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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 12. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Report of Major-General Fitzhugh Lee of the operations of the cavalry corps A. N. V. (search)
Brigadier-General Munford, commanding my division, mentions most favorably Colonel W. A. Morgan, First Virginia cavalry; Colonel W. B. Wooldridge, Fourth Virginia; Lieutenant-Colonel Cary Breckinridge, Second Virginia (a brother of the gallant Captain James Breckinridge, of the same regiment, who was killed at Five Forks, as was not previously mentioned); Lieutenant-Colonels Old, Fourth Virginia, and Irving, First Virginia, all of Munford's old brigade; Captain Henry Lee, A. A. G.; Lieutenant Abram Warwick, A. D. C.; Lieutenant Mortimer Rogers, Ordnance Officer; and Sergeant-Major L. Griffin, Second Virginia cavalry. I cannot close this, my last official report, without commending for their valuable services the following officers of my staff not previously mentioned, and who at the last moment were found doing their duty on the fated field of Appomattox: Majors Mason and Treaner, Assistant Adjutant and Inspector-Generals; Major W. B. Warwick, Chief Commissary; Dr. A. C. Randolph,
o opposition, his election was declared to be unanimous. Mr. Lyons returned thanks for he renewal of confidence on the part of the members, and promised to devote his best energies to the success of the Society. Mr. Myers nominated the following gentlemen for Vice Presidents, and they were all elected: Wm. C. Rives, of Albemarle. Wm. H. Macfarland, of Richmond. Philip St Geo. Cooke, of Powhatan. Henry Cox, of Henrico. Joseph M. Sheppard of Henrico. Abram Warwick, of Richmond. William Wirt, of Westmoreland. James Gult of Flavana. Dr. W. T. Walker of Goochland. Hill Carter, of Charles City. Mr. Myers nominated the following gentlemen to compose the Executive Committee: J. L. Davis, of Henrico; Wm. B. Stanard, of Goochland. Wm. M. Harrison, of Charles City; Dr. J. N. Powell. of Henrico; John A Selden of Charles City; Williams, C Wickham, of Hanover; H. C. Cabell, B. W. Haxall, R. Archer Robert Edmond and Charles D
ses touching those questions which concern our honor and dignity. We are here as a band of brothers, such as Virginians have ever been and ever will be in times of peril — impelled by honor, by duty and by patriotism to action. He then invited the persons present to give utterance to such sentiments as may be called for by the occasion. Mr. David J. Burr nominated as Vice Presidents the following gentlemen, and they were chosen by acclamation: R. B. Haxall, James Dunlop, Abram Warwick, R. G. Morriss, Wm. Palmer, Jas. A. Cowardin, Robt. A. Paine, Ambrose Carlton, Jos. R. Anderson, R. O. Haskins, Thos. H. Ellis, John Jones, Lewis Webb, Chas. W. Purcell, John A. Belvin. Mr. John Purcell nominated as Secretaries the following gentlemen, and they were elected: R. Milton Cary, John H. Montague, John Thompson Brown, John H. Claiborne, J. Adair Pleasants. Mr. George W. Randolph offered a resolution, which was adopted, for the appointment of
Jaquelin P. Taylor, Joel B. Watkins, E. H. Gill. R. H. Dibrell, Arthur A. Horson. Meet at Tobacco Exchange at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning. Monroe Ward--Judge Wm. H. Lyons, Chairman; Henry K. Eliyson, Wm, G. Dandridge, A. P Fox, Geo A Herring E. H. Skinker, John O Chiles, Thomas D. Quarles, Wm. H. Haxall, Dr. C. G. Barney, Samuel J. Harrison, Ro, A. Lancaster, A. P Harvey, John Enders. Wm. Barrett, Thos W. McCance, Benjamin Davis, T. H. Ellett, James Purcell, Andrew Pizzini, Logan Waller, Abram Warwick, John A Bowen, Oscar Cranz, Ro. W. Powers, Geo E. Bidgood F. W. Hannerwinkle Meet at Arlington House Tuesday morning, at 9 A. M. Fourth Ward--Gen J. R. Anderson, Chairman; Coleman Wortham David J Saunders, P. C. Nicholas, N. C, Read, W. W. Gwathmey, E. W Devoss, Samuel J. Rutherfoord, Lewis D Crenshaw, Moses Mittledoffer, Peter Lawson, Wm. S. Phillips, John English, Thomas Boudar, Juan Pizzinl, John Clash Meet at the residence of Gen. Anderson, on Tuesday morning, at 9 A. M.
Fire. --The alarm of fire about ten o'clock on Monday night was caused by the burning of a brick stable on 6th street between Grace and Franklin, attached to the residence of Mr. Abram Warwick. the building, with its contents, was entirely destroyed. The flee is thought to have been the work of an incendiary, as there was no fire in the stable.
The Daily Dispatch: December 3, 1863., [Electronic resource], Affairs on the Rapidan — the enemy Retiring towards Fredericksburg. (search)
Felonious stabbing. --A negro fellow, called Allen, slave to John Harris, was arraigned before the Mayor yesterday to answer the charge of feloniously stabbing and cutting Lawson, slave to Abram Warwick, on Tuesday night last. On Saturday night last the county patrol entered the negro quarters of Mr. Warwick, near the western suburbs, and calling upon Lawson, who was head man, demanded to be shown through the premises. In their search, they entered Allen's room, for which he blamed LawsMr. Warwick, near the western suburbs, and calling upon Lawson, who was head man, demanded to be shown through the premises. In their search, they entered Allen's room, for which he blamed Lawson and threatened him with violence. This quarrel, thus begun, was continued till Tuesday night, when Allen attacked Lawson with a knife, inflicting a dangerous cut on the left side of his throat, and another in the left shoulder.--Owing to the critical condition of the wounded man, the Mayor postponed the examination of the accused until to-morrow, and committed him to jail.
The Daily Dispatch: January 22, 1864., [Electronic resource], The recent Engagement in Stono river. (search)
Robberies. --The smoke house of Mr. Abram Warwick, on the corner of Grace and 5th streets, was forcibly entered on Wednesday night last and robbed of three slaughtered hogs, four hams of bacon, besides some other articles of provisions, amounting in the aggregate to about $1,200. The facilities of the thieves in this instance for taking away things were evidently limited, for we are informed that in the same place where these articles were kept might have been found a large amount of salt fish, flour meal, &c. Within two squares of Mr. Warwick's residence two other robberies were perpetrated on the same night. Mr. Charles D Yale's storehouse, on 5th street, between Main and Franklin, was broken into and entirely cleared of what provisions he had on hand, consisting of lard, butter, sugar, bacon, &c. An attempt was also made on the same night to break into the basement of the residence of Mr. Bransford, living next door to Mr. Yale; but, fortunately, the thief was fri
-The Mayor held his Court at the usual hour yesterday morning. Besides the case mentioned elsewhere, there were several matters before His Honor, some of which were disposed of, and others continued. William Henry, alias David, slave of Abram Warwick, had been arrested by order of the Mayor. It appeared that during the Dahlgren raid, two months ago, this negro ran off and joined the raiders. When the Yankee cavalry revisited the neighborhood of this city on last Thursday, he deserted thr's police, while taking up negroes on Saturday to work on fortifications, got hold of this fellow, and while they had him in custody officer Crone heard him say he had been with the Yankees two months, and that he liked them well enough. Mr. Warwick was present, and after a consultation between him and the Mayor it was agreed to send the discursive negro to the fortifications. Philip, slave of Dr Garnett, was ordered to be whipped for stealing a canteen of alcohol from the Medical Pu