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y. A scout reported that the enemy had left Levyville in a hasty retreat. It was soon found to be impossible to cut them off. Just before sundown they reached No. 4, near Cedar Keys, about 4 miles in the rear of the enemy. When night came on a halt was ordered and a strong picket put out. At daylight the next morning the following troops reported to Captain Dickison: Captain Sutterloh, with 18 men from the outpost, and the militia numbering 37 men, under Captains King, Dudley, Price and Watterson, making our entire force 160 men, including the artillery. A courier brought in a dispatch that General Miller was about 50 miles in our rear, on the road leading from Lake City. Confident that the enemy would fall back to the island, under cover of their gunboats, it was decided to engage them at once. The enemy's force consisted of two regiments of white and negro troops, from 600 to 700 strong, occupying a strong position behind the high embankment of the railroad. Captain Dickiso
312, 320. Waterhouse, R., X., 315. Waterloo, Belgium: battle of: II., 272; X., 120. 122, 124, 140. Waterloo bridge, Va.: II., 42; skirmish at, II., :122. Waterproof, La., II., 350. Watertown, Mass., V., 144. Watervliet, West Troy, N. Y. : V., 141; arsenal at, V., 154; IX., 219. Watie, Stand Cherokee Indian, I., 362; leader at Pea Ridge, X., 287. Watkins' Park, Nashville, Tenn. , V., 65. Watmough, P. G., VI., 273. Watson, 1, VI., 233. Watterson. H.: IX., 306; X., 21, 24. Watts, N. G., VII., 104, 112. Waud, A. R., artist for Harper's weekly, VIII., 31. Wauhatchie, Tenn.: battle of, II., 297, 300. 303. Waul, T. N., X., 315. Wautauga bridge, Tenn., II., :328. Wayne, H. C., X., 265. Waynesboro, Va., III., 332, 338. We are Coming, Father Abra'am, T. S. Gibbons, IX., 344, 345. We Have Drunk from the Same Canteen, C. G. Halpine, IX., 348. Weatherly, J., IV., 206. Weaver, J. B
ter Eubank, L P Gentry, Byrd McCormick' all seriously; Vincent F Buford, Jos O Woody' and Oscar Lucas, slightly. Col. Aylett, of the 53d Virginia, was not killed, but slightly wounded by a fragment of shell. Letters have been received from him since his death was reported. Losses in the second company Washington Artillery, Gettysburg, 3d inst. Wounded--Corporal Chalaron, severely in leg; privates Freret, leg amputated; Layman, mortally — Williamsport, Md, 6th. Killed--private Isaac Randolph. Wounded--Corporals Jewett and Hall; privates Humphrey, Watterson, Bannister, Twichell, Cross, J F Griffin, Davis, Frierson, White, Cookley, and Forrest. A letter from Capt E W Branch, of the Richmond Grays, (12th Virginia) gives the following losses in that company: Killed--private Allen. Wounded — Sergeant P H Kelly in right wrist; privates Jos C Dickerson, A F Rogers, F J Davis, and P W Old, all slightly. Dickerson and Rogers are in the hands of the enemy, as is also Kell