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A., Mar. 13, 1865. Varney, Geo., Mar. 13, 1865. Van Petten, J. V., Mar. 13, 1865. Van Shaak, G. W., Mar. 13, 1865. Vail, Jacob G., Mar. 13, 1865. Vail, Nicholas J., Mar. 13, 1865. Vaughn, Samuel K., Aug. 9, 1865. Vickers, David, Mar. 13, 1865. Vifquain, V., Mar. 13, 1865. Von Blessingh, L., Mar. 13, 1865. Confederate generals—No. 22—Texas (continued) Richard M. Gano led a brigade of Morgan's Cavalry. Matthew D. Ector led a brigade in the Army of Tennessee. Richard Waterhouse led a brigade of Infantry and Cavalry. Thomas Harrison led a brigade in the Army of Tennessee. Felix H. Robertson led a brigade of Cavalry in the Army of Tennessee. John C. Moore led a brigade in the Army of the west. John R. Baylor, conspicuous in operations in Texas and New Mexico in 1861-62. Henry E. McCulloch, Texas brigade and District commander. Jerome B. Robertson led a brigade in Hood's division. Louis T. Wigfall, Bearer of a Flag of truce at Fort Sumter. Th
The Photographic History of The Civil War: in ten volumes, Thousands of Scenes Photographed 1861-65, with Text by many Special Authorities, Volume 10: The Armies and the Leaders. (ed. Francis Trevelyan Miller), General officers of the Confederate Army: a full roster compiled from the official records (search)
s, Robert, July 19, 1861. Tilghman, Lloyd, Oct. 18, 1861. Tracy, Edward D., Aug. 16, 1862. Trapier, James H., Oct. 21, 1861. Tucker, Wm. F., Mar. 1, 1864. Tyler, Robert C., Feb. 23, 1864. Vance, Robert B., Mar. 4, 1863. Vaughn, A. J., Jr. , Nov. 18, 1863. Vaughn, J. C., Sept. 22, 1862. Villepigue, J. B., Mar. 13, 1862. Walker, H. H., July 1, 1863. Walker, James A., May 15, 1863. Walker, Leroy P., Sept. 17, 1861. Walker, L. M., April 11, 1862. Walker, Wm. S., Oct. 30, 1862. Waterhouse, R., Mar. 17, 1865. Watie, Stand, May 6, 1864. Waul, Thomas N., Sept. 18, 1863. Wayne, Henry C., Dec. 16, 1861. Weisiger, D. A., July 30, 1864. Wharton, G. C., July 8, 1863. Whitfield, John W., May 9, 1863. Wickham, W. C., Sept. 1, 1863. Wigfall, Louis T., Oct. 2, 1861. Williams, John S., April 16, 1862. Wilson, C. C., Nov. 16, 1863. Winder, Chas. S., Mar. 1, 1862. Winder, John H., June 21, 1861. Wise, Henry A., June 5, 1861. Woffard, Wm. T., Jan. 17, 1863. Wood, S. A. M., Jan
edericksburg, division composed of the brigades of Law, Toombs, Robertson and Anderson. 36D. R. JonesGeorgiaGen. R. E. LeeOct. 11, 1862.Oct. 11, 1862. Oct. 11, 1862. Commanding division, Longstreet's corps, Army of Northern Virginia, composed of the brigades of Toombs, Anderson, Drayton, Kemper, Garnett and Jenkins. 37John H. ForneyAlabama Oct. 27, 1862.Oct. 27, 1862. April 22, 1863. Division consisted at first of Hebert's and Moore's brigades, and, subsequently, of the brigades of King, Waterhouse, Waul and McLain; at another time General Forney commanded a division composed of the brigades of Cockrell and Green, Army of the Mississippi. 38Dabney H. MauryVirginiaLt. Gen. PembertonNov. 4, 1862.Nov. 4, 1862. April 22, 1863. Commanding Department of the Gulf; previously in command of the Third division, Army of the West. 39M. L. SmithFloridaLt. Gen. PembertonNov. 4, 1862.Nov. 4, 1862. April 30, 1863. In command of the Second District, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. 40
A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Brigadier-Generals of the Confederate States Army, alphabetically arranged. (search)
May 14, 1861. Died from wounds received at Pea Ridge; commanding division in Van Dorn's army. 297McCulloch, Benj.Texas May 1, 1861.May 1, 1861.March 18, 1862. In command of Texas; also at one time of a brigade composed of the regiments of Colonels Waterhouse, Flournoy, Fitzhugh and Allen. 298McCulloch, Henry E.TexasGen. Van DornMarch 18, 1862.March 14, 1862.April 23, 1863. Brigade composed of the 1st, 12th, 13th and 14th South Carolina regiments and Orr's Rifles [succeeded General Maxy Gregg ississippiGen. B. BraggApril 23, 1863.April 13, 1862. April 23, 1863. Promoted Major-General June 10, 1864; brigade composed of the 24th, 27th, 29th, 30th and 34th Mississippi regiments, Withers' division, Polk's corps, Army of Tennessee. 451Waterhouse, R.Texas March 17, 1865.March 17, 1865.   Brigade composed of the 3d, 16th, 17th and 19th Texas infantry regiments and the 16th regiment Texas cavalry, dismounted. 452Watie, StandIndian Territ'yGen. E. K. SmithMay 10, 1864.May 6, 1864. May 10,
-General. 11thTexasRegimentInfantryCol. O. M. RobertsJune 23, 1862.  12thTexasRegimentInfantryCol. Overton Young   13thTexasRegimentInfantryCol. J. Bates   14thTexasRegimentInfantryCol. Edward Clark   15thTexasRegimentInfantryCol. J. W. SpeightApril 16, 1862.  16thTexasRegimentInfantryCol. George Flournoy   17thTexasRegimentInfantryCol. R. T. P. AllenJune 9, 1862.  18thTexasRegimentInfantryCol. David CulbersonFeb. 23, 1863.  Col. W. B. Ochiltree   19thTexasRegimentInfantryCol. Richard WaterhouseMay 12, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 20thTexasRegimentInfantryCol. H. M. Eimore   21stTexasRegimentInfantryCol. W. H. Griffin   22dTexasRegimentInfantryCol. R. B. Hubbard   1stTexasBattalionCavalryLt. Col. R. P. Crump   2dTexasBattalionCavalry    3dTexasBattalionCavalryMaj. W. O. Yager   4thTexasBattalionCavalryMaj. Whitfield    TexasSquadronCavalryCapt. R. M. Gans   1stTexasBattalionInfantryLt. Col. J. W. Speight   2dTexasBattalionInfantry 
el; W. H. Redwood, major. Sixteenth cavalry, Wm. Fitzhugh, colonel; E. P. Gregg, lieutenant-colonel; W. W. Diamond, major. Seventeenth Texas, R. T. P. Allen, colonel; G. W. Jones, lieutenant-colonel; F. W. Tabor, major. Nineteenth Texas, Richard Waterhouse, colonel; E. W. Taylor, lieutenantcol-onel; W. L. Crawford, major. Edgar's battery, Wm. Edgar, captain. Fourth brigade, commanded by Col. Jas. Deshler. Eighteenth cavalry, James Deshler, colonel; Nicholas H. Darnell, lieutenant-colonel;the battles of Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, and Jenkins' Ferry, Ark. It was commanded by Maj.-Gen. John G. Walker during its active service. The brigades were commanded by Henry E. McCulloch, General Hawes, Gen. Wm. R Scurry, Gen. H. Randal, Gen. R. Waterhouse and Gen. T. N. Waul, at different times. There were also many changes in the field officers of the regiments. In February, 1865, four cavalry regiments, Chisum's, Candle's, J. M. Wells', and De Morse's, were dismounted and distributed i
ey address the soldiers the break up and travel Homesurrender its terms Texas Generals and Colonels Albert Sidney Johnston a Texas officer. The Texas troops that were in the battle of Jenkins' Ferry were ordered southward, and about the middle of May, 1864, Col. W. H. King was promoted to brigadier-general and assigned to the Second brigade, General Waul having resigned on account of wounds. Maj. R. P. McCay was promoted to brigadier general commanding the First brigade, and Col. Richard Waterhouse was promoted and put in command of the Third brigade, Walker's division. About the middle of June, 1864, Maj.-Gen. John G. Walker was relieved from his division and assigned to the command of the district of Southwest Louisiana in place of Gen. Richard Taylor, who was transferred east of the Mississippi river. Brigadier-General King for a time was in command of Walker's division, until Maj.-Gen. John H, Forney arrived and took charge. General King was then assigned to the brigad
hard Taylor. Walker's Texas division having been ordered to the vicinity of Vicksburg, Gen. H. E. McCulloch's brigade was sent against the Federal forces at Milliken's Bend. He reported that in the fight which followed, June 7, 1863, Col. Richard Waterhouse and his regiment were particularly distinguished in a gallant charge, and Col. R. T. P. Allen's regiment and Colonel Fitzhugh's regiment (under Lieut.-Col. E. P. Gregg) behaved with bravery. Colonel Allen was slightly wounded but never for some time find either of his brigade commanders, all of whom were hotly engaged within the pine thicket in front . Brigadier-General Scurry, commanding the right brigade of Walker's division, behaved most nobly, and speaks highly of Colonel Waterhouse, commanding one of his regiments. General Scurry was slightly wounded in the engagement. The efforts of these leaders prevented the confusion on the right from becoming disastrous. Meantime the fighting on the left and center was close a
in command of a brigade composed of the regiments of Colonels Waterhouse, Allen, Fitzhugh and Flournoy, for the relief of Vice died at San Antonio, January 12, 1885. Brigadier-General Richard Waterhouse Brigadier-General Richard Waterhouse wasBrigadier-General Richard Waterhouse was, on May 13, 1862, commissioned colonel of the Nineteenth Texas regiment. During that year and 1863 he served in Arkansas uf the gunboats. He reported that, In their charge Col. Richard Waterhouse with his regiment distinguished themselves particuportion of the field. During the Red river campaign Colonel Waterhouse was in Scurry's brigade, of John G. Walker's divisios division, behaved most nobly, and speaks highly of Colonel Waterhouse, commanding one of his regiments. The efforts of thus. On May 13, 1864, Gen. E. Kirby Smith assigned Col. Richard Waterhouse to duty with the rank of brigadiergen-eral, to dat of the President. The faithful military service of General Waterhouse ceased only with the downfall of the Confederacy. S