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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 20. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Unveiling of the statue of General Ambrose Powell Hill at Richmond, Virginia, May 30, 1892. (search)
old rebels were in the line, and despite the heat of the day and the fatigue of the walk, they showed that they had not forgotten how to march. Captain John Tyler, the president of the battalion, headed the organizations, and the following gentlemen, who wore red rosettes, were his aides: Captain James W. Pegram, Mr. Joseph M. Fourqurean, Colonel J. B. Purcell, Mr. James T. Ferriter, Mr. John S. Ellett, Major A. R. Courtney, Mr. Frank D. Hill, Major A. W. Garber, Mr. C. A. Robinson, Mr. Corbin Warwick, and Mr. H. Cabell Tabb; Courier, Master James A. Langhorne. Captain Tyler wore the uniform he used during the war, and also had on a white rosette to mark his rank. The veterans of this organization proudly carried with them two historic Confederate battle-flags, which plainly showed by their appearance that they had been through the ravages of war. One of the tattered banners was the ensign of the old Pegram Battalion, and the other was the flag of Crenshaw's Battery, which was
W. Goddin, the Chair appointed the following gentlemen a committee to communicate to the several Banks of the city the resolutions adopted by the meeting: Messrs, Corbin Warwick, Thos. R. Price, W. Goddin, R. B. Haxall and H. E. C. Baskerville. on motion of Mr. Goddin, the resolutions were ordered to be published in the city ion relative to signing the resolutions; but the following names were signed. A great many left without signing, though heartily endorsing the resolutions: Warwick & Barksdale, J. B. Fergason, Bro. & Co., Bolling W. Haxall, Chs. T. Wortham & Co., John F. Regnault, Spence & Garey, T. B. Starke, Haxall, Crenshaw & Co, A. K. Parker & Co., Barksdale & Bros., Putney & Watts, Corbin Warwick, Crenshaw & Co, Davis & Hutcheson, Ellett & Weisiger, Thos. R. Price & Co., W. S. Triplett, W. T. Staples & Co., Brown & McClelland, Andrew Pizzini, Jos. Brummel & Co., Ragland & Bro., Benj. Davis, E. Wortham & Co., Pey
ry Linkhauser, of Catharine Beck, deceased; John Thompson, of H. W. Quarles, deceased; W. E. Burton, of R. M. Burton, deceased; T. J. Evans, of C. B. Hill, deceased. A grand jury — to wit, John Powell, foreman; John Freeland, Alfred T. Harris, Geo. D. Shell, S. P. Mitchell, Thomas Boudar, T. R. Price, Fleming Griffin, James Kersey, W. F. Butler, G. B. Watson, Mark Downey, T. M. Jones, C. F. Wortham, C. H. Powell, A. H. Rutherford, F. B. Hart, Peyton Johnston, William Palmer, Frederick Robertson, Corbin Warwick and W. H. Haxall — having been duly sworn, retired to their room, and after wards brought in indictments against the following persons for the offences named: Charles Murphy, for the murder of Albert, a slave of Mrs. Spindle; Benjamin Read, for stabbing, with intent to kill, William J. Summerville; Philip Calligan, for stabbing James Ford; Fountain Rowe, for stealing $32 from Auton Silvers. The grand jury was then discharged. The Court adjourned to meet this mornin
niel, editor of the Richmond Examiner, and late of Gen. Floyd's staff, but now acting with Gen. Hill. His arm was shattered. Capt. Wm. Randall, company K, 1st Louisiana, was not killed as at first reported. He received a severe wound in the right arm at the elbow joint. Maj. Edward Savage, N. C. State troops, was among the wounded. Among the well known citizens of Richmond who met soldiers deaths were Clarence War wick, son of Abram Warwick Bradfute Warwick, son of Corbin Warwick and Samuel D. Mitchell, son of the late Wm. Mitchell, jr They were all young men. Col. J. G. Seymond, of the 6th Louisiana was killed Saturday. Among the killed in the desperate fight of Friday afternoon, was Col. J. W. Allen of the 2d regiment Virginia volunteers. He was shot through the head and expired almost instantly. At the time he received the fatal shot, he was acting Brigadier-General of Jackson's celebrated "Stonewall Brigade." His body was brought to this city yest