Aldrich, V. E. Andrews, J. J. Andrews, J. Butler, H. R. Carver, J. J. Devane, L. R. Dickson, P. G. Fulsome, J. L. Hart, Wm. He
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